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Dad Slammed For Sending All His Kids To Sit With Their Mom While He Flew Solo

A fellow mom raged about the incident on TikTok.

In a now-viral video, a mom vented about a dad that decided to fly solo while all three of their chi...
@one_toughmother / TikTok

Flying with kids is no joke. Any time I’m anticipating a travel day with my child, I prep weeks in advance, making sure I have the tablet, arts and crafts, and anything else possible to help her get through the flight. This is even with my husband traveling with us, giving just as much effort to make sure she’s cozy and comfy on the flight.

One mom was not so lucky.

In a now-viral TikTok that has gained over 4.5 million views, user @one_toughmother vented about a moment while flying that had her (and the rest of the internet) seething with rage.

In text-overlay on the video, she wrote: “I was seated next to a mom who had a baby in her lap and a toddler beside her. It was a lot, offered to switch seats with the dad, who was a few rows up, so he could be with his family. He says, ‘Great, thanks!’ AND SENDS OVER ANOTHER SMALL KID TO SIT WITH THE MOM. He enjoyed a kid-free flight.”

Thousands of TikTok users ran to her comment section with their own thoughts and opinions on the situations, with some even asking for a little clarity on the situation.

One user wrote, “It was that or say no because you can’t leave that one kid up there with no parent.”

To which another user pointed out that the dad obviously should have said, “No, thanks,” so that he could take one kid while the mom managed the other two.

One user got the point and wrote, “That’s when he declines and says ‘No, I have another child up here’.”

Another wrote, “I’m a flight attendant and I’ve seen soooo many mothers looking after the kids the whole flight while the father sits away or doesn’t help. It’s crazy.”

The OP also got a lot of hate in her comment section, mostly from men. Shocking, I know.

One user wrote, “I think you can’t imagine the man in this situation possibly needing a break. I think you hate men. I think you are full of yourself.”

The OP made a follow-up video, addressing this specific comment as well as a few others disregarding the dad’s actions.

“Yeah, so this is why I always say that there is nobody on this planet more empathetic than men,” she says sarcastically. “The mental gymnastics that men will do to try to like defend this guy is unreal.”

She then goes into detail about how the entire situation went down.

“This story of a dad shirking his responsibilities and being shitty is not far-fetched, but you are tripping over the logistics of how this could have worked, so I’ll explain it,” she says.

“All right, OK, so the mom is sitting at 7F with her baby, her toddler’s at 7E, I’m at 7D. Across the aisle, my kids are at 7C and 7B. Later, at some point, I have no idea when, I didn’t see, her husband boards and he’s seated at 6C.”

She explains that the mom was frazzled, carrying luggage, trying to get it in the overhead compartment all the while her husband is “yelling,” “asking for things” while the mom is “quietly giving them to him and struggling to get everything and pass it.”

The OP assumed from this interaction that they were all a family.

“I just said, ‘Oh, sir, would you like to be with your family?’ It was an obvious offer, and he said, “Yeah, oh sure, yeah that would be great.” So we stand up, we go to shuffle to change, and that’s when he sends the kid from 6B to 7D where I was sitting,” she explains.

She says that, at the time she offered, she didn’t realize that there was one more child from the family sitting with the dad.

“So, the other question that comes up is, ‘Why didn’t you rescind the offer?’ I f*cking wish I did. I was so stunned. I fumbled it like I was absolutely stunned that I just didn’t even know what to say,” she explained.

This clears up the entire argument that the dad “had no choice” but to switch because he obviously could have declined the offer. However, he did not.

Even still, men ran to the comments to defend this dad.

“Males will defend their own kind no matter how heinous their actions and behavior are. From small things to full on crimes against women and children,” one user wrote.

The OP replied, “The best part is the clown who wants us to, like, agree with him? You are free to be a total misogynist sir, but we don’t have to praise you for it 🙄.”