The 10 Best Magnetic Blocks To Keep Your Kiddo Occupied For Hours

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Written by Candace Nagy
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German early childhood educator Friedrich Froebel was on to something when he created the first set of building block toys as part of his series of “learning gifts” intended to both amuse and educate young children. His philosophy for early childhood education was that children learned and expressed themselves best through play-based activities. His blocks were later made famous by Milton Bradley who was an advocate of Froebel’s learning methods. Those same blocks have inspired toy designers ever since, leading to creative magnetic versions like the best magnetic blocks on this list.

Which Brand Of Magnetic Blocks Is Best?

Here you’ll find well-known brands like Magna-Tiles and PicassoTiles that have made a name for themselves in the magnetic tile space. Magna-Tiles version of the block — Magna-Qubix — is a fun way to add to your kiddo’s tile collection, although you’ll pay a premium for it. PicassoTiles are a budget-friendly alternative, but other block brands like Asago won’t break the bank either. And those blocks similar in size and material are usually compatible, making them great for combining sets.

But if you’re looking for wood, patterned, or even soft foam magnetic blocks, we’ve got those on this list, too. Keep scrolling to find the best magnetic blocks for your kiddo’s creative pursuits.


A Colorful Starter Set Of Magnetic Blocks

These magnetic blocks by Asago are the perfect starter set for toddlers. Not only do they have strong magnets, but the phthalate-free plastic blocks also feature rounded corners and distinct, vivid colors that make matching easier for even the the littlest learners. They’re even waterproof for easy rinsing.

Helpful Review: “Very light weight, sturdy and durable. Super easy for young toddlers or dexterity challenged children to use. We definitely plan to expand the set of blocks and increase quantity of blocks for our grandchildren to play with. Our grandkids simply can't get enough of these blocks and occupies them for hours!!!”

Recommended Age: 3 years+


These Magna-Qubix Building Blocks From The Magna-Tiles Family

These colorful, semi-transparent magnetic building blocks are from the makers of Magna-Tiles — and they’re compatible together for fun creations. The set comes with 85 rainbow-colored 3D pieces, including cubes, pyramids, prism, and more. The magnets are full-encapsulated within the cubes for safety. Parents rave about how versatile and durable they are, with one noting, “It is one of those rare toys where you will get years of use out of it.”

Helpful Review: “We are die hard Magnatiles lovers, so was very excited when these popped up in the Amazon recommendations list. These are great for our three year old, a little smaller in size, but with a huge number of possibilities for creation for the little builder in your family. Plus you can use them to expand on your original Magnatiles construction project. A great deal!”

Recommended Age: 3 years+


A Comprehensive Set Of Magnetic Foam Blocks That Reviewers Love

If you’re looking for a magnetic block set that will take you from the baby stage all the way through toddlerhood and beyond, these soft, foam cubes are the way to go. They come in a bunch of different shapes and feature twistable magnetic connectors for endless building options. Stick them in the bath, the dishwasher, or even in the pool (they float!). Not surprisingly, they have an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon after more than 1,700 reviews.

Helpful Review: “They come packaged with a convenient box that the blocks can go back into after playtime. The blocks themselves can be used in and out of water, so they’re a blast for bath time. Cleanup is a breeze and they can even go through the dishwasher for quick sanitizing. We found these at my son’s daycare, he talked about his treasure blocks all the time so we decided to get a set for home too. I know they must last forever because the kiddos at daycare are ALWAYS playing with these when I see them, and they still work perfectly!”

Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years


Some Fun Magnetic Wooden Blocks With Inclusive Characters

This My Family Builders magnetic block set represents families of all different backgrounds, teaching kids about diversity and inclusivity. Toddlers can mix up faces and outfits since the blocks come in three different pieces — head, torso, and legs—to create all kinds of people. There are 1,000 possible combinations so this toy isn’t going to get old any time soon. Impact-resistant wood, nontoxic water-based paints, and hidden magnets make this set great for rising toddlers, too.

Helpful Review: “We LOVE this toy! My toddler son loves to slide the pieces around to make the people then taken them back apart. The artwork is beautiful, and the quality of the toy is excellent! We will be buying more from this company in the future! What a great way to teach young people about others!”

Recommended Age: 1 year+


A PicassoTiles Magnetic Block Set For A Great Price

This PicassoTiles cube set is way less expensive than the Magna-Qubix 85 piece set above, though it does have a few less pieces. Other than that, and the fact that these tiles are opaque instead of semi-transparent, the quality and build options are comparable. You really can’t go wrong with this set.

Helpful Review: “Really satisfying to play with, surprisingly good magnetism with 0 frustration. My 5 yro struggles w/ fine motor and even Duplos can be really frustrating. These are perfect for developing the skills to eventually be able to build with LEGOs. But the magnetic feature makes them unique & allows for building much more complicated structures than you might think just looking at the box.”

Recommended Age: 3 years+


Some Farm-Themed Cubes That Are Like 3D Puzzles

This may be a small set, but with the ability to connect all sides to create six different animal friend patterns — including a chicken, elephant, bear, horse, dog, and cat — it's sure to keep toddlers busy. The Swiss-made Geomag Magicube’s are compatible with other brands of similar size and shape in case you decide to expand. There’s also a fruit-themed set available in the same listing.

Helpful Review: “Really cute for kids beginning to learn about building and patterns. Love that the magnets are fully inside the block and they can connect with other sets.”

Recommended Age: 1.5 years+


These Flat Magnetic Blocks For Learning About Shapes & Patterns

Who says blocks have to be 3D? Not us! In fact, these giant, flat magnetic blocks are amazing for sticking to the fridge or other magnetized surfaces, creating patterns and learning about geometry, fractions, and other mathematical concepts. They’re the perfect gift for the 4K preschooler or kindergartener in your life.

Helpful Review: “I use these in my kindergarten classroom. They are just the right size, large enough for teaching a lesson but small enough for students to easily handle. The magnet is a good quality so that they stick without sliding. My students have loved using them independently and they add [a] new element of engagement. Great product!”

Recommended Age: 4 years+


Some Aesthetically Pleasing Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Reminiscent of Friedrich Froebel’s first set of building block toys, this block set by Tegu adds a magnetic element and pops of (nontoxic) color for all the same fun and durability as the original. And they come in several different color options — even good old-fashioned plain wood — if you’re looking for muted tones in your Montessori-inspired play space.

Helpful Review: “A great toy that will help expand creativity and motor skills. The magnets are not too strong to where it could pinch your little child's fingers but plenty strong enough to build some cool structures. To top it all off, buying this toy helps provide jobs, education and development to third world countries like Honduras.”

Recommended Age: 12 months+


These Train Building Blocks For The Littlest Builders

In love with Tegu’s sleek blocks above? This magnetic train block set by Tegu makes for the perfect addition. Toddlers can mix and match the rainbow-colored blocks to create their own train design and then play conductor as they push them along.

Helpful Review: “The quality of these blocks and cars is superb and I don't worry about the magnets or wheels coming off. What's great about Tegu is you can use the blocks to put on your fridge/dishwasher! I probably like these more than my one year old! He's dropped these a few times on our hardwood floors and banged them around on the wood tables and these cars can handle it!”

Recommended Age: 12 months+


Some Artsy Magnetic Cubes For Masterpiece Creations

PicassoTiles is really living up to its name with these fine art magnetic blocks featuring works by Vincent VanGogh and other legendary painters. The included frame is handy for displaying the finished works or for taking on the go. A wonderful set for introducing art to little learners.

Helpful Review: “The versatility to make so so many little pictures with these 25 little blocks is amazing. We’ve made games out of finding the right pieces to make the idea we are working on and even tried to come up with our own random pictures. I’m looking forward to taking these along on our upcoming road trip!”

Recommended Age: 3 years+