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Meet The New Gerber Baby, Isa, Who Has A Limb Difference

She’s outrageously cute.

The 2022 Gerber baby is named Isa, and she's shining a spotlight on kids with limb differences.

The 2022 Gerber Baby Photo Search winner is here, and she’s just totally adorable. Seven-month-old Isa Slish of Oklahoma boasts incomparably cubby cheeks, big ole eyelashes, and a beaming smile.

She’s also the first Gerber baby in the company’s 95-year history to have a limb difference — and her parents hope that the spotlight will increase awareness and help educate the public as Isa takes her position of official spokesbaby.

“As Gerber’s newest CGO (Chief Growing Officer), Isa’s most important responsibility is to inspire joy, sharing happiness with a big smile, giggles, and her lovable personality,” Gerber shared in its announcement.

The winner was officially announced on TODAY, where the hosts spoke with parents Meredith and John — and announced that she had won live on air.

“Isa is a strong, amazing little girl that loves to interact with the world around her and nothing will stop her,” her mom told TODAY. “Her smile lights up the room and her laughter is irresistible.”

Isa loves playing with her hippo stuffy and hanging out with her big sister, Temperance, 4. She also likes raspberries, being rocked by her mother, and feeling the breeze on her face.

Her parents hope that Isa’s story sends a message of diversity and inclusion.

"Before she was born in September of 2021, we knew Isa was special, and she has shown us that every day since she came into our lives,” Meredith shared on the Gerber website. “We found out when I was 18 weeks pregnant that Isa would be born without a femur or a fibula in her right leg. We hope Isa's story can bring more awareness for limb differences and create greater inclusion for children like her. Because, just like Isa, they too can be or do anything they want!"


There were over 225,000 entries to the contest this year, which is open to kids under 4 years old in the United States and Puerto Rico. Gerber awards $25,000 to the winner — and the prize money will be set aside for Isa’s medical care.

"One of the things that has been so special for us, is that she was chosen for her wonderful personality, her smile, her cheeks, her giggles, but also as a baby who represents diversity," Meredith told TODAY. "We are so happy that she can hopefully bring awareness to children born with limb differences and that is really special for us."

Gerber is also matching the prize money with a $25,000 March of Dimes’ maternal and infant health programs.

Head over to TODAY for many more adorable pictures of Isa.