Keep The Binky Off The Floor With One Of The Best Pacifier Clips

Don’t leave home without it.

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It’s a trick we all quickly learn — bottles, binkies, and boobs are all instant baby soothers. So when pacifiers are chucked across the room or just go missing, parents can expect that all hell is about to break loose. One way to avoid the drama? Attach that binky to one of the best pacifier clips designed to keep pacifiers safely attached to baby’s clothing and off of the ground. Here’s what you need to know to find the right clip for your LO.

Are Pacifier Clips Safe?

Of course, anything that’s going to be within a baby’s reach needs to be designed with safety in mind. The best pacifier clips adhere to federal safety regulations meant to avoid any harm that can be caused by choking or strangulation, and all of our picks meet these guidelines.

Here’s a breakdown of what to keep in mind when purchasing and using a pacifier clip:

  • The pacifier clip’s strap (the material between the hanging loop and the clip) should be no more than 7 to 8 inches long
  • The pacifier should not be sold with a decorative ribbon or string such as loose twine, cords, or yarn
  • Look for secure clips and loops and inspect them frequently for deterioration that can pose a risk
  • Never leave a baby unattended or asleep with a pacifier clip

What Else To Consider When Shopping For The Best Pacifier Clips


Most pacifier clips you’ll find are made of either fabric or silicone: Fabric ones, like those made of cotton or polyester, are lightweight and can have fun patterns on them but can take some time to fully dry after washing (some are machine washable); silicone clips wash easily (most are dishwasher-safe) and some double as teethers, but you’ll likely pay more for them.

In terms of the clip that attaches to your kiddo’s clothes or outerwear, metal clips are less susceptible to breaking than plastic clips, but they can also develop rust stains from washing.


Basically all of the options below attach to pacifiers with a loop, which offers a universal fit so you can pair it with the pacifier or soother your baby prefers (because they will have a preference). The loop end goes through a hole in the pacifier or around the handle.

With all this in mind, it’s time to find the right paci clip for your little one. Ahead, you’ll find options in everything from cute patterns to solid neutral colors. Need a pacifier clip that’s also a rattle or a baby teether? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Now, let’s get those pacifiers secured — in style.

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best pacifier clips.

1. These Cult-Fave Fabric Pacifier Clips: babygoal Pacifier Clips

2. A Textured Teething Pacifier Clip: Itzy Ritzy Silicone Pacifier Clip

3. These Adorable Sensory Pacifier Clips: COTTONBEBE Pacifier Clips


These Cult-Fave Pacifier Clips That Come In A Ton Of Colors

Parents (and babies) love these pacifier clips and they have an impressive 4.7-star rating after more than 24,000 reviews to prove it. The polyester fabric is durable, soft, and washable, and the strong plastic clips keep it (and pacifiers) in place. These machine-washable clips come in a set of six, so you can have plenty of backups, and in a tone of colors and patterns so you can stock up without breaking the bank.

Helpful Review: “I loved these clips. We put these everywhere for our twins - diaper bags, car seats, strollers, high chairs, etc. We use them for their toys mainly because they love to throw their toys any chance they can. It's also easy for us to clean, we usually just throw these in the washer with their clothes and they come out just fine. We hang dry them just because of the plastic. But, I will say that there have been quite a few times one has escaped our attention and ended up in a full dryer cycle on hot and they did not melt or break. These are wonderful for our babies.”

Material: Polyester | Styles: 50


These Silky Pacifier Clips In Trendy Prints

These Stadela pacifier clips feature trendy prints in muted colors for your stylish bebé. There are plenty of prints to choose from within the listing, including everything from neutral solids to rainbows to tie-dye. Plus, these are a consistent fave with an impressive near-perfect overall rating and nearly 6,000 reviews. The ribbon is made from a silky-soft and durable polyester weave that’s triple-stitched and the clips are made from resin, a more durable plastic. When they get a little gross, these are conveniently machine washable.

Helpful Review: “These are SO pretty in person. Not to mention the quality is amazing for the price, and how many you get! The clips are the best ones I’ve seen so far on any paci clip. Even better than the nice name brand ones. Most fabric clips are not cute at all and have cheesy prints. It’s nice to see some that are up to date with trends and have more neutral color palettes. Will be buying more.”

Material: Polyester | Styles: 44


These European Pacifier Clips You Can Fasten One-Handed

The MAM brand is known for exceeding both U.S. and European safety standards with its baby goods, and its best-selling pacifier clips are no different. These feature an adjustable polyester strap that adheres to safety guidelines for length and a plastic clip with a slider designed for one-handed fastening — oh yeah, you’ll be glad to have that. Note that the silicone ring at the other end is designed to fit around MAM pacifiers.

Helpful Review: “We have used many different kinds of pacifier clips in the never ending need to keep up with the beloved pacifiers. Out of all the different clips we have tried, over many years, the mam clips are the best. Simple to use with their plastic slider to secure to clothes and their little plastic (silicone?) adapter that connects to the button of the mam pacifiers. They stay attached unless pulled on with quite a bit of pressure and they are super easy to clean. Just hand wash with a bit of soap and they will dry quickly.”

Material: Polyester | Styles: 4


This Textured Teething Pacifier Clip

This silicone silicone pacifier clip pulls double duty; working as both a pacifier clip and a teether. The one-piece design is designed as an anti-choking feature while the textured round bead shapes provide teething babies with relief for their sore little gums while also giving them something to play with. Super cute and practical too, this one is easy to wash by hand.

Helpful Review: “I bought this for my baby when she was a newborn. It’s very durable and universal. We used it for any type of pacifier and now that she’s 8 months and teething it’s a great teether. Her favorite one actually. Easy to locate when looking for my babies pacifier. The clip clips on any type of clothing. It withstands being pulled and tugged on and it hold up.”

Material: Silicone | Styles: 7


These Sensory Pacifier Clips With Sweet Animal Faces

These pacifier clips have super cute plush animals — how adorable are this bunny and bear duo? — stitched along the strap complete with a little bell inside; a soothing sensory feature that babies will enjoy. They’re machine washable and made with a blend of certified organic cotton and bamboo fibers. The plastic clip secures firmly to baby clothing.

Helpful Review: “I love the design of the stuffed animals. They are very cute. My baby giggles at it every time i shake it. Very satisfied purchase.”

Material: Cotton/Bamboo | Styles: 4


These Braided Cotton Pacifier Clips

These braided cotton pacifier clips have a simple design that offers texture that a teething baby will appreciate. They’re made from 100% cotton that’s hand braided into a beautiful strap finished with a loop on one end and a metal clip on the other; wash this one by hand.

Helpful Review: “I really like these! They are easy to wash. They are super cute! And they are safe for baby to chew on. Easy to put on pacifier and easy to clamp onto clothing or car seat.”

Material: Cotton | Styles: 6


This Pacifier Clip With A Crinkly Stuffed Animal

Babies love a crinkly lovey, so they’re sure to love these adorable ones attached to their pacifiers. But they’re also sure to throw them though, so this set comes with a grip that can clip to their clothing; use the pacifier clip separately or slide the PaciPal over the PaciGrip ribbon for a combo that is sure to keep both babies and parents happy. You’ll also love that these are machine washable.

Helpful Review: “This is the 3rd PaciPal we have bought for our son! We have the lion and llama also. All three are adorable! He loves them and they are a great alternative for the WubNubs because they work with any pacifier! Highly recommend!”

Material: Polyester | Styles: 11


These Textured Silicone Pacifier Clips You Can Pop In The Dishwasher

These silicone pacifier clips can conveniently be popped into the dishwasher when they get dirty. Beyond being durable and easy to clean, they’re also adorable and feature nature-themed faux beads with varying textures in a safe one-piece design. These adhere to clothes with a plastic clip.

Helpful Review: “Not only do I love the designs but I love the silicone because it’s easier to clean than clips made with fabric. These simply can be washed with the bottles and pacifiers nightly - and then air dried and ready for the next day.”

Material: Silicone | Styles: 5


Nice To Have: A Cute Pacifier Case To Store Backup Pacis

Need somewhere to store a backup pacifier where it won’t get dirty or lost? The bottom of your purse or your back pocket probably won’t cut it, but this pacifier case will. It’s made of durable silicone that’s dishwasher-safe. Reviewers say the zipper is smooth and quiet (shhh, don’t wake the baby) and that it holds up to two pacifiers. And because babies aren’t the only ones to lose pacifiers, this case features a handy strap that you can attach to your diaper bag, stroller handle, and more.

Helpful Review: “Great case that I take everywhere my baby goes. It’s nice to have a clean place to put the pacifier when not in use. The case is easy to move from hanging on the diaper bag, to a stroller, to a purse. Very convenient.”

Material: Silicone | Styles: 16