The Best Activity Cubes To Keep Your Kiddo Busy (And Learning) For Hours

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by Kelsey Haywood Lucas and BDG Commerce
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A colorful activity cube which will be interesting for a kiddo to play for hours

Looking for the best activity cube? You should be — because you know your kid loves these things. (And you know this because you always watch in horror as Junior gleefully goes crazy on what must *surely* be a disgusting, germ-covered cube every time you’re stuck in a doctor’s waiting room.) Wooden, plastic, big, or small, there’s a cube out there to pique your baby or toddler’s interest — and we’ll help you find it.

Needless to say, Mama, there’s a reason that docs stock up on baby activity cubes: They entertain even the most active toddlers, and the benefits of these developmental toys are major. They improve hand-eye coordination, demonstrate cause and effect, teach fine motor skills, and improve critical thinking skills. The cube’s many educational activities expose youngsters to elements like shapes, colors, and animals (get those unicorn coloring pages ready!) that will help you teach them by recognition. They’ll be shouting family sayings in no time after using an activity cube.

So, we found the best activity cubes that’ll fit flawlessly into your life — whether you’re seeking something portable and travel-friendly or so massive it can actually double as a toy chest. (Yes, really.) Scroll down to shop!

Best Budget-Friendly Activity Cubes

Who wouldn’t want to welcome this cute elephant into their home? With five sides of activities, your toddler will never get bored. There’s a spinning gear, a turning wheel, and even a bead maze for your child to safely play with. Made out of plastic and wood, this weighs in at just over two pounds.

One Reviewer Says: “I bought this for my great nephew's first birthday. It was a HUGE hit! He only wanted to play with that toy, once he opened it. He loved all the different activities on it, but especially pulling the ball to make the elephant ‘blow bubbles’. HIGHLY recommend!”

If you’re looking for an environmentally safe toy to introduce to your kiddos, this activity cube is the perfect answer. Made from wood, this cube features a bead maze, a fishing game, a gearwheel, number blocks, and more. There’s even something for adults: chess, which two to four people can play.

One Reviewer Says: “What a perfectly adorable activity cube! It is a quality toy - solid wood, beautifully constructed. Every facet has something to engage a child. I purchased it for my 18-month-old boy. He especially likes the beads on the top part and spinning the gears. I love how the top inserts into the cube for easy storage. Completely happy with my purchase!”

This activity cube will keep your little one busy, laughing, learning, and singing! With nearly 2,000 reviews, the WolVolk Musical Activity Cube is a great option. It includes six sides and 15 activities in all, so your little one will never get bored. This option also includes lights, music, and special sound effects.

One Reviewer Says: “We just gifted this to my son for his first birthday. He loves it! There are so many [switches] and buttons to push, and with each one comes a new sound! There is also a little hammer included that you can use to hit buttons with. It captured the attention of my 1, 3, and 5 year old!”

Best Activity Cubes For The Littlest Players

Still a little hesitant to use harder wood or plastic toys around your kids? For kids who like to throw things, this soft farmyard cube is the perfect solution. It’s perfect for babies under the age of one. With a crinkled side and a mirrored side, your little one will be entertained for quite some time. You can also hear animal sounds with this cube.

One Reviewer Says: “I bought this for a 4-month-old. I needed something light to carry in my checked bag and this toy worked great. I folded the box and then reassembled when I got to my destination. The baby loved the colorful, soft fabric and the animal sounds are cute. I would recommend this Melissa & Doug toy - it's a high-quality product.”

VTech is always a great brand when it comes to innovative toys, and this activity cube is no exception. Kids will discover and explore, and while some parents might not love the sounds and music, children definitely will. (Hey, parenthood is all about getting used to repetitive noises, right?) However, 25 songs have been programmed in this toy, so there are a lot of tunes to choose from. Plus, it’s got over 25,000 five-star reviews from parents. This is recommended for kids up to the age of three.

One Reviewer Says: “Now that I am a mom, I understand what parents really want are sturdy, engaging toys that stimulate your child and keep them entertained. Turns out very often these things are plastic and noisy. But my 9-month-old loves this toy and it holds her attention for longer than most of the toys she has. It has been so fun to watch her learn to push the buttons and play with the widgets. This toy is affordable, safe, and it makes her really happy! She loves it!”

Infantino is yet another company that makes quality products that moms love. This discovery cube is perfect as an intro for an infant. It includes a clacker ring, a peek-a-boo mirror, and an adorable animal on all six sides of the cube.

One Reviewer Says: “My baby loves this! So much to explore in one little toy. It’s like every time she plays with it she discovers something new and it’s so fun to watch! Love the bright colors mixed with the black and white designs. Perfect gift for baby showers! Would totally recommend this!”

Best Oversized Activity Cubes

Add a little music to your little one’s daily activities with this Under The Sea-themed activity cube that includes a xylophone, a round drum, and tons of other activities. It’s also a great choice for areas where multiple kids would play, like in an activity room or daycare center, and is a good way to develop eye-hand coordination.

One Reviewer Says: “Have had this play center for over 5 years... My daughter loved it. When she outgrew it we kept it in storage. My 7-month-old son loves it now! Needless to say, it has [held] up over the past 5 years between two kids and is going strong.”

Are you looking for a play cube that might also double as the cutest toy you’ve ever purchased? Look no further. This Country Critters set is so sweet and friendly that you might find yourself playing with it alongside your toddler. This is a great cube to encourage motor skill development, and is popular with parents, gaining a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Amazon. It’s hard to do better than that.

One Reviewer Says: “My favorite part of this activity cube is how sturdy it is! It is very solid and sturdy enough for my 21Ib baby to use it to pull up and stand, which is why we bought it. All other activity cubes were too light and tipped over on him when he would try to pull up and stand. It is also extremely interactive and even my 2.5yr old likes to play with it! It’s perfect for my boys and they love it! I recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy toy that will withstand toddler years and actually get used more than a few minutes!”

This may just be one toy, but there are seven ways to play with it. The Top Bright activity cube includes a clock with moveable hands, plenty of peekaboo doors, and more to keep your young child both focused and entertained. Do you know a mom who needs a few extra minutes to scroll through her phone interrupted? Are you that mom? If so, this option would be an incredible gift.

One Reviewer Says: “Very easy assembly! Great for keeping kids entertained without electronics. I bought this as my son's first birthday present and all his brothers including his birthday twin 8-year-old brother love this activity cube. Definitely a good investment.”

Best Heirloom-Worthy Activity Cubes

Your future farmer or aspiring veterinarian will adore this wooden activity cube covered with barnyard animals. Manufactured by a family company that’s been around since 1897, the cube’s sturdy wood construction and thoughtful touches (like rounded corners, a mom’s dream!) give it instant heirloom appeal. It includes five sides and plenty of barn animals to learn about.

One Reviewer Says: “This is the best children’s toy I have ever purchased! My baby just started standing up and needed stimulation from a new vantage point. The noisy Fischer Price toys were starting to drive me nuts and I wanted something that would engage him as he grows, instead of just pushing buttons. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the quality of the paint is excellent. There’s so much to do with this toy and it’s such an awesome developmental tool!”

Because playing is *literally* one of the most important things your kid can do right now — shop our mom-approved toy picks for the best and brightest in baby and toddler toys.

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