The Best Night Lights To Brighten The Dark (& Keep The Monsters Away)

by Emily Popp
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Ceramic rainbow night light on the left, a person switching on kids bunny night light on the right.
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The best night lights on the market are way more than just “tiny lamps” that help you see in the dark. They’re multi-functional kid gear and home essentials that help everyone rest easier. Some have white noise and sound machine options, some have alarm clock features, some double as projectors, and some are pretty pieces of décor that add to your living space or match your kid’s bedding set. You can also choose from LED night lights, smart app-controlled night lights, plug in or table top lights, and any number of unique options from Baby Yoda to celestial designs.

And while a “new night light” may not sound like the sexiest purchase, they actually make really great gifts. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe while tripping around in the dark searching for the light switch, you know the importance of a good night light. They also have a comforting way of soothing kids to sleep and can be very instrumental in establishing a healthy nighttime routine with your little one.

Whatever particular kind of night light you’re looking for, we’ve pulled together the best of the best. And we’ve got something for all age groups—from infant to adult (and the kid at heart). Below, our picks for the very best night lights.

Best Unique Night Lights

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Best Night Lights For Toddler & Kid’s Rooms

Best LED Night Lights


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