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An Italian Company Has Designed A Car Literally Made For Parents Of Toddlers

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini is parent-focused.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini concept car prioritizes parents traveling with toddlers inclu...
Alfa Romeo

Picture your car for a second. What do you see? Crumbs instead of carpet? Smudges all over the windows? A tablet rigged up in some sort of weird way to the back of a headrest? If this is a pretty accurate description — you’re probably the parent of a toddler.

A parent’s car is typically a catch-all for cracker crumbs, food wrappers, sippy cups, miscellaneous toy pieces, and just so much grime and dirt. What if there was a car that was literally designed for parents? Alfa Romeo is working on that.

According to Car and Driver, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini is a concept car that prioritizes toddlers. The Tonale is a parent-focused concept intended to add practical accessories to the car that make parenting life easier. And in case you’re rusty, bambini actually translates from Italian to mean “baby.”

The concept includes a diaper-changing station built into the trunk, an in-car baby monitor, and tons of smart storage.

The car concept design was created after UK parents were surveyed about their driving experiences. Research showed that 59% of those surveyed feel it’s a challenge to keep their cars clean. Another 56% of those who took part in the survey also felt embarrassed to have other passengers in their car because of how messy they are.

Alfa Romeo

The Tonale Edizione Bambini plans to take care of all those woes.

Starting off, the Bambini concept has been designed with tons of storage spaces for all the bags, bins, and other toddler essentials every parent needs in their car. You’ll find custom-made back-seat pockets on the driver and front passenger seats that match the rest of the upholstery. The seats also have protection panels to soften the impact of children who kick the front seat backs.

Alfa Romeo

In order to keep a tidy car, the Tonale also comes with a six-liter touchless trash can installed into the car to ensure that all wrappers don’t end up on the floor (or at least you can pick them up after).

Any mom will agree that one of the most intriguing and selling features of the Tonale is the 12V vacuum cleaner stowed on the trunk floor to clean up all those Goldfish cracker crumbs and stale McDonald’s french fries. There is also an organizer in the trunk featuring a cleaning bag with a cleaning brush, leather cleaner, tissues, and wet wipes.

Alfa Romeo

The backseat also comes with tablet holders for longer journeys and storage in the middle seat to stow away toys and activities.

You can also throw away those wonky mirrors that help you see what your baby is up to in the backseat because the Tonale has an in-car baby monitor, which can be connected to smartphones via an app for use by front-seat passengers and can be positioned for both front and rear-facing child seats.

Alfa Romeo

However, the absolute be-all, end-all feature of this concept car is the retractable baby changing unit. Changing on the go is always a pain. If I had a nickel for every time poop ended up on my car seats, I’d have about twenty cents.

Eighty-six percent of parents have had to stop along the road to change a dirty diaper. The unit pulls out from the trunk, has its own custom changing mat, and can be quickly retracted to make room for strollers, wagons, or luggage.

Alfa Romeo

If you’re completely sold on this concept because you have a brain and want an easier life, you might have a wait awhile. reached out to Alfa Romeo in the U.S. about plans to put this project into production. “We will look at every op[portunity] but nothing to confirm today,” a spokesperson for the Italian luxury car brand said.

Over in Italy, the Tonale starts at $44,590.