TikTok Beach Hacks That Make Your Life Infinitely Easier

These moms are sharing their favorite tricks to make sure you actually have FUN.

Sandy Beach and beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas called Tortuga at Sithonia peninsula, Halkidiki...
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Summer is upon us, and now we’re all keeping the kids busy an extra eight hours a day. One of the tried and true ways to have fun and stay cool is by heading to sandy beaches. While kids run off to explore, you can safely watch and relax from a distance… or at least that’s the idea. But of course, as we all know, the beach can all too often turn into a nightmare of sunburn and sand everywhere.

But not to worry — your fellow moms have a whole bunch of savvy tricks, and below, we’ve compiled a list of beach hacks moms swear by to make your lives easier. Maybe you’ll even get to sit down and relax this time.

Baby Powder Is Your Best Friend

As we know, sand gets everywhere. And it hurts. Before you bring sand trails in your cars, leaving you wondering how you got sand in your cupholders for the next two weeks, @daniellehouston_ shares this life-saving hack: all you need is a bottle of baby powder and a sock. Yes, a sock. Insert baby powder into a sock and tie it off. Then, use the sock in a swiping motion on any sand clumps, ensuring a gentle and effective way of removing sand.

Skip The Inflatable Kiddie Pool & Buy A Dog Pool

Let’s get real, here: it might seem like a good idea at the time, but inflatable anything is a nightmare. By getting a dog pool instead, avoid the pain of exhausting your breath with only half an inflated mini pool for show. Not only are the walls sturdy enough to handle any rough winds, but dog pools are more affordable than inflatable pools. Moms like @katiezajicek swear by it.

Keep Your Old Makeup Brushes

It’s hard enough getting clothes on your child — sunscreen? It’s hell. The trick to getting your child excited all lies in the applicator. @kb_creative suggests using a makeup brush for a quick and exciting application. Other alternatives include sunsticks and sprays.

Bring Doggy Trash Bags

As the day goes on, trash accumulates. Pack doggy trash bags to keep your area tidy instead of dragging kids away from their playtime to throw out a couple of tissues. These bags are also great for wet clothes and diapers, as @jeffandlaurenshow points out.

Save Your Old Soap Bottles

Before you leave the house, grab an empty soap bottle and fill it with water. You now have a portable sink to bring to the beach and an easy way to rinse off your feet.

Opt For Swimsuits With Snaps On The Bottom

Diaper changes in any setting can be tricky. Add a wet bathing suit into the mix, and you have quite the handful. Onesie bathing suits like the ones rounded up by @desertsageswim in this TikTok are game changers. That way, you don’t have to wrestle your way into a clean diaper. Not to mention, it makes it easier for kids in the midst of potty training when speed is crucial. And for the older kids: just buy the two-piece.

Go Turkish Towels Or Go Home

If you still find specks of sand clinging to your beach towels despite washing them, consider investing in Turkish towels. Due to its tight weave and cotton material, Turkish towels are sand-resistant and dry in minutes under the sun. They pack light and become softer with each use. You’re already hauling enough bulk to and from the beach!

You Can Make Swim Diapers In A Rush

If you're in a pinch and have run out of swim diapers at home, there's no need to rush to the store to buy a pack that you'll only use a few more times. Turns out you already have some at home! @freshstartmomma shares that she was today years old when she found out she could rip out the absorbent material from a regular diaper, effectively turning it into a swim diaper.