50 Genius Things That Improve Your Home A Surprising Amount For Less Than $35

The home upgrades you deserve.

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Home improvement doesn’t have to cost an eye-watering sum of money, nor does it have to eat up all your free time. These days, you can scroll through Amazon and find the most clever products that’ll bring some well-deserved upgrades to your home for an affordable price — and with barely any effort required on your end.

For the time-crunched and budget-conscious, this curated list of genius ways to improve your home is about to make your day — maybe even your year. It includes everything from a handy egg dispenser to a wireless doorbell, even a belt hanger you probably didn’t know existed. All of these items share one thing in common — they’ll make everyday tasks a whole lot better.


This Best-Selling Pet Hair Remover That Works Shockingly Well

This best-selling pet hair remover will effectively capture fur from furniture, rugs, and clothes. Compared to other pet hair removers, this one isn’t a lint roller — it has a built-in receptacle that can easily be emptied when it’s full, so no more sticky adhesive to deal with.

One shopper raved, “I am ASTOUNDED at how well it works. [...]I have had this little gadget for less than a week and have already recommended it to several people. I wish I had owned this years ago, and I would 100% buy it again.”


This Jetsons-Like Egg Dispenser

If you didn’t know you needed a conveyer belt for your eggs, now you know. This futuristic roll-down egg dispenser holds 12 to 14 eggs, and as you pluck one from the bottom, another one is gravity-fed to the front. Sure, you could also take one from the top (the brand has a sleek covered holder also available in the listing), but there’s something about this tiered dispenser that’s way more fun. One shopper noted, “Great spacesaver. Now I can discard those egg cartons that take up lots of useable space. This was so nice I had to purchase a second one.”


These Door Draft Stoppers With Multiple Uses

Yes, this two-pack of door draft stoppers will keep the hot or cold air out and reduce intrusive noise, but it can also stop your cats from losing their toys under a door or pawing to be let in. The durable strips attach to the door via a strong adhesive and are available in five colors to match the door. With 37 inches in length to a roll, you can cover a lot of gaps.


A Sink Organizer Tray For The Kitchen Or Bathroom

Keep your countertops free of that gross slime that forms under wet soap bottles (you know the kind) by using this silicone organizer tray. The versatile countertop protector can also be used as a compact dish rack or even a plant draining base. To wash the tray, throw it in the dishwasher or hand wash with soap and water. Choose from six colors in two sizes.


This Cutting Board Set With Over 26,000 Five-Star Ratings

You’ll get a small, medium, and large plastic chopping board with this fan-favorite cutting board set, making meal prep and cleanup easier. A grooved design stops liquids from spilling onto the countertop. The set comes in six color options to fit your kitchen decor.

One shopper noted, “These were far sturdier than I would have though for the price. The different sizes are handy so we are not messing up a bunch of bigger cutting boards for smaller tasks.”


These Airtight Glass Storage Containers For Dips & Leftovers

This set of six glass food containers can hold your small leftovers, and you won’t even need to transfer them to another container to bring them to work. The airtight lids keep everything inside, and the containers fit inside most standard lunch coolers since each jar is only 5 ounces. Reviewers report using them for everything from toddler snacks to spice storage to meal prep organization.


A Tiered Utility Cart For Easy Access To Your Essentials

This plastic tiered rolling utility cart isn’t just a convenient place to hold items and keep them accessible, it also adds a touch of style to your home decor. Its wheels rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to move, and two of the wheels are lockable. The cart comes in three,- four-, or five-tier options, as well as four colors.


This Wireless Doorbell For A Fraction Of What Other Smart Doorbells Cost

There’s a lot to love about this wireless doorbell, particularly the option to choose from 50 doorbell chimes, its long range up to 1,000 feet, and a battery that can last up to 3 years. To match the aesthetic of the interior of your house, the doorbell comes in 11 colors, too. One shopper, who called it “Perfection,” added, “Supereasy to connect. Plug in and you’re set.”


These Hinged-Lid Storage Containers With The Cutest Chalkboard Labels

Whether you use these glass food storage jars with airtight lids for fermenting vegetables or to store snacks, flour, spices, beans,and more, the wide mouth makes them easy to work with. There are several size and quantity options to choose from within the listing — and all come with cute chalkboard labels and a washable ink pen so you always know exactly what’s inside.

One shopper raved, “I love these quality, Italian-made jars! They’re substantial, and tightly and safely store and beautifully display my dry goods. In my experience these things last forever.”


An Under-Sink Organizer With Sliding Drawers

It’s important to be able to quickly access your cleaning products when you need them, and that’s exactly what this two-tier under sink organizer allows you to do. Built with two pullable drawers and four hooks for hanging brushes, the organizer has a large capacity for all your cleaning products.


This Faux Suede Bath Mat With A Slim Profile

In addition to being quick to absorb water, this anti-slip bath mat is comfortable to step on in a soft, faux suede finish with rubber backing. That means it will stay in place when you’re vacuuming to boot. The low-profile mat is flat enough to allow doors to breeze over it, and it doesn’t hold onto dirt either. It’s available in nine colors and seven sizes.


This Incredibly Clever Spice Liner For Drawers

Instead of throwing your spices in a drawer all willy-nilly, keep them organized with this spice drawer liner. Designed to be cut with scissors to fit the exact measurements of any drawer, it can hold over 30 spice bottles of all shapes.

One shopper gushed, “The difference this liner has made is incredible. I can see what I have at a glance. No more sifting through the cabinet. I have already ordered another roll for another drawer.”


A 2-Pack Of Heavy-Duty Oven Liners

Use these heavy-duty oven liners in your gas or electric oven to catch food and gooey messes. They can also be used in a toaster oven to keep the cleanup at a minimum. The thick, non-stick liners are dishwasher safe and can be cut to the size you need. Temperature-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re also a great mat to set you instant pot or air fryer on.


These Door Handle Covers To Keep Your Fridge Clean

In an effort to keep your refrigerator, toaster, or oven clean from dirty, sticky hands (whether it’s little hands or big ones), try these handle covers. They won’t just keep your appliances clean, they’ll also add some cushion and comfort. Two pieces of machine-washable Velcro fit over the handles of most appliances. With over 13,000+ perfect ratings, these little covers are a small but mighty kitchen upgrade.


These Over-The-Door Pantry Organizers To Maximize Storage Space

With this two-pack of pantry organizers, you can simply place the included hooks over a door to start storing items like spices, condiments, cleaning supplies, or even toiletries. Each organizer has 24 transparent pockets (so you can see what’s inside) and three adjustable stainless steel hooks for durable hanging.


The Multipurpose Storage Bins With A Near-Perfect Rating

The handles on these portable plastic storage bins make it a cinch to pull them out to easily access what’s inside. The large-capacity storage bins can hold everything from cleaning supplies to pantry items to accessories or shoes in your closet. They come in packs of two, four, six, or eight. With a 4.8-star rating after thousands of reviews, these are clearly a high-quality storage solution.


These Super-Popular Bathroom Canisters For Cotton Swabs, Floss, & More

Perfect for cotton swabs and balls, flossers, bath salts, and more, this apothecary jar set is an affordable way to organize your small bathroom items. Lids keep your items clean and ready to be used. Choose from a two-, three-, or four-pack.

One shopper noted, “I bought these when staging my house for sale. They are small, but came with these labels that are cute and functional! There is a blank one, too, for you to write in whatever is in yours.”


This Adhesive Paper Towel Holder That Frees Up Counter Space

This stainless steel paper towel holder won’t take over any counter space, as it mounts with sturdy adhesive under a cabinet, on the fridge, or inside a pantry in an effort to stay out of the way. No need to drill any holes — that’s something to rejoice over. As one shopper noted, “Very modern looking, extremely easy to “install”.”


These Silicone Oven Mitts With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

These silicone oven mitts — which come backed by 23,000+ five-star ratings — are better than the average oven mitts out there, as they are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, waterproof, and the protection extends up to the forearms. A textured, non-slip grip help you hold onto your cookware while it’s hot. The mitts are available in 12 colors and two sizes.


These Swedish Dish Cloths To Help Cut Back On Paper Towels

Use this pack of 10 Swedish dish cloths to wipe down surfaces, wash dishes, or clean up spills instead of wasting paper towels. They are eco-friendly, machine washable, and ultra-absorbent — so much so, the brand says they can hold up to 20 times their weight in water. Choose from 10 colors.


This Handy Double Turntable For Your Kitchen

Access your pantry or tabletop items quicker and easier by using this lazy Susan turntable that has two tiers for stacking everything you need to have within reach. The durable, brushed stainless steel organizer can rotate a full 360 degrees so you do a lot less reaching. One fan raved, “This has been one of the best purchases for kitchen organization that I've ever made!”


This Adhesive Gripper Set To Hold Down Rug Corners

As soon as you attach these rug grippers to a floor covering with curling corners, it’ll feel like you just bought a brand new rug. The pack of four, eight, or 12 grippers have a strong adhesive that sticks to the rug with a rubber backing to protect floors. The V-shaped design keeps everything in place.

One shopper noted, “These are SO easy to put on — just peel and stick. The adhesive side sticks great to the rug back. They have foam on the floor side to help keep them from slipping.”


This Kitchen Tool Set With All The Essentials

Whether you are starting from scratch with kitchenware or want to upgrade your current cooking utensils, this silicone utensil cooking set with durable stainless steel handles will get the job done well. The set comes with either three, nine, 11, or 13 pieces — including spatulas, whisks, strainers, and more — so you don’t have to buy more than what you need.


These Space-Saving Collapsible Colanders

As opposed to a standard colander that takes up space in a cabinet, these collapsible strainers can fold down to fit inside a drawer for bulk-free storage. The colanders come in a handy set of two, and they’re dishwasher safe and BPA-free. One shopper noted, “Perfect for draining and easy to clean. Collapses neatly and fits in cupboard easily.”


This Large-Capacity Kitchen Utensil Holder

This ultra-durable stainless steel utensil holder has a weighted base so it won’t get knocked over when you’re frantically making kitchen moves. It’s large enough to hold the kitchen utensils that don’t fit inside a drawer —think large spatulas, ladles, whisks, spoons, and more. Of course, you can place any utensil inside for quick and easy access when you’re cooking. Choose from seven colors.


This Stylish Woven Basket With Multiple Uses

You can use this sturdy, eco-friendly woven basket for so many things, like as decor in your living room with throw blankets inside, as a diaper holder, as a laundry basket, or as a basket for toys. Handles make it easy to move around, and when it isn’t in use, it can be folded to save space.

On shopper noted, “This basket is big! I bought it to hold my kids shoes by the front door. It looks nice and holds a lot.”


This Suctioned Sponge Holder That Stays Put

This deluxe kitchen sink caddy is the perfect way hold your sponges, as it stays put in your sink via suction cups and is made with open slots for the water to drain out. It can hold about three sponges (or scrubbers, scouring pads, and more). In a shiny stainless steel finish, it also promises to remain rust-free.


This Shower Caddy Set That Adds Tons Of Shelf Space

Since you likely don’t just use one (or two or three) products in the shower, it’s important to have a sturdy place to hold your items — a place like this shower organizer. The caddy has suction cups that work best on smooth surfaces. Two caddy shelves are included, perfect for two people to each have their own or for one person to have ample space. Though if you need even more storage, there are multipack sets in the listing that offer up to 5 shelves.


This Pot Rack That Can Be Adjusted To Fit The Size Of Your Cookware

Not only is this expandable iron pot rack a convenient addition to your kitchen, it’s different than most pot racks as it can be lengthened up to 22.8 inches to suit your needs. Each of the 10 compartments is adjustable, so no matter the size of your pot or pan, it’ll fit.


These Best-Selling Cleaning Brushes For More Effective Scrubbing

Move over other brushes, this set of seven cleaning brushes is exactly what you need and deserve to thoroughly clean your kitchen sink and dishes without the struggle. The set comes with a bendable kitchen brush, a scouring pad brush, a tile lines brush, and a groove gap brush to making cleaning go a whole lot smoother.

One shopper raved, “I didn’t know I needed some of these brushes until I used them. Made washing cupcake trays, dishes, and smaller areas easy to clean.”


This Bamboo Utensil Organizer That Expands For More Storage

Not all kitchen drawer organizers expand to fit more utensils, but this bamboo utensil organizer does — and it’ll give you an extra 20 inches. It has plenty of space for your cutlery and other kitchen utensils, like those hard-to-store ice cream scoops, measuring spoons, and whisks. It isn’t just efficient, it’s also a stylish addition to any drawer. In my opinion, bamboo makes everything look better.


Some Stick-On LEDs For Elegant Under-Cabinet Lighting

These LED lights have a way of making areas in your home look fancy for very little money. Whether you place them under a cabinet in your kitchen, on the stairs, in the closet, or in a bathroom as a nightlight, these lights feel elegant and useful. The battery-powered lights come with a remote with an auto-off timer and the option to adjust brightness.


A Gutter Scoop That’ll Save You Money In The Long Run

If your roof has gutters, there’s absolutely no reason not to buy this perfectly designed and incredibly convenient gutter scoop for less than $4. The scoop is narrow enough to easily glide through a gutter and pull leaves and other debris from inside so you don’t have to spend money later dealing with all the havoc a clogged gutter can cause. One shopper raved, “This works really well. It is flexible enough to contour to the shape of the gutters. And the scoop is big enough to hold a lot of the former leaves - that have somehow transformed into stinky black sludge.”


This Oil &Vinegar Set With Conveniently Marked Measurements

What sets these glass oil and vinegar dispensers apart from others is their including pouring spots and the built-in measurements, helping you skip dirtying more dishes when cooking up a storm. An advanced filter on the lid keeps the contents from clogging the spout, too. As one shopper shared, “Purchased one for olive oil and one for avocado oil. These seal tightly and are mess free. they also came with additional tops. We have had compliments from guest on the appearance of these bottles by our stove.”


These Multi-Plug Outlets That Turns Two Outlets Into Six

While many outlet extenders are bulky and often get in the way, this two-pack of multi-plug outlet extenders is narrow enough to sit closely against the wall while providing six plugs each. The design of the extenders makes them easier to reach from any angle, too.


These Motion Sensor Night-Lights That Illuminate At The Right Time

This two-pack of motion sensor night lights only turns on when someone is 3 to 5 meters from the sensor. After 60 seconds of inactivity, the light turns off, making it energy efficient and eliminating the annoyance of having a light on when you don’t need it.

One shopper raved, “This nightlight is super bright and useful for my bathroom. Middle of the night bathroom trips without having to turn on the light are amazing”


This Hanging Closet Shelf That Adds A Good Amount Of Storage

At just 12 inches wide, this hanging closet organizer doesn’t take up too much space in a closet. Choose from five, nine, or ten shelves, all of which add an ample amount of storage space to any closet. The organizer also features six mesh pockets on the exterior for small items and accessories, like scarves, socks, and sunnies.


This Outdoor/Indoor Doormat With Over 15,000 5-Star Ratings

This durable indoor and outdoor doormat comes highly recommended from Amazon reviewers who report it being a sturdy doormat that can handle all the mud, dirt, debris, grass, pet hair, and more. It’s fully waterproof, has an anti-slip backing, and is offered in two sizes and six color options.


The Underwear Organizer Your Top Drawer Needs

With this drawer organizer set, you’ll finally have a designated location for your underwear, bras, socks, and more — so that top drawer actually stays tidy. The various organizer bins come in four different sizes that fit nicely together in a drawer, and you can choose from seven color options. There’s even a uniquely shaped bin for towels or T-shirts.


This Grocery Bag Holder To Help You Reuse Plastic Bags

This wall-mounted grocery bag holder gives you an easily accessible place to store various types of plastic bags (up to 18 bags at a time) so they don’t end up being single-use. While it makes sense economically, it’s also a smart move for the environement. And thanks to the durable, stainless steel construction of this holder, you’ll have this convenient holder for a good long while. Choose from six colors.


This Desk Organizer With A Near-Perfect Rating

When it comes to desk accessories, this mesh organizer has got to be one of the most-loved on Amazon, with a 4.7-star rating after 33,000 reviews. It has ample room for all the important stuff — documents, office supplies, and more. A three-compartment drawer can hold small items, a middle shelf can hold papers and notebooks, and five upright compartments are great for folders, manila envelopes, letters, and more. It also has an attached holder for writing utensils.


This Unique Hanger For Belts, Purses, & More

Whether you use this belt hanger for your belts, bras, tank tops, purses, scarves, or ties, it’s a smart way to save space in your closet. An eight-hook design can hold up to 24 items, decluttering wherever you currently stash them.

One shopper raved, “I use this for belts, ties, and even for a little bag I keep my tie clips in. It's easy to swivel around and grab what you want. It makes it easier to get dressed quickly, having them all together on a single hanging rack.”


This Waterproof Pet Feeding Mat That’ll Protect Your Floors

If your dog or cat tends to drip water all over the floor every time they drink, this waterproof feeding mat, made of extra thick silicone, might just change your life. The mat has raised edges to keep spills inside, and it can easily be cleaned with a quick trip through the dishwasher. Choose from five different sizes and nearly three dozen colors.


This Organizer For Water Bottles Of All Sizes

Since water bottles come in many sizes, the storage solution you purchase should fit them all, like this water bottle organizer that can hold bottles with a max capacity of 32 ounces. Choose from three stackable designs that can hold six, nine, or 12 bottles of various types, including tumblers, sports bottles, travel mugs, kids’ water bottles, and thermal cups.


This Cute Magnetic Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign

Unlike other dishwasher indicators, this clean and dirty dishwasher sign is aesthetically pleasing. The sign clearly lets everyone in the family know if they should add their dishes to the dishwasher or stop what they’re doing to empty it (ha — wishful thinking, right?). It’s simple to use, just slide the sign from left to right to reveal both words.


This Fridge Or Pantry Organizer For Skinny Cans

This set of two can organizers is designed to hold skinny cans, like certain soda waters, hard seltzers, and energy drinks. It neatly sits in a refrigerator or pantry, with the next can ready to be dispensed. It even works well for parties. You can also find an organizer in the listing for standard-sized cans for all your beverage needs.


This Gorilla Grip Bathtub Mat That’s Conveniently Machine Washable

When this shower and bathtub mat starts to look grimy or moldy (which is bound to happen with any bathtub mat), just throw it in the washing machine and it’ll be good as new. The mat has a strong grip to keep it in place (would you expect anything less from Gorilla Grip?) and it’s soft on the feet. If you want to add some color to the tub instead of the classic clear look, choose from the 20 color options.


These Mesh Laundry Bags To Protect Your Delicates

These medium-sized mesh laundry bags are built to last with strong materials and a smart zipper that won’t open mid-wash. They’re the best way to extend the life of your delicate clothes, like bras, panties, gloves, scarves, and more. The bags come in a convenient three-pack.

On shopper gushed, “I bought these to wash my delicates and keep my socks together in dorm washers/dryers. They feel good quality and still look new after a years worth of washing. I like that the zipper can be tucked away in order to prevent the bag from opening in the wash.


This Steak Knife Set With Ergonimic Handles

These steak knives can be used for way more than just steak, in fact, they can alternate between cutting meat, chopping vegetables, slicing bread, and buttering said bread. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel that can be washed in the dishwasher, the serrated knives feature blades with a nonstick coating so food doesn’t stick to them. There are four colors to choose from in sets of four, eight, or 12.


This Dish Drying Mat That Can Be Thrown In The Dishwasher

Uniquely designed, this silicone dish drying mat has raised ridges to help with air flow so your dishes can dry faster while keeping your kitchen counter dry and clean. While the mat is waterproof, it’s also heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit so you can use it as a cooling mat as well. When not in use, simply roll or fold it for storage.

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