The 8 Best Bras For Pregnancy’s First Trimester, According To A Bra Fit Specialist

Those sore boobs need the right bra.

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It very often starts with sore boobs. A not-so-subtle message that your body is changing—and your boobs may never be the same. In fact, if you’re pregnant right now, your boobs are likely changing in size (and soon, function) right this moment and the last thing you need is a jail cell of a bra. Allow yourself the freedom of comfort as those babies balloon upward by ditching the underwire in favor of the best bras for pregnancy’s first trimester — and beyond.

But, if you’re wondering about the elephant in the room — how can a bra both be supportive and grow with you? — I tapped bra expert Jessica Foster at Kindred Bravely to get answers.

The Expert

Jessica Foster is a Customer Care Specialist at Kindred Bravely, a company on a mission to design clothes that make the motherhood journey easier. Foster is passionate about helping expecting moms feel comfortable and confident — especially when it comes to finding the right nursing bra.

When Should You Start Wearing A Pregnancy Bra?

If your current bra is more uncomfortable than it once was, you’re not imagining things. “Breasts may become fuller with some people seeing an increase in cup size early on, though this is more common in later trimesters,” says Foster, who also adds that many women experience breast soreness, tenderness, and sensitivity within the first trimester. So even though, technically, you could wear a normal bra while pregnant, any signs of change suggest it's the perfect time to start looking for a pregnancy bra.

How Should A Pregnancy Bra Initially Fit?

A bra that grows with you sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly the allure of a well-made pregnancy bra. Foster isn’t unfamiliar with mamas-to-be seeking out comfortable, soft, and supportive bras that can accommodate multiple sizes (aka stretchy bras that can grow with them throughout pregnancy).

To find the right bra for the first trimester and beyond, Foster advises: “Your bra band should fit below the rib cage without being too tight. The band should feel snug without leaving marks — you should be able to fit two fingers under the band.” Of course, you don’t want to over-index either. “You don’t want your bra fitting too loose (riding up in the back or able to fit more than two fingers under the band) as it will not provide sufficient support,” adds Foster.

How Do I Know My Pregnancy Bra Size?

This will probably blow your mind (it certainly did mine) but Foster notes, “There is no industry standard for bra sizing, so your size in one brand can be completely different from your size in another brand.” That’s why many brands teach you how to measure your chest specifically to their sizing.

“At Kindred Bravely, we recommend measuring with a fabric tape measure while wearing a bra that fits you well,” explains Foster. “Measure just under your bust where the chest band sits (snug, but not tight) and round up to the next even number. This is your band size. Measure around the fullest part of your chest (bust size). Subtract your band size from your bust size to find your cup size. Each inch of difference is one letter, so a 5-inch difference would be an E cup.”

And if you’re super-sensitive so it’s still feeling snug? Foster suggests sizing up in the chest band, not the cup. “Your breasts should fill the cups but not spill out.”

Finally, what about bra size after you pass the first trimester, and beyond that — once the baby is born? “It is not uncommon to need a new size later in pregnancy,” Foster says. “We recommend re-measuring around 35 to 37 weeks for any bra you plan to wear postpartum.”

With that in mind, we’ve collected the most-loved bras by mamas who experienced the same soreness and sensitivity you’re likely feeling now and (take heart) lived to tell their tales.

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best bras for pregnancy’s first trimester.

1. Expert’s Choice: Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Maternity Bra

2. A Value Pack Of Everyday Bras: HOFISH Seamless Maternity Bra (3-Pack)

3. The Best Sports Bra: BESTINA Seamless Yoga Bra


The Expert’s Choice: A Stretchy Pregnancy Bra For Pregnancy & Postpartum

This stretchy pregnancy bra is Foster’s top pick since it promises to grow with you and continue to offer comfort and ease all the way through. “[It’s] a great option during pregnancy as it has the ability to stretch as your size changes while still providing the support and coverage you need. Bras that come with an extender, like the this one, also provide additional room in the chest band if you start to outgrow your initial size,” says Foster.

The popular Simply Sublime Seamless maternity bra is offered in various neutral hues and in regular and “busty” sizes, specifically created for women with cups size F or larger. The tighter knit fabric and wider straps help with weight distribution, and the padding is removable. The seamless, wire-free design means you’ll love this bra from the first trimester all the way through postpartum and nursing (yep, it even has clip-down cups for easy boob access).

Helpful Review: “I’m pregnant, mid 2nd trimester and have been dealing with increasing bust size as well as discomfort and lack of support from my normal (usually I’m a 36DDD-34G sizing depending on brand). I ordered this in Busty on a whim [...] I’m both shocked and impressed. For being wire free this is impressively shapely and supportive - and it’s not hideous! You won’t get cup separation, they sort of migrate to the middle but overall It’s great. [...] Also it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ll be buying more colors for sure.”

Available Sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Available Colors: 5


A Full-Coverage Wireless Bra With 47,000 Ratings

This full-coverage bra is made of moisture-wicking proprietary fabric that keeps you (you guessed it) cool and comfortable. While it isn’t specifically a maternity bra, the flexible cup design promises to stretch as your boobs grow. The strategically targeted side and back support help you get through the day without any aching, irritation, or spillage. Reviewers love the thin foam cups and wide, stay-in-place straps.

Helpful Review: “I just found out I'm pregnant a week ago and my boobs are already bigger and so sore! [...] I'm not ready for a maternity bra yet so I thought this would be a good start. As soon as I put it on-instant relief! This bra is so soft and comfy, nothing squeezing, pinching or poking. As a plus size gal (size 18) and 28 I'm not exactly what you'd call ‘perky’ so I was skeptical. For a no-wire bra this lifts wonderfully! I sized up to the DD and there is just a lil extra room to grow-this bra is amazing. Bali you've made me a very happy mama-to-be!”

Available Sizes: 32B —42DD | Available Colors: 24 colors and patterns


This 3-Pack Of Ultra-Soft Pregnancy Bras For Everyday Wear

This comfortable pregnancy bra features a buttery-soft modal blend so your ladies are cozy as can be. While the style is similar to a bralette, you’ll get extra support thanks so some extra push-up padding, and the cups clip-down for easy nursing access when the time comes. The wide, adjustable straps also come into support play, with the ability to wear them racer-back style thanks to included clips. Extenders are also included, and did we mention these come in a three-pack?

Helpful Review: “I LOVE these bras!! I bought these in my first trimester (I am pregnant), when my boobs were hella sore and growing, and wouldn't fit into my regular bras anymore. These not only gave me great comfort for my sore boobs but left them some room to grow, as well. I even had to sleep in a bra, because the soreness was too much in the first trimester, and these were comfy in bed as well. For reference, I was a regular B cup before pregnancy, bought these as a size medium when I was about a full B. In my third trimester, I'm a very full C now, almost D probably, and I'd say if I grow any more I'll need to size up.”

Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available Colors: 6


A Supportive Sports Bra For A Great Price

This maternity sports bra offers medium support for low-impact excursions (think yoga, mildly intense grocery shopping, and definitely Netflix viewing). Buy as a single or grab a pack of 3 — the price is so reasonable, you may as well stock up. With a stretchy, seamless design and removable padding, you might just find they’re the perfect anecdote for your sore girls in the first trimester. And good news ahead: Reviewers with third-trimester boobs love them, too.

Helpful Review: “I bought these because I'm pregnant (9 weeks now) and my breasts are incredibly sore and tender. I had no clue that wire bras would worsen soreness, but many women suggested to moving towards non-wired bras. These bras are very soft and roomy. They provide proper support and have definitely eased the soreness in my breasts. They are appropriately lined, so not too thin and not too thick.”

Available Sizes: Small — 4X-Large | Available Colors: 6


A Popular Pregnancy Bra For People Who Hate Bras

What do we really want in a bra? To feel like we’re not wearing it. This is exactly the claim Momcozy’s Ultra Comfort Maternity bra makes. With no stitching, no underwire, and an incredibly soft blend of nylon and spandex, this bra is destined to be there for you through every stage of pregnancy, even if you forget it’s there.

Helpful Review: “This bra is super comfortable! I hate having anything be restrictive or tight on me while I’m pregnant. I wanted to try a new bra because I hate the underwire one I have, but a different wireless I have isn’t supportive at all. I’m glad I decided to try this. It’s so soft and comfortable. If you’re looking to try a new maternity/nursing bra, try this one! I got a size medium and it’s a great fit. The material has a nice stretch to it so I think it’ll still fit in a couple months when this baby is born and my milk comes in.”

Available Sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Available Colors: 5


This 3-Pack Of Maternity Bralettes With A V-Neck Design

You know it’s a good pregnancy bralette when you can lounge at home and go out without having to change. The deep V makes for easy wear (aka, it won’t peek through from lower profile necklines) and the straps can be worn as is or across the back. Reviewers claim they’re equally comfortable and well made, and the extenders come in clutch as your boobs grow. With adjustable straps, removable padding, and clip-down cups, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit now and during the postpartum months.

Helpful Review: “I started to grow out of my normal bras pretty early in the first trimester and ordered these. I haven’t needed the nursing latch feature yet but it doesn’t get in the way either. These are so comfy I’ve worn no other bra brand since and I am now halfway thru the 2nd trimester. I like that it is supportive but the straps aren’t excessively thick. The colors are perfect. Fantastic price. Probably will buy another set once milk starts coming in and I have to wash more often. My boobs have grown at least a cup size from large B to start and this bra continues to be a great fit. I ordered a medium.”

Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large Available Colors: 9


A Pregnancy Sleep Bra In Soft, Organic Cotton

Sore boobs can be a real sleep stealer during your first trimester. This comfortable maternity sleep bra helps to ease sensitivity for a better night’s sleep. Made of ultra-soft organic cotton, it’s an easy pull-on style that’s cozy right now and primed for nursing once baby comes.

Helpful Review: “I'm pregnant with my first child and I have been struggling to keep up with my rapidly changing body! [...] I got an XLarge, which will be perfect for sleeping, and a Large, which I will probably end up wearing during work if I can get away with it. The Large offers enough support without being too tight and the wide band is so perfect. [...] I was telling my husband that putting these on after a day of wearing my other two regular bras is like finally exhaling and being able to relax. I would definitely suggest these!”

Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large (Regular and Busty options) | Available Colors: 6


A Wireless Nursing Bra That Shapes & Supports

This wire-free pregnancy bra literally flexes to fit your body as it changes, offering full movement throughout the day. The classic shape and style is sleek, soft, and easy to wear. Plus, reviewers love the full coverage, calling it comfortable and supportive.

Helpful Review: “This bra has great shape, smoothing, and support. I’m so happy that it doesn’t have underwire, and that I get the shape that I do. A lot of nursing bras can feel squishy with their removable pads and flimsy because of the stretchy material used to make them. This bra is a great solution that I feel like gets you back to normal while being mindful of your needs as either a growing pregnant person or a nursing mother.”

Available Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large | Available Colors: 2

Expert: Jessica Foster, Customer Care Specialist at Kindred Bravely