Comfy Robes You’ll Wear From Morning Meeting Till Bedtime— On Repeat

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by Daisy Melamed Sanders
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LADIES, it’s about time you took your loungewear as seriously as your clothes. Sure, no one sees it but you, your kids, your significant other and probably your judgy AF dog (I see you side-eyeing me over there, Murphy), but that doesn’t mean what you wear around the house is any less important than what you wear in the public world. After all, just like you NEED comfortable shoes for running errands, you deserve to be at peak comfort while you manage all the things moms manage at home everyday (like, I don’t know, cooking and cleaning for every member of the house) whether you’re living life at home for weeks on end or dealing with life as usual.

The goal? The best robes should feel *good*, hold up against all the childcare and chores, wash easily (!) and make you feel like a goddamn angel. The key to achieving all these things is a) a comfy fabric and b) the perfect amount of said fabric, so it’s cozy and cuddly without being overwhelming. We’ve found some of the best robes that definitely hit the mark and are easy on the eyes— there are even hoods and pockets (genius). Prepare for *comfort content*, straight ahead!

Best Women’s Robes

If your idea of luxury is more luxury-I-can-actually-get-stuff-done-in than anything else, this robe was custom made for you, mama. It’s a lightweight cotton wonder that’s super soft and thin enough that you can run around in it and chase your children as they threaten to use those markers all over your walls with full mobility — and even better, it’s available in a whole bunch of colors, so you can be comfy and still be fashun. There are pockets, too, so you can keep snacks on you at all times like the mother magician you are and you won’t even have to trek to the kitchen mid-meltdown. We’re all about empowering you for success, after all. They also do cozy nursing pajamas and maternity wear, as well.

One Reviewer Says: “Robe is exactly what I wanted... Gives me plenty of material to wrap securely, sinch the tie, and it does not fall open, even when you sit down. The med would probably have been just fine; however, I like having extra material for secure coverage. Goes down to just above [the] ankles. The robe has a sewn-in tie so you won't lose it. The robe feels slightly heavy until you actually put it on. The material is very soft and comfortable.”

First, let us say that you are gorgeous just as you are. But if you crave feeling a little frilly now and again, a plush pink number (or cream, or lilac, etc) might be just the ticket. (The brand name, Just Love, is pretty spot-on, no?) Because, no judgment, sometimes being covered in crumbs and sweat and unbrushed hair on your face doesn’t make us feel our best. And with nearly 2,000 reviews with an average rating of 4 1/2 stars, you know this baby is high quality and reliable, just. like. you. It also hits just above the knee, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by too much fabric, but, never fear, if you prefer a full-length lewk, it’s also available in a longer version. What’s not to love (see what we did there)?

One Reviewer Says: “I purchased this robe for my daughter who is college-bound. She didn't want a full-length robe and [go] to a school with a cooler climate, [preferring] something thicker and cozy. This robe fit the bill! It fit as expected and its scalloped detailing added some beauty that others lacked. The price was right and the quality seems good. I think it will wash well and allow for some youthful modesty when going to and from the shower."

This snuggly piece of paradise serves two purposes: First, a great robe to buy yourself (because yes, you deserve it, we all deserve it). But it’s also the *perfect* gift to buy a new mama, or tired mama, or any mama for that matter, because as soon as she slips it on, she’ll feel pampered AF. Barefoot Dreams is known for its blankets, but this is, basically, a wearable version of that very blanket (which has a cult following, by the by, and with good reason). And this one happens to come in a male version, too, so if that husband-jealousy-thing does strike, you have your next father’s day gift on lock. Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but it will pay for itself in spades, and then some. Trust.

One Reviewer Says: “...Coziest robe ever! It’s not thin or thick and heavy, it’s just the right amount of softness and warmth that you wanna slip on during those chilly mornings. I have one already that my husband got for me last Christmas but I got a second one just for him cause I got tired of sharing mine (if I’m not wearing it then he is lol) Also when my mom comes to visit (she gets cold very easily in our home) she lives in my robe a couple days out of the year too. Best gift to receive AND to give!”

If you’re anything like us, the idea of a robe, in general, is very hotel-vacation-kids-free-getaway-centric. But here’s a little secret from the experts: It doesn’t have to be reserved for when you’re away from home. Bundle up all that relaxation and bring it home thanks to a white herringbone robe that feels like you’re going to the spa, even if the idea of even a simple manicure is entirely farfetched at this moment in time. It’s easy to clean (always a win), so if your kids’ pasta sauce “somehow” ends up all over it, there’s no need to panic (hotels often choose white, but you don’t have to), and you won’t even have to navigate size charts to order one because it’s one-size-fits-most. Less thinking, more cozy-ing, yup.

One Reviewer Says: “It's soft and plush - reminiscent of a quality hotel robe - while not being too heavy or warm. It also washes and dries very nicely and the white is surprisingly stain resistant. (I may or may not have spilled red wine and then also smudged my makeup on this... strictly for research purposes, of course. So far so good. Not a stain in sight.) Purchase this, and never worry about the hassle of wearing pants again.

Nothing pairs perfectly with a cold night more than flannel — nose to toes, we can’t get enough of it. And just because you probably won’t leave the house in your robe (though we support you entirely if you decide to, because no one at the corner store gives a sh*t what you show up in, truthfully), that’s no reason to forgo fleece in favor of a lesser fabric when it’s chilly outside. Hell, pull this softness on over your flannel PJs, and you’ve got yourself a three-piece outfit that even the best hibernators would envy. From Christmas morning to that bleak March day to even cool morning in-between, this is one robe that will never let you down. Now you just have to choose which color plaid best suits you.

One Reviewer Says: “I have been on a quest to find a replacement robe for my favorite flannel one that finally was too old and yucky looking to keep on wearing. I bought two pricey robes - one from LLBean and the other from Vermont Clothing and neither of them are as nice as this robe from PajamaGram. Nice, soft flannel - lightweight yet warm. Not much shape to it and much too big, as other reviewers have noted, but perfect big patch pockets (versus pockets on the side where everything tends to fall out) and comfortable tie belt that hits me above the waist.”

On the one hand, robes are fantastically easy to wear, thanks to an arm-arm-belt-done dressing routine. But on the other hand, sometimes the whole “tie the belt” part of that equation is just too gosh darn much to ask of a tired woman. Enter the nightgown/robe mashup of your dreams. It zips up the front, meaning you can wear it like a muumuu or an open caftan, whichever feels right to you in the moment, and you won’t have to think about how to make two ends of a piece of fabric come together to hold your waistline in. And speaking of, without that whole waist-cinching element, this bad boy is very, very forgiving. Did we mention it’s forgiving? Plus, there are pockets to rest those weary hands, and a standing collar to keep you cozy right up to your hairline.

One Reviewer Says: “The fabric is lightweight but the robe is warm. I love the zipper in the front too....makes it so easy to put on. The sleeves are long enough to be cozy when you want to relax and snuggle in the robe but are also easy to roll up when doing chores.”

Whether your goal is to show a little extra skin — it’s called rekindling the flame, helloooo — or if you’re just looking for a robe that will not make you hyperventilate when it’s 90-freaking-degrees outside, a lightweight shortie robe is, we’d argue, a closet staple that no woman should be without. It’s easy to toss on over a nightie (or nothing at all) and can be as cute or as practical as you make it. And at only $25 (and in many great colors), it comes without a side of guilt, because what mother in the history of mothers needs more of that?!

One Reviewer Says: “This is super soft and comfortable! I originally purchased to wear in the hospital with my nursing gown. It was a hit! Super comfortable, I was not too hot or cold when I wore it. I felt like I was put together even after just giving birth. I have NEVER been a robe person until now. I still wear this 3 months postpartum and I love it more each time I wear it!”

The queen of all queen-worthy robes is a full-length, hooded, ultra-soft and just-warm-enough-without-causing-the-sweats masterpiece. Made from yummy fleece and featuring both an inner and outer tie so you won’t accidentally flash anyone, it’s worth every penny of the $60 price tag, and can be used post-shower (because raise your hand if you don’t have time to get dressed after a shower with littles running around) or pre-bed, or from post-shower to pre-bed. Your husband will probably be jealous and, sorry, too bad, so sad for him, because you deserve a little bit of plush in your life. And look at this thing — really, izza vibe, right? And so many good colors to choose from.

One Reviewer Says: “This is THE SOFTEST robe I’ve ever had! It’s also the perfect length, I’m almost 5’6” and it goes down to about 1” above the top of my feet. I laundered it as I do all my laundry, warm water wash and dried on high heat and it looked beautiful and fluffy.”

Sometimes, a light waffle robe is all you want. This version by Heartnice takes it one step further, by also including a hood. Made from 100% cotton, this spa-like robe has two pockets in front to hold your phone, your nail polish, or anything else you need to relax. It’s also available in over 20 colors, so you can find the one that matches your personality the most.

One Reviewer Says: “This robe has to be tried on to really understand just how soft it feels. It has a nice medium weight that I would consider a four seasons robe. It's tailored beautifully with attention to detail such as one side of the wrap-around belt being sewn to the robe. I appreciate this as it keeps the belt with the robe during laundering. I like the hood also as it adds style and extra warmth when needed.”

And since it’s always a good time to refresh your lewks (for the home or the outside world), check out more mom fashion by your favorite Scary Mamas.

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