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These Once-Popular Baby Names Are Predicted To Go Extinct in 2023

Say goodbye to Bradley, Steven, and Vanessa.

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As generations continue to have children, baby name trends have changed. In the ‘90s, Jessica, Michael and Sarah were standards. In the early ‘00s, baby names like Edward and Bella ruled the top of the charts. (Thanks Twilight!). As of late, it’s likely your kid is in class with a Charlotte or an Oliver, or your kid is named Charlotte or Oliver.

We’re entering in a new year, and 2023 has ushered in some new and popular names, but with some names climbing in popularity, certain names are on a downward trajectory and some may even extinct this year.

BabyCenter has compiled a list of some of the top baby names that are endangered or likely to go extinct in 2023. So, how do they come up with these lists? BabyCenter analyzed the top 500 baby names for each gender from data submitted by BabyCenter parents about babies born in 2021 and 2022. From there, they looked at which names saw the steepest year-over-year declines.

The outlet has also included some interesting trends and statistics when it comes to which particular kind of names are on their way out.

According to their list, names starting with the letter “K” are dropping off the radar. Khalid, Kian, Kyle, and Kobe were all names that fell in popularity lists (between 138 and 60 spots) in the rankings from 2021 to 2022.

Baby boy names at risk of going extinct

1. Arjun (down 164 spots)

2. Walter (down 162 spots)

3. Royce (down 138 spots)

4. Khalid (down 138 spots)

5. Rory (down 127 spots)

6. Nehemiah (down 110 spots)

7. Kameron (down 107 spots)

8. Wade (down 94 spots)

9. Kane (down 93 spots)

10. Kian (down 93 spots)

11. Ahmed (down 87 spots)

12. Seth (down 86 spots)

13. Hugo (down 86 spots)

14. Kyle (down 84 spots)

15. Steven (down 84 spots)

16. Hassan (down 78 spots)

17. Bradley (down 77 spots)

18. Kobe (down 70 spots)

19. Syed (down 68 spots)

20. Ayaan (down 65 spots)

Baby girl names at risk of going extinct

For girl names, the name Hayden fell 202 spots in the rankings — the most of another other girl name. Joy came in second place falling 112 places. In another weird trend, “K” names are also falling for girls. Kate, Katherine, Kenzie, and Kira all dropped significantly.

1. Hayden (down 203 spots)

2. Ariyah (down 129 spots)

3. Mira (down 129 spots)

4. Kate (down 129 spots)

5. Katherine (down 127 spots)

6. Hana (down 126 spots)

7. Leia (down 122 spots)

8. Joy (down 112 spots)

9. Vanessa (down 111 spots)

10. Alayah (down 102 spots)

11. Paige (down 99 spots)

12. Annabelle (down 98 spots)

13. Adelyn (down 97 spots)

14. Kenzie (down 97 spots)

15. Kira (down 97 spots)

16. Mariam (down 96 spots)

17. Teagan (down 95 spots)

18. London (down 94 spots)

19. Aniyah (down 93 spots)

20. Makayla (down 92 spots)

If you want to almost guarantee that your kid is the only one with their name in their entire class, this list might be a great one to go off of. Knowing how name trends typically go, these will all be back in style a few decades from now.

If you’d rather keep things trendy, though, here’s the list of top baby names trends for 2022.

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