This Mom Shared Her 9-Year-Old's Delusional Christmas List & So Many Moms Can Relate

“There isn’t one single toy on the list.”

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Parents are sharing their frustrations surrounding their young kids' expensive and over-the-top Chri...
Annabel Macias Havill / TikTok

In case you haven’t heard, your tween doesn’t want a Barbie doll or a new art set for Christmas. Nope, your elementary or junior high-aged kid wants skin care products, $100 shoes, and fancy water bottles. This is happening so much this year that moms are posting their frustrations on TikTok, hoping other moms can relate to these sudden “growing up too fast” Christmas lists.

“I just found out that my nine-year-old thinks we live at a different tax bracket,” Annabel Macias Havill joked in her video.

Havill then shares a few items that her 9-year-old has requested this holiday season, including two pairs of shoes over $100, several skin care gift boxes from brands like as Sol de Janeiro — and Lululemon leggings of course.

“This girl's nuts. She's nine,” she says before showing a few more outrageously priced items.

“I don't think she's gotten the memo about inflation and the economy right now. Anyone else dealing with this sh*t? There's not even a single toy on the list.”

Several TikTok users commented on the video, blaming too much screen time and influencer culture for this little girl’s desire for the finer things in life.

“100% tiktok inspired Christmas list 😭,” a commenter stated.

“I keep seeing moms post their kids' wishlists and the items are all sooo similar. The influencers are really influencing these days 😭,” one user wrote.

“lol where did she hear about these? My 13 yr old’s most expensive thing is a $35 anime hoodie,” one user asked.

The OP replied, “Older cousins 🤣.”

Havill is not alone in feeling a little flabbergasted at her young child’s over-the-top Christmas list.

Janie Ippolito sat down her husband, Dave, to play a little guessing game about how much their tween sons — aged 9, 11 and 12 — Christmas list items would cost them.

First up, Dave guesses that their son’s desire for some Yeezy slides would cost around $20 bucks.

“They start at $80,” Janie replied.

She also asks her husband to guess how much one single pair of boxer briefs from the brand Ethika would cost them this holiday season.

“Okay, so one pair of boxer briefs — $12. That's what I pay for, my underwear is $12 boxers,” he guesses.

“These are $20,” she replied.

“Are you crazy? They're underwear!” Dave snaps back.

Janie then reveals that her sons would also like $150 hoodies, $130 basketball shorts, and and Alienware gaming PC which would cost the couple a simple $2,000.

“I don't know where my kids get off asking for these things. They are spoiled rotten,” Dave remarks.

Similar to Havill’s plight with her 9-year-old’s bougie tastes, TikTok users had some opinions about the Ippolito kid’s expensive wishes.

“I will never understand the insane amount of money people spend on Xmas gifts,” one user wrote.

“I'm with your husband grossly underestimating the prices 😂 I'm guessing higher than him, but still nowhere close. Geez!!!,” another stated.

It’s not just the cost of these items that is leaving parents so puzzled. Yes, inflation is insane that even a grocery bill has doubled. It’s expected that higher end brands like Nike or Lululemon will cost a pretty penny, but why do kids want this stuff?

Surely tween peer pressure, millennial parents’ desire to keep up with the Jones’, and the rampant, unrelenting inundation of advertisements and influencer culture on social media is also to blame.

Seriously, I cannot scroll my TikTok feed without every other video being a push for some product from the TikTok shop with some “Amazon Must Have” that I need right now or else my life is insignificant. And sometimes, I give into those ads!

Imagine being a 9-year-old kid, watching that kind of content, with a fresh brain that is still developing and molding. It’s an impossible battle.

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