'Once A Pogue, Always A Pogue!' 75+ Outer Banks Quotes To Channel Your Salt-Lifer

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Outer Banks Quotes

We’ve all got classic shows we’d watch 100 times over if time allowed. You know every line in Friends, are a Seinfeld trivia expert, and *all* the shows like The Office in your queue. But sometimes you’re on the hunt for something new and exciting, and it downright thrills you when you find it. Case in point? If you’re anything like us, you binge-watched the entire first season of Netflix’s Outer Banks the day it was released — and an obsession was born. When season two dropped in 2021, it didn’t take you long to devour that, too. Between the wildly lovable characters (we’re looking at you, JJ) and the insanely beautiful scenery (we’d honestly be thrilled with a beat-up bungalow in The Cut), you can’t help but get sucked into the world created in OBX. Alas, blowing through the first two seasons of this dreamy Southern series means waiting another year for the return of the Pogues and Kooks. But, hey, at least you can read through Outer Banks quotes to get your fix of fun in the meantime.

One of the things we love most about OBX is what an interesting and cool cast of characters the series has, and that’s definitely reflected in the show’s dialogue. At the heart of the series, you’ve got your Pogues: John B. (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (J.D.), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and the newly minted Pogue Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline). On the north side of the island, aka the Figure 8, you’ve got the Kooks, including Ward and Rose Cameron (Charles Esten and Caroline Arapoglou, respectively), Rafe (Drew Starkey), Topper (Austin North), Kelce (Deion Smith), and Wheezie (Julia Antonelli). While diving into their lines isn’t quite the same as being able to watch the treasure-hunting teen drama unfold onscreen, it’ll still transport you into those characters’ shoes to “hear” their words. Until season three arrives, that’ll have to be enough.

So, make a vibey playlist and prepare to lean all the way into your inner Pogue or Kook with the following memorable Outer Banks quotes.

Best Outer Banks Quotes


  1. “We’re the Pogues and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.” — John B.
  2. “That’s JJ, my best friend since the third grade. He’s about as local as they come. Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water.” — John B.
  3. “No Pogue-on-Pogue macking.” — JJ
  4. “He’s got the survival instincts of a cockroach.” — Kiara
  5. “Pogies. The throwaway fish. Lowest member of the food chain.” — John B.
  6. “Dude, did you just yeet over that chain?” — Sarah
  7. “The Outer Banks, paradise on Earth. It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses. Two tribes, one island.” — John B.
  8. Kiara: “Didn’t you ever play baseball?!”

Pope: “I was on the math team!”

  1. “I’m stuck. You’re gonna rip me.” — Pope
  2. “I look like a bourgeoisie pig.” — Kiara
  3. “You act like I’ve never seen a boy in underwear, John B. I have a brother. Get your head out of the gutter.” — Sarah
  4. “Hey, do you remember that time you kissed me?” — Kiara
  5. “It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.” — John B.
  6. “Wait, you guys, we’re gonna be rich! Full Kook, full Kook, full Kook!” — The Pogues
  7. “Look, love just walked in, OK?” — John B.
  8. “I’d for sure put his skull into the ground but, like I said, I’m not a jealous guy. I don’t really care at the end of the day.” — Topper
  9. “You know, wars have been started for less, Sarah Cameron.” — John B.
  10. “Yeah, you have a death compass.” — Pope
  11. “Why you so weird, Pope?” — JJ
  12. “Your secret’s safe with me, John B.” — Sarah
  13. “I can’t give up on the hunt, man.” — John B.
  14. “You power puff girls have fun.” — JJ
  15. “We’re in the middle of ‘Kooklandia.’ This is the last place I want to be.” — Pope
  16. Sarah: “What are you, like a fugitive, John B.?”

John B.: “I don’t know. More like a refugee or something.”

  1. “I don’t care if my friends find out, or your boyfriend with his frosted tips.” — John B.
  2. “I can’t let you take the blame for something I did. You’ve got too much to lose.” — JJ
  3. “Denial’s underrated. You should try it sometime. It’s highly effective, and it’s only denial if you’re wrong.” — John B.
  4. “Stop treating me like some girl who’s obsessed with you.” — Kiara
  5. “Dude, I wasn’t taking mental polaroids the entire time. I was under duress.” — JJ
  6. “We only have one Earth, Pope. We should be giving it 100 percent, bare minimum.” — Kiara
  7. “This is your captain speaking. HMS Pogue coming in for landing.” — JJ
  8. “You hang out with trash, you get dirty.” — Mr. C
  9. “One more mission and then I’m out of this dirty, dirty game.” — Sarah
  10. “Mama’s mad.” — JJ
  11. “It’s a good thing we’re on a secret mission. In fact, we probably shouldn’t even be using our real names.” — Sarah
  12. “Humans are the only animals that can’t tell fantasy from reality.” — Pope
  13. “Stupid things have good outcomes all the time.” — JJ
  14. “Just act freaking normal.” — Kiara
  15. “Stop barking at the snakes!” — Pope
  16. “I looked like I got kicked out of the barbershop quartet.” — John B.
  17. “Not all of us can afford unlimited data plans, Kiara.” — JJ
  18. “Until I see a body, I’m not giving up.” — John B.
  19. “The North Star. It’s the only star that doesn’t move. Everything else spins around that.” — Sarah
  20. “That’s J.J. Mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.” — John B.
  21. “Can we drop the Pogue versus Kooks thing?” — Sarah
  22. “I’ll pay you back.” — Rafe
  23. “There are only three kinds of relationships in the animal kingdom. The first is commensalism. One example: Fish finding hiding spots in coral reefs. Fish profit, but life for the coral doesn’t change. Then there’s mutualism, a relationship where both animals benefit from each other. The tricky thing about animals is you don’t always know what kind of relationship you’re in. Which brings me to relationship number three. The parasitic.” — John B.
  24. “This is war, Pope. They hit us; we hit them.” — JJ
  25. “Maybe don’t compare my feelings to secretions?” — Kiara
  26. “The downside of Pogue life is we’re ignored and neglected. But the upside of Pogue life? We’re ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want.” — John B.
  27. “You love being seen with me, but you don’t love me.” — Sarah
  28. “There’s a moment in every kid’s life when you feel like anything’s possible. When you feel like you’ve got the total mojo. You could, I don’t know, free-climb El Capitan, land on Mars, or, uh… get elected president. The whole world’s there for the taking if you’ve got the sack to go for it. And then, when you least expect it, some Kook shows up and tells you there’s no eternal mystery. And then all that talk about free-climbing and Mars and the president… bullshit.” — John B.
  29. “Woogity woogity woogity!” — Pope
  30. “I know this sounds crazy, OK? But I’m pretty sure he got away with $400 million in gold.” — John B.
  31. “A broken-down baby doll is the most editorial look.” — Devi
  32. “Don’t worry; I will sugar mama you.” — Sarah
  33. “John B., I know you are there, son. I know you can hear me, and if you love my daughter like I think you love my daughter, then you will turn that boat around and come back.” — Ward
  34. Wheezie: “Dad, the WiFi’s not working. I can’t post anything.”

Ward: “There was a hurricane, sweetheart.”

  1. “Stealing drones makes you hungry. What I would do to get a beer and shrimp and grits right now.” — Kiara
  2. “Corpses cry too, you know. Well, they secrete fluid from their eyes.” — Pope
  3. “If I’m the one meditating, we’ve hit rock bottom.” — JJ
  4. “My dad said the island was like America on steroids. The haves and have-nots like anyplace, but magnified and multiplied. The way I see it, the game’s rigged. Maybe it always has been. And with no parents, no money, and no one looking out for me, I got no chance. Unless I make it on my own.” — John B.
  5. “You might end up in the lion’s den, but you don’t go there on purpose.” — JJ
  6. “I’m on a treasure hunt.” — John B.
  7. “I’m telling the truth. For once in my goddamn life, I’m gonna tell the truth.” — JJ
  8. “Pogue life is all fun and nothing not. You can worry about it after we’re done surfing. It’s going out and having fun, and then when you come back to shore, you can deal with everything.” — John B.
  9. “Mold is good for you; it’s just a natural organism.” — JJ
  10. “When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail, and I blame them for it.” — Sarah
  11. “Our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.” — John B.
  12. “You ever seen this many Kooks in one place?” — Kiara
  13. “Well, I’m not resuscitating you. I’m just making that clear up front.” — JJ
  14. “You don’t know what it’s like to have the person closest to you vanish and then have no idea what happened. Just wake up every morning wondering.” — John B.
  15. “I got a jet going straight in my butt right now.” — JJ
  16. “This dress comes with built-in nunchucks.” — Sarah
  17. John B.: “Tell me the happy ending.”

Sarah: “You are gonna be a fishing instructor, and I’m gonna have a sandwich shop. And we are gonna have a house on the beach and a dog and a cat.”

  1. John B.: “Look, I’d rather die than go to jail, Sarah.”

Sarah: “I’d rather die than be without you.”

  1. “Once a Pogue, always a Pogue.” — John B.
  2. Rafe: “Sarah, hey, wait, Sarah. Wait, wait, wait, slow down.” (Rafe touches Sarah. She goes after him)

Sarah: “You touch me one more freaking time.” Rafe: “We can’t keep ignoring each other. Dad wanted us to talk.” Sarah: “When I tell you, you are the last person I want to talk to, I mean it, Rafe.”

  1. Pope: “I found it in Meemaw’s apartment above the pharmacy.”

Pope’s Dad: “Sh*t, boy, you should’ve gave this to me. I wouldn’t have had to take a beating.”

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