The Best Bubble Machines For Kids — So Your Backyard Achieves Magic Status

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Two Pictures Of Kids Playing With Bubble Machines

There’s just something about bubbles that enthrall children, especially toddlers. As parents, we can relish in the sheer joy bubbles bring our kids while also relishing in the fact that they keep our little ones busy, and, you know, not climbing on literally everything. And bubbles have come a long way. Automatic bubble machines are now a thing and they are glorious! From portable options that fit in your hand to pro-grade models that create thousands of bubbles per minute, the best bubble machines for kids made any yard feel like a party (whether you’re hosting one or not).

And the great thing about modern-day bubbles is that now they are relatively mess-free, and won’t cause parents to pass out from exhaling ad nauseam. In fact, bubble machines come in several iterations including bubble guns, handheld bubble blowers, rechargeable bubble machines, and ones shaped like adorable animals. There’s a bubble machine for every kind of activity you have in mind — from low-key summer days in the yard to blowout birthdays that are sure to achieve legendary status.

Get ready for all the Instagram likes because bubble machines add whimsy and magic to any situation with the touch of a button. And here’s the best news: All of the bubble machines below are conveniently on Amazon so the fun starts now.


A Fan-Favorite Bubble Machine With Over 3,000 Five-Star Reviews

The popular Gazillion bubble machine is easy to operate — just pour and go. The reservoir on the side makes it easy to pour in the included bubble solution and once the machine is turned on, a “Hurricane” of thousands of bubbles blow out continuously.

It comes with one container of solution, but you are able to purchase more separately. The device is portable and weighs just under 1.5 pounds. Please note that it does require six AA batteries, which are not included.

Review: “I love love love this product! SUPER easy to use and blows so many bubbles so effortlessly! My kiddos and even my little Pomeranian love this product! They all get a pretty good kick out of it (not to mention a good workout as well) just chasing and jumping around with the bubbles!”

Bubble Solution Included: Yes | Batteries Included: No | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


An Adorable Dolphin Bubble Machine That’s Surprisingly Quiet

The thing with machines (and kids' toys in general) is that they tend to be noisy. But this bubble machine by Kidzlane is surprisingly quiet. The motor is strong and produces over 500 bubbles per minute, and is relatively silent, making it a win for both kids and parents. In fact, one enthusiastic reviewer called it “worth its weight in gold.”

This bubble machine also has a tip-free sturdy base, so no worries about it being knocked over. It weighs close to 2 pounds, and like the machine above, requires six AA batteries (although they are not included).

Review: “Works great. Makes a TON of bubbles. Used for an outdoor party, and on a windy day it still made bubbles easily. Runs on AA batteries, battery will last all day just make sure you buy some extra bubble juice this think uses it fast. All the kids loved it [...]”

Bubble Solution Included: Yes | Batteries Included: No | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


The Best Bubble Machine If You Want A LOT of Bubbles

If batteries aren’t your thing, this bubble machine is the perfect pick. It can be powered via an electrical outlet so it doesn’t require any batteries — although you can use them if you wish (it takes six C batteries). It has a continuous bubble flow for up to two hours and produces 5,000 bubbles per minute (yes, you read that right!). It’s lightweight, clocking in at just over 2 pounds, so it’s compact and portable.

It has two-speed levels and a kid-friendly design that won’t harm little hands should they get too close to the machine. The safety features and high bubble capacity makes this a great option for long days outdoors or for entertaining birthday party guests.

Review: “We have bought at least 10 different brands/styles of bubble machines and all of them end up dying at some point or just stop pumping bubbles out. Not this one!! 2 settings and both shoot a lot of bubbles out and for a very long time before needing to be refilled! Both my 1 and 5 year old were super happy with it.”

Bubble Solution Included: No | Batteries Included: No; but it can also be powered via outlet | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


A 2-Pack Of Bubble Guns That Are Parent-Friendly (Refills and Batteries Included)

Just think of all the fun your kid will have in the backyard or playground with these bubble guns. And since it comes in a pack of two, the fun can be shared with a friend or sibling.

The lightweight toys shoot out 800 bubbles per minute and come with refills and AA batteries already installed. All your kiddo has to do is open and start playing.

Review: “So much fun! This was such a huge hit for my 6-year-old and 3-year-old grand-nephew, (AND their mother!). The units came well wrapped and instantly ready for use. After hitting the trigger several times with nothing happening, the bubbles started flowing.”

Bubble Solution Included: Yes | Batteries Included: Yes | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


An Easy-To-Use Frog Bubble Machine That Also Comes With 2 Analog Wands

Kids will love operating this bubble machine themselves. Simply pour the included bubble solution into the frog’s mouth, press the button in the back, and enjoy. The machine also includes two bubble wands so kids can practice blowing bubbles the old-fashioned way.

The ToyerBee Bubble machine requires four AA batteries (not included) and weighs less than a pound. Once you’re done with the bubbles you can easily pour out any leftover solution out of the frog’s mouth, for a quick and wasy cleanup.

Review: “I bought this to replace our bubble machine we accidentally left out in the rain over the summer. My sonloves the adorable frog and it’s a great size for him to hold, it’s easy for him to press the on button all by himself. Also it doesn’t spill when you fill it up, the other one would spill all over when refilling.”

Bubble Solution Included: Yes | Batteries Included: No | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


This Bubble Machine That’s Also a Toddler Toy

This is a great multi-use toy that kids will get a lot of action out of if they ever grow out of the bubble phase. In addition to blowing bubbles, the lawnmower also makes realistic sounds when in motion, and kids can control the bubbles and the sounds via the on/off switch at the base of the toy. It runs on three AA batteries (not included).

The toy stands 18 inches tall and weighs just under three pounds, so it’s perfect for toddler use. It even comes with three wands and some extra solution to ensure the bubble time fun lasts for a while.

Review: “I bought this for my granddaughter. She loves to play in the grass and now she has something to keep her busy with bubbles galore. She is three and I don't think any younger age would work considering you have a container full of bubbles and it could be messy. Lots of fun!”

Bubble Solution Included: Yes | Batteries Included: No | Recommended Age: 3 years and up


A Dino Bubble Blower That’s Sure to Wow

What’s cooler than bubbles? Bubbles inside bubbles! That’s just what this toy does and it’s guaranteed to impress your child and entertain them for a good while. The best part is kids don’t need to master any skill to pull off this cool trick. Just press the button on the dino-shaped bubble gun and get ready to wow little friends. The machine weighs just over a pound and puts out 500 bubbles per minute for a dazzling show.

What kids might have to master is dipping the bubble gun in the tray of solution. Unlike other bubble machines on this list, you don’t pour the solution into a spout, so kids will have to dip the gun over and over again to get continuous bubbles.

The Dinosaur Bubble Blower takes two AA batteries and comes with a dipping tray.

Review: “This bubble blower does indeed have small bubbles inside of large ones. Not only did my granddaughter love this, she entertained herself and her 1-year-old sister for an hour. I would advise having extra bubble solution on hand because it is such a big hit, it is used frequently.”

Bubble Solution Included: No | Batteries Included: Yes | Recommended Age: 3 years and up