Nine Month Old Baby

Your Nine Month Old Baby

Nine month old babies are playful babies. Toys like stacking cups and rings will entertain your little one, although she much prefers her favorite playmate (you, of course) to stack along with her. Things like pots and pans, wooden spoons and boxes can also provide hours of entertainment, so no need to spend a fortune on fancy toys. Save your money to spend on someone who could really use it… you.

Your Nine Month Old Baby

If your baby was sleeping through the night, nine months often marks a time when he starts to disrupt your sleep again. If you resume the 3AM cuddles, feedings or songs, you’re going to get yourself into a dangerous pattern that you’ll regret. This is just a phase and will end fastest if you tough it out.

You’re probably tempted to put your baby in some shoes now that he’s starting to stand, and who can blame you – it doesn’t get much cuter – but for now, barefoot is still best. Standing and walking in bare feet helps him develop the muscles and tendons in his feet far better than he’ll be able to in shoes. Cold outside? Invest in some socks with non-skid bottoms.

Your baby is becoming more vocal this month and will be trying out new words as well as new volumes of sound. Repetition is the way your baby learns, so be prepared for lots of yelling the same word over and over again. Many parents are fans of teaching babies sign language which allows them to communicate where their language skills haven’t caught up.

Scary Mommy Tip: Your baby may become attached to a specific blanket or stuffed animal around now and that means one thing: If that blanket or stuffed animal should disappear, your life could rapidly become a living hell. Protect your future sanity by buying a second lovey and swapping it out so they both become equally worn and loved. Now.

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