The 13 Best Baby Pajamas

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by Candace Nagy and Ileana Morales Valentine
Three babies in cute one-piece pajamas

For parents of littles, the sleep struggle is real. Just when you think you’ve got a baby that can sleep through the night, your dreams come crashing down — at midnight, 2 a.m., and/or 4 a.m. While there can be many reasons behind your baby’s disrupted sleep patterns, including growth spurts and overstimulation before bedtime, some have a simpler solution than you may think. For example, the right temperature for sleep and a pair of comfy pajamas can go a long way. The best baby pajamas are cuddly warm — without being too warm — and are easy to undo for those late-night diaper changes (because there will be many).

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Baby Pajamas

For something as seemingly simple as pajamas, there are actually a lot of things to consider. Does your baby even need footie pajamas? And if so, how long should they wear them? What about material? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Footie pajamas: These keep little feet warm at night, since they can’t slip off (or be pulled off) like socks can. Keep in mind that if you have a taller baby, they might out grow footie pajamas faster, so you may want to consider some footless pj’s paired with baby socks that won’t slip off easily. And as cute as footies are, your baby will most likely stop wearing them the age of 2, although it’s really a personal choice.
  • Material: Some babies run hot, others cold, and some change it up on the regular, so having a few different types of baby pajamas on hand is a good rule of thumb. Whether that’s long sleeve, short sleeve, footed or not, you’ll want to make sure they’re made from a material that will keep baby at the right temperature; keep it lightweight during warmer months (think: cotton or muslin) and more warming during winters (think: cozy fleece).
  • Fold-over sleeves/mittens: Newborns have surprisingly sharp nails (no matter how careful you are about trimming) and sleeves that fold over into built-in mittens are really helpful for protecting their faces overnight. As your baby starts to roll over, they may prefer to have unfettered access to their hands again, so it’s less important for older babies. You’ll likely only find these on smaller pajamas, but if you’re looking for complete coverage, a few brands will offer fold-over cuffs in all the carried sizes.

Which Baby Pajama Closure Style Is Best?

During those midnight changes, the way your baby’s pj’s close is going to matter — trust us. And you may find it’s worth trying a few types and seeing what works best for you and your baby.

  • Zipper closures: Easy and convenient, these are a perennial parent favorite. Look for a double zipper if you want the added convenience of opening up only the bottom for quick in-the-night diaper changes. Most zippered pj’s have a cover over the tab, so it won’t bother baby. But, for all the ease of use, it’s worth noting that some parents worry about pinching their little one’s skin if zipping up too quickly, and some say getting legs in isn’t as easy as with other closure styles.
  • Button/snap closures: These pj’s feature buttons or snap buttons from the top to the bottom. You may find it easier to get baby’s legs into the pajama since buttons allow it to fully open up; just keep in mind you’ll need to close up all those buttons, too. During diaper changes, it’s convenient to only open the necessary buttons at the bottom. For Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies, these may be the only types of pajamas allowed or preferred in the hospital.
  • Magnetic closures: A newer option that combines the accessibility of button closures and quick convenience of zippers, this pj uses hidden magnetic fasteners that are a breeze to open and close. These also tend to be the most expensive option — but at 2 a.m., you may be saying some things are so worth paying for.
  • Elasticized/Tie closures: Because newborns can require 10 to 12 diaper changes a day, long sleep gowns with open, elasticized ends can be convenient because you simply need to push it up to change that diaper. Variations of these gowns can also be tied and untied.

Now, let’s get to those cozy, adorable pj’s for your little one. Keep reading for the best baby pajamas to add to your collection, plus a couple of accessories that might just help everyone get a bit more sleep. (Please, baby?)


These Organic Footie Pajamas In Soft, Muted Hues

Not into pajamas that scream your baby’s gender? Or perhaps you’re looking to get double mileage and pass them onto your next child? These neutral baby pajamas are not only organic cotton and affordable, but they also come in a bunch of neutral colors, including hard-to-find earthy hues like sage and charcoal. Score! You’ll also appreciate the built-in mittens. It’s no surprise these are a consistent reviewer favorite on Amazon with an impressive 4.7-star rating after nearly 4,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “This footie pajamas was exactly what I was looking for and at a much more reasonable price. It’s very difficult to find neutral colored organic footies at a decent price but these are so cozy and perfect for my baby.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: One-way zipper | Mittens: Yes for newborn and 0-3 month sizes | Available Sizes: Newborn — 12-18 Months | Available Colors: 14


These GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Footie Pajamas In Really Cute Prints

Looking for the best organic baby pajamas? Burt’s Bees makes GOTS-certified footie pj’s in the most adorable prints, including themed ones for holidays. Featuring easy one-way zippers, these onesies are dreamy soft to the touch. The adorable bees on the feet add grip as baby starts to make moves, too. And they’re a shopper fave with an impressive 4.8-star rating after 21,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “These will be the ONLY pajamas I ever buy again, I will be sad when he outgrows them completely! Soft, breathable, organic cotton and DARLING PRINTS! Thank you Burts Bees for an EXCELLENT product.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: One-way zipper | Mittens: Yes for newborn and 0-3 month sizes | Available Sizes: Preemie — 9 Months | Available Colors: 20+


Another GOTS-Certified Pajama That’s Footless For Warmer Nights

This is the one if you’re looking for a GOTS-certified-organic baby pajama without the footies. It maintains an impressive 4.7-star rating with nearly 3,000 reviews, and shoppers laud the soft, thick cotton. Available in some seriously adorable prints, this jammie offers style and substance: You’ll appreciate the zipper guard and crotch gusset that leaves a little more room for diaper changes. Plus, the footless design means baby will likely be able to wear this one a bit longer. This pick is also available in short sleeve and sleeveless designs.

Helpful Review: “Love this! Fits perfectly! Works well when your child has bigger feet and can’t fit into the footed pajamas”

Footie: No | Closure: One-way zipper | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: Newborn — 18-24 Months | Available Colors: 30


Editor’s Pick: These Buttery-Soft Bamboo Baby Pajamas

These buttery-soft baby pajamas are made with rayon, a bamboo-derived fiber that has a luxurious yet lightweight feel to keep baby comfy, cool, and dry through the night. No itchy tags, either. Plus, they’re so nice looking that they can actually be worn while out and about.

Editor Praise: “These were by far the softest pajamas I came across for both of my sons, and my boys look so cute in the available earthy colors. These jammies are irresistibly buttery and also lightweight and stretchy. Even my preschooler commented on how much he loves these because they’re so soft.” — Editor Ileana Morales Valentine

Footie: Yes | Closure: Two-way zipper | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: Preemie — 18-24 Months | Available Colors: 10


A More Affordable Bamboo Baby PJ

These blended bamboo baby pajamas are a bit cheaper than the previous bamboo pick, in part because they’re made from bamboo-derived rayon as well as GOTS-certified organic cotton and spandex. And this is a rare baby pajama that features fold-over mittens on all its sizes, even up to 18 months. Plus, the grippy footie bottoms feature warm lining for their little toes.

Helpful Review: “These are my favorites. Stylish thick fabric, the zipper can stand up to my 12 month olds normal wear and tear. He’s warm enough to sleep though a cold winter night without requiring a blanket, just his sleeper and thick socks. A bit on the pricey side, but totally worth it.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: One-way zipper | Mittens: Yes | Available Sizes: Newborn — 18 Months | Available Colors: 6


The Organic Footie Pajama With Magnetic Fasteners

If you want something totally quiet and easy to get on and off baby during nighttime diaper changes, invest in this magnetic baby pajama. That’s right — these GOTS-certified organic cotton jammies close up super quickly with magnets sewn securely into the lining. One shopper raved, “I bought this product a few years ago and shipped it to a friend in Germany. She wrote me -- more than once! -- to say it was the most wonderful infant gift she'd been given.” These are also a fave of grandparents and second-time parents, according to reviews.

Helpful Review: “This is the second of three magnetic outfits that I have purchased. They are amazing for the middle of the night diaper changes. No hard buttons or zippers to fiddle with on the baby.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Magnetic | Mittens: Yes, for newborn ad 0-3 month sizes | Available Sizes: Preemie — 18-24 Months | Available Colors: 25


This Colorful Pajama Gown For Newborns

The extra-long, soft and stretchy design of this newborn sleeper means it will grow with your baby — not a lot of baby pajamas can live up to that. And because this modal-blend gown has a tie-closure, you won’t have to worry about fussing with zippers or buttons during nighttime diaper changes. Oh, and for the inevitable blowouts, this sleeper is designed with lapped shoulders so the whole thing pulls down easily.

Helpful Review: “Super soft and stretchy makes dressing my newborn easy! Open bottom perfect for nighttime changes as needed!”

Footie: No (but it does cover feet) | Closure: Tie | Mittens: Yes | Available Sizes: Newborn- 3 Month — 3-6 Months | Available Colors: 18


A Pair Of Footie Pajamas With Snap Buttons

Grab this pair of snap button pajamas to stock up your baby’s pj collection with solid-colored, stretchy cotton jammies. They’re a good deal for a set of two, and they come in lots of different colors, including more neutral hues and bright colors with mitten cuffs on larger sizes, too.

Helpful Review: “We like this pj's for our little. They fit as expected and have held up in the wash really well. They both seem comfortable, soft and withstand a bit of chewing on the sleeves. Buttons stay clasped at night and I would buy these again if needed.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Snap button | Mittens: Yes | Available Sizes: 0-3 Months — 9-12 Months | Available Colors: 41


This Value Pack Of Cotton Baby Pajamas

This set of three footie baby pajamas is a great value pack for filling out your baby’s pj drawer. They’re made of cotton with a one-way zipper and grippy footies, and these come in a much wider size range than most, too.

Helpful Review: “This set of PJs came exactly as expected. They are a tighter fit with a stretchiness to them. I like the padded feet because it helps give my baby traction when she walks. She seems very comfortable in them. Great purchase!”

Footie: Yes | Closure: One-way zipper | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: 6-9 Months — 5T | Available Colors: 20+


These Quilted Baby Pajamas With A Unique Under-The-Legs Zipper

These quilted baby pajamas have all the retro vibes with classic diamond-patterned stitching and knee patches that provide extra warmth on cooler nights. And this cotton pj features a second zipper that opens all along the bottom under both legs for easy-to-reach diaper changes, which will help keep them warmer on those cold nights, too.

Helpful Review: “We love this pj for winter. We keep the room around 62-65F and we needed a warm pajama for our little one. We bought a 3-6 month last winter and just got a 12-18 month for this winter. So soft and the zipper at the bottom is very useful.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Two-way zipper | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: 3 Months — 2T | Available Colors: 7


The Footie Pajamas That Can Also Go Footless With A Simple Fold

What mom doesn’t love a pajama that can pull double-duty? That’s exactly what you can expect from these convertible baby pajamas! They go from footless to footed with just a quick fold (same for the built-in mittens, which are available on the larger sizes as well) so they’re extra versatile and can handle a growth spurt like a pro.

Helpful Review: “Love love love these pajamas! I bought one in most colors and my daughter loves them! I really like how the bottom foot part folds over for bedtime!”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Two-way zipper | Mittens: Yes | Available Sizes: 3-6 Months — 2-3T | Available Colors: 45


A Pair Of Fan Fave Fleece Pajamas For Cold Nights

When winter comes, keep your baby warm in these fleece pajamas in cute animal prints. They’re a fave among shoppers because they’re so cozy for little ones on cold nights, and the inverted zipper is so convenient for diaper changes.

Helpful Review: “These fleece jammies are perfect! We love this brand because of the 2-way zip making nighttime diaper changes much less of a hassle. They are very soft and cozy. Fit is true to size.”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Two-way zipper | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: Preemie — 6-9 Months | Available Colors: 4


These Highly Giftable ‘Welcome Baby’ Pajamas

Whether you’re welcoming a baby of your own or know someone who’s expecting, this adorable footie and hat baby pajama set by Little Me will get some serious Awww’s! It’s made from 100% cotton and is embroidered with the sweetest welcome baby message. If you’re looking for a more versatile option, don’t worry, there are more designs to choose from.

Helpful Review: “This outfit is the perfect gift for a couple who don't know whether they are expecting a girl or boy. It's gender neutral but so precious. Lots of "Awwww"s at the baby shower. Welcome to the world little one!”

Footie: Yes | Closure: Snap buttons | Mittens: No | Available Sizes: Preemie — 9 Months | Available Colors: 4


Nice To Have: The Swaddle Sleepsack 23,000 Shoppers Give Five Stars

HALO’s baby swaddle sleepsack is a shopper fave with a near-perfect 4.7-star rating after 29,000 reviews. The wrap design keeps babies feeling supported, yet gives them room to wiggle, and allows for three ways to swaddle: arms in, arms out, or with your little one’s hands to their face. An inverted zipper makes diaper changes easier because you can open the swaddle from the bottom.

Helpful Review: “I have used halo sleep sacks for both of my kiddos and they love them. The quality is amazing and we have had some for over 2 years with no reduction in the strength of the velcro. I always had a terrible time successfully swaddling my babies and this made the task so much more simplistic (especially after those late night diaper changes). They have plenty of leg room for your child to stretch their legs but compact enough on top to keep them asleep longer.”

Available Sizes: Preemie — 12 Months | Available Colors: 20+


Also Great: The Sleep Sack For Babies Growing Out Of Swaddles

Just as you’re feeling like a swaddling expert, your baby starts to make moves that mean it’s time to switch to this sleep sack that helps make the transition easier. Zip them into this sack, and the unique starfish design keeps their hands in for a familiar enveloped feeling while still allowing them room to safely move around and roll. And you’ll appreciate there’s no new folding to figure out — just zip it up.

Helpful Review: “Our little guy struggled with sleeping outside his swaddle, this product has been an amazing transitional product for us. It has gained us many sleep hours and we would recommend to anyone!”

Available Sizes: X-Small (3-6 Month) — X-Large (2T-3T) | Available Colors: 9