12 Headbands That Will Make Sure You And Your Kids Have #NoBadHairDays

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by Michelle Sparks and BDG Commerce
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Headbands for Women

Wearing colorful and fun headbands is one of those things we miss about being kids. Among the long list of childhood memories (recess, summer break, eating ice cream before bed, sleeping in, etc.), wearing whatever the heck we wanted without judgment is one of the best feelings ever. And boy did we love to wear headbands. They were so fashionable and functional at the same time—but as we grew up, headbands for women became something more for the gym or home. A.k.a. adults who wore headbands were the adults we rolled our eyes at (what, did they think they were still 13?!).

Until now, that is. Because luckily for those of us who miss our childhood stacks of hair accessories, headbands are finally back in style thanks to designers like Lele Sadoughi who made the “grown-up headband” a real thing. Pearls, bows, knots, flowers—the more statement-making the piece, the better. And the trend isn’t just for us—it’s for our kids, too.

Below are 12 of the prettiest headbands for women and headbands for girls that you can buy right now, from fabulously embellished headbands to must-have flower crowns for your kiddo. Shop the best headbands for women below!

Best Headbands for Girls

We’ll say it so you don’t have to: The real reason you were excited to have a daughter was so you could dress her up in the endless adorableness that is girls’ clothing these days. Bring on the ruffles, the tulle, and, most importantly, the bows. Which, you can get with these girly headbands from Amazon, which are made for girls ages 18 months and up. They come in a pack of 12 different colors, from white to peach to mint green, and are covered in the prettiest satin fabric. Since they’re such a budget-friendly buy (you’re paying just over $1 per headband), moms rave that they make for the perfect party favors, too.

One Reviewer Says: “They stay in place, comfortable and fit a 2 and 5-year-old. Love these!!”

This headband pack includes mermaid scales, rainbows, and hearts — your little one will want to wear these with every outfit! Despite all of the shimmer and glitter, reviewers rave that there’s no mess involved. Bonus points!

One Reviewer Says: “I was wondering if the glitter would come off of these at all, but it doesn't! It seems like they're more comfortable than some other headbands out there...because my daughter actually keeps them in her hair most of the day. She loves the colors and patterns on them, too.”

Imagine a world where flower crowns weren’t just for weddings and Free People models. Newsflash: That’s the world you’re currently living in. Your child can rock the most beautiful blooms any day, anytime with these colorful headbands. The satin hair pieces come in every color of the rainbow—including the multi-colored one pictured above (which honestly, is our favorite)—and are dotted with handmade flowers that are equal parts girly and boho-chic. Fellow moms say their kids are obsessed with them and that they’re surprisingly stretchy and comfortable (i.e. you won’t have to listen to your little one whining about how much her head hurts). Win-win.

One Reviewer Says: “The only complaint my daughter had about these was she could not fit them all on her head at once. She tried though. She is three and loves dressing up and accessories, so she thought these were the bees knees.”

Pearls, knots, rainbows—all things that are very “in” right now and all things that this headband has. Whether you go with blush pink or baby blue, the turban-style knotted headband is dotted in rainbow pearls for a fun twist on the embellished headbands everyone’s been loving lately. But that’s not even the real reason we’re dying over this headband—it also fits both girls and women, according to reviewers. A.k.a. it’s the perfect excuse to finally get in on the whole “mommy and me” trend. And since the headband is so dang cute, your daughter won’t even complain when you both go out to the mall in matching ones.

One Reviewer Says: “My daughter and her friends wore these for the school talent show so they could all match. Now they all wear them to school! Great quality!”

It’s amazing how much one small braid can make a huge difference. Braids are always in, and having that detail on top will make any kid look more polished. These are also great for adults, with plenty of fab colors that’ll fit right in with the rest of your wardrobe. These hairbands are also available in squiggles and waves, which may be more appealing to your child. (Or, you. No judgment. Wear how many squiggly things you want.)

One Reviewer Says: “These are the first headbands I have ever worn that didn't result in a headache. They are hard plastic, but much more flexible than other brands I've tried. The braided part is also hard plastic, but has matte look and feel that makes it seem more like leather.”

There’s never anything wrong with adding a little sparkle to your child’s hairdo — especially when those sparkles come in the form of stars and hearts. These headbands are a great way to jazz up any outfit, and they’re kid-approved. With an overall rank of 4.6 out of 5 stars, parents have been quick to recommend this set to others. And even better, there are multiple reports that the glitter doesn’t fall off the band. Phew.

One Reviewer Says: “My little one looks forward to picking out a headband for school each day!! They survive many [days] in kindergarten... Other parents often ask where we got them from so they’ve become quite popular in the class. None have broken and that’s saying a lot.”

Headbands for Women

The only thing wilder than your little ones after a double scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough or your partner after you give them the night off dish duty for once is this headband pack. Besides the fact that there’s a leopard print in the mix (which, to be honest, is the one crazy pattern we can all constantly pull off), it also comes with solid color choices in the same knotted style. Silky pink, velvet red — you name, it’s in this set.

One Reviewer Says: “I was wary of purchasing yet another headband because my past experiences were not good. I usually can't wear them longer than an hour before my head hurts. Not these! I've worn them all day for 2 days and they are very comfortable. Not sure what makes them different, but they're great!”

In the words of the headband queen herself (a.k.a. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl fame): “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.” And if you’re looking for that happiness in the form of a pretty hairpiece, look no further than this braided headband set. Available in both muted tones and spring tones, it has the look of a braid, with the function of a headband (it keeps the hair out of your face, of course). To put it simply, all the other moms are about to be really jealous when you show up to the next virtual PTA meeting.

One Reviewer Says: “These are so pretty. They are well made, packaged, and even the package you can keep them in to keep them clean when not wearing them. They are comfortable. They are also the perfect width for the head. You can wear them more to the top of the head or a bit forward for more of a braided look to your own hair. These help give your hair a very polished look for life's functions just by adding that little touch. Plus the company sent a little ponytail holder in a black and white material along with these. Great company. Great product. Don't hesitate to order these. They are well worth it.”

Do you know that super trendy Lele Sadoughi headband that all your favorite celebs (and past Bachelor contestants, cough, Amanda Stanton) are obsessed with? It’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a headband—but it’s also $130+. Yikes. Fortunately, you can get a knock-off that looks just like the real thing on Amazon for only $7 (!!). Much better. This knotted headband is covered in pretty pearls, comes in six elegant colors (black, cream, red, yellow, watermelon red, and green), and has hundreds of five-star reviews for being as comfortable as it is cute. The only thing happier than you when you’re wearing it this summer? Your bank account, obviously.

One Reviewer Says: “Thrilled with my purchase of this headband! I’m not a “preppy” dresser by any means, but something drew me to this. It’s made and constructed so well - I thought the pearls would be beads sewn to the band, but they’re attached by some kind of metal so they won’t get loose or fall off...I’ll be buying plenty more.”

Most Comfortable Headbands for Women

For the yoga mom, runner mom, or just literally always-on-the-go mom –this headband is comfortable and gets the job done. It’s an elastic headband as opposed to all the others on our list which are plastic. The benefit to that? Not only will it stretch to fit almost any head size but it eliminates any aches and pains you might get from hard headbands. And don’t worry, if you’re not into the colorful tie-dye they’ve got floral and solid color packs too.

One Reviewer Says: “I love these headbands, they are so soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, my daughter does too as she took most of them, or at least some of them. It’s a good thing I got six! I am a normal size woman and they fit me just fine, and my eight-year-old daughter has a larger than normal head so they fit her fine also. They are great for hot weather, you barely feel them and they seem to pull moisture away. They also have some with so you can wear them flat or scratched for a different look or feel.”

Sometimes, a simple design is all you need in order to pull your whole outfit together. These Huachi headbands have a lot of stretch, so they’re more prone to fit everyone. You get eight in a pack, and they’re versatile enough to wear to work or during date night. Over 8,000 people gave them five stars on Amazon, so they’re also very popular.

One Reviewer Says: “The colors are perfect. I love wearing these to the gym because having the front top knot makes me feel less like my hair is just sweaty and slicked down with an exercise head band!! I’ve worn them out with a nice outfit as well. Versatile and wash well!”

Great for kids and adults, these elastic paisley bandana headbands are stylish and can perk up any outfit. Each band is handmade, and looks similar to a headscarf. These are great for anyone who wants to look cute while working out, or while growing out their bangs. The bow is adjustable, meaning you get multiple looks per band. Six come in a pack, which is an incredible deal.

One Reviewer Says: “Super cute and comfy, I get a lot of compliments on these. And I just love that the bow can be adjusted to lay down or stick up depending on my mood.”

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