The Best Gifts For 9-Month Olds Who Are Smack-Dab Between The Newborn & Toddler Stages

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by Jessica Booth
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best gifts for 9-month-olds

Finding a gift for a 9-month-old that will keep their attention for more than a few minutes can seem difficult, but in truth, this is a fun age to shop for. At this age, you’ll notice that your little one is officially starting to become more like a toddler and less like a baby. This stage in childhood brings about a ton of curiosity, meaning they’ll want to explore absolutely everything. This is also the time when many babies become more mobile. Whether they’re dragging themselves along on their stomachs, crawling everywhere, or starting to pull themselves up and walk, it’s probably getting much more difficult to keep them in one spot.

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Some good gift ideas for 9-month-olds include toys that can move with them or that encourage them to learn how to walk, as well as toys that will help with their cognitive development. They’re also eating more solid foods every day, another exciting milestone. At 9 months old, babies have more of an interest in dropping items into something, hiding things, and exploring. There are lots of toys they can have fun with that will also help encourage these developments. If you need a gift for a birthday or a holiday, consider these ideas for 9-month-olds that we can pretty much guarantee they’ll love.

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Best Gifts For 9-Month-Olds

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