10 Best Push Cars For Babies And Toddlers To Cruise ‘Round The Block

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by Katie Bond and BDG Commerce
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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Dino Push Car

The best push cars for toddlers make outdoor strolls (even if they’re just in the driveway) infinitely more fun. All parents know a push car is a must for little ones; having one is basically a rite of passage. Maybe it’s because babies and toddlers LOVE to go on walks (and, it’s nice to get some fresh air instead of watching their favorite Disney Characters all day long). Plus, it’s actually a good activity for parents to get the f*ck out of the house and clear their heads, too. If you’re looking to take those daily walks up a notch, push cars are the answer. They’re a fun toy for 1-year-olds and will grow with your LO for years to come. Plus, you can use them on your patio or even inside when the weather is stormy.

We’ve rounded up the best baby push cars, with everything from a Little Tikes princess horse and carriage to Step2’s “luxury” sports car made for zipping around. We’ve even included the OG push cars, only because they remind us of our own youth, and sometimes nostalgia is nice. Seriously though, some of these souped-up versions might just outdo your actual car. Only the best for our babes, amiright? Then when they’re a bit older, they can upgrade to a ride-on vehicle or even an electric go kart, and they’ll practically earn their learner’s permit. But don’t panic, Mama — one step at a time.

Meet the luxury push car that will make all the kiddos on the block jealous. With whisper-quiet wheels and an interactive steering wheel, this Step2 push car has everything your BB needs to cruise around in style. A folding handle for storage and multiple drink holders make it great for parents, too.

One Reviewer Says: “I love that, as a parent, you don’t have to break your back to push your kiddo on this toy. Also, it has a buckle and cup holder! We bought this for a son when he was just 14 months old. They had them at the hospital where he had his tubes put in and he LOVED it there and we knew then we had to invest in one. Also, when we took a vacation to the beach recently, we pushed him in it all the way to the beach and ON the beach! All the kids were envious!”

Vroom, vroom… Look at your little bambino go! This fire engine red ride-on wagon is designed to grow with your child—watch it transform from a stroller to a walker to a push-car before your eyes. At this rate, they’ll be walking all on their own in no time. Safety first, right? In addition to side rails (to keep them from falling out), there’s a backboard to prevent the car from flipping over. There’s also a hidden storage compartment that’s perfect for a favorite stuffed animal or snacks. Of course, no adventure is complete without some tunes for the ride.

One Reviewer Says: “My grandson absolutely loves this! I got [it] for his first birthday and had everyone asking me where I got it. He doesn't slip out the side and it's durable enough for his sister to push him around in it. Once he gets bigger we can take the sides off so he can zoom around in it by himself. It's also great for when I take him for a walk.”

Who says that girls have to be stuck inside playing with Barbie dolls? Don’t let the boys have all the fun. Check out this enchanting Prince Horse & Carriage from Little Tikes that’s reminiscent of Cinderella. If you don’t already have a princess-inspired tutu, tiara, and glass slippers in your girl’s trunk of “dress up” clothes, then you’re missing out. Fun for roaming around the neighborhood as well as “pretending” to be a Disney princess for the day (BRB, better be home before curfew), this magical ride will have her feeling like royalty.

One Reviewer Says: “Soooo flipping adorable. Bought this for my niece’s 1st birthday. I love the fact that the floor of the carriage can be removed, which means when it is in, her royal subjects can pull her around with the “reigns” (or pushed from behind like a short stroller) and as she grows, she the floor can be removed, and she can take the reigns and go where she pleases Flinstone style. It even makes a “clip-clop” noise like a horse’s hooves.”

If you’re looking to go all out, this truck is pretty much as close as you can get to a real car…without it being an actual car. It comes with a foot pedal accelerator, LED headlights, and a horn (we can’t wait for all the honking, lol). Parents can also use a remote control if they don’t want to let their kids drive alone just yet, which is a neat feature. Lastly, you can connect your music, so if your kid wants to jam out to their fave playlist, this car has the ability to do that.

One Reviewer Says: “I've had this for a few weeks and my daughter is on it constantly. She literally lit up when she saw it for the first time! We love the remote feature so that her dad and I can help her as she learns to steer the car. The speed is perfect for her and she absolutely loves the preset songs! Putting it together was so easy that I can't emphasize it enough.”

Didn’t everyone have this push car when they were little? If you want something that’s no-frills and reminds you of your own childhood, get the OG Little Tikes (a couple new features include removable floor and handle on back if you want to push your little around).

One Reviewer Says: “My daughter loves it. She is too little to walk herself in it, so we put the floorboard in, and she loves to be pushed around, push it around and sometimes just sit in it or put her toys in it. Most toys, she plays with for three minutes and tosses aside. With the Cozy Coupe, I literally have to take it out of the room or she would sit in it and whimper to be pushed all day long. She also loves smacking the horn and turning the wheel. I love that this is a toy she won't outgrow next month!”

Like the idea of the Cozy Coupe but not a fan of the color scheme? Understandable. While it’s a wonderful and dependable choice, you might want something that looks slightly different from what the rest of the neighborhood has. Luckily, Amazon has a Cozy Coupe option that looks just like a dinosaur, making it perfect for kids who can’t get enough of them as is. It has a high seat, cupholders in the back, and can easily hold up to 50 pounds.

One Reviewer Says: “So stinking cute! The box it is delivered in is not huge which is nice when having to bring it inside. My husband put it together in about 30 minutes. Needed a screwdriver and hammer. The door of the car has a lock so your little one can't open the door and fall out while riding in it. Only one side of the vehicle has a working door. The "horn" of the car is a squeaker sound like a dog toy. Very good quality and we love it!”

STFU, a Mercedes for your little?! Since you may not be able to afford the real thing, why not get a ride-on car for your kiddo? We love the ample storage space and the safe seat. It also can transport up to 40 pounds of weight, so it’ll last your little a couple of years. Whether purchased as a birthday present or “just because,” it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

One Reviewer Says: “We bought this for our 10-month-old son and this was such a great buy! At first, I was a little worried that he might fall off from the car although he could sit up well and walk with support. But he sits in it comfortably and it seems safe as long as I am being careful pushing it. We go out in the neighborhood and receive so many nice comments from people passing by. And most importantly he enjoys it so much!”

This classic Easy Steer Sportster packs a punch with a special steering feature: The castor wheel under the hood can be turned on for a 360-degree turning radius. It also has multiple cup holders and a horn. A stroll around the ‘hood has officially never looked so cool.

One Reviewer Says: “Absolutely love this little car. We use it almost every day. My 14-month-old loves to ride in it while we go drop-off and pick up his sisters at school. We also take it to the convenience store, and go right inside with it. It steers much easier than our stroller. And he likes riding in the car better than the stroller, it's more fun. The 2 cup holders have come in handy. My boy likes to collect rocks and acorns on our walks, and he puts them in the trunk for safekeeping. I don't think you could get a better push car.”

By now, you’ve probably realized that Step2 is a trusted brand when it comes to push cars. The Whisper Ride II is slightly different from some of the other models on the list, since it features Whisper Wheels, which help reduce the noise that many push cars can make while outside. It’s easy to store, and has a large interior for kids to feel comfortable. This model can support up to 50 pounds.

One Reviewer Says: “It's a very sturdy little ride in, or they can push it along. My daughter LOVES it, she calls it her ‘beep beep’ and happily steers the wheel as I push her along on our walks. She loves to get out and pick things up along the way and store them in the front storage compartment. The bottle holder on the handle is perfect for mommy's water too! We have taken this little car on many different terrains and so far have had no problems with it getting stuck.”

Who said a push car had to be a car? This firetruck is great for your little firefighter in training, and will be the hit of the neighborhood. The truck is secure with a metal frame, and it can easily hold up to 50 pounds. Much like a real firetruck, it also has bells and whistles to alert others of an emergency. This truck is geared towards the younger crowd, with a recommended age gap between 12 and 36 months.

One Reviewer Says: “Purchased for my nephew's first birthday. He LOVED it and so did the other little toddler aged boys at the party. Assembly required (took 10 min max) and you apply the stickers yourself.”

The Best Motorized Car For Older Kids

Are you looking at these push cars and realizing that your family might actually be ready for something a little bigger? If that’s the case, here’s a bonus product that may be a great fit. This motorized vehicle for kids leans hard into the "wow factor." It's probably cooler than any car you've ever owned and the realistic Polaris detailing is just the start. With two speeds from 2.5-5 mph, the durable wheels can maneuver over pebbles, sticks, and grass. There's a bench seat in the back for carrying all the random things your kid can't live without, plus two cup holders to boot. And while there aren't actually any working lights, it just means all the battery goes to juice up the motor for longer rides.

Brittany Chatburn, Scary Mommy Writer, Says: “If only you could have seen how my son's eyes lit up when we revealed this ride-on car for his fifth birthday. It may have been worth it for his reaction alone. But this car is just flat-out FUN. What I didn't anticipate, however, is how his new car opened up a whole new world for his imagination to explore. He loves to drive his little sister around as they make up adventures along the way. Stopping at ‘hotels,’ going to the ‘café,’ and visiting the ‘zoo’—all within the realms of our backyard."


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