Slip On Shoes Are The Only Shoes We Need Right Now

Who needs laces anyway?

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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We’re calling it: Shoes with laces are annoying. Life is hectic enough and anything that makes things even the slightest bit more time-consuming is just not for us. The footwear we love best: slip-on shoes, of course.

Who really has time for laces or buckles, anyway? Whether you’re commuting, walking the kids to the bus, walking the dog, traveling, or just running out to the mailbox, having footwear you can just throw on can be a real godsend. If you’ve ever tried to shove your feet into shoes that needed to be unfastened, only to make you even more late than you already were because you ended up having to untie and re-tie them anyway, well, you understand. Oh, and ever tripped on an untied shoelace? Exactly. Slip-on shoes are the fuss-free way forward.

We’re not talking about house slippers, either (although those have their own merits). We’re talking slip-on shoes that come in every easy to wear iteration, from trainer-style sneakers to lightweight ballet flats to sporty slide sandals. You can find eco-friendly options as well as styles with extra support, cushioning, breathability, and more. The best part? There are plenty of slip-on shoes available that are cute and comfortable, so you can still look put together and stylish, even if you’re running errands.

Ahead, we’ve found the best slip-on shoes for women–because, Mama, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or convenience. No one’s got time for that.

Most Comfy Slip-On Sneakers

OK, comfort is literally what they do, so you’d for sure expect Dr. Scholl’s to offer a slip-on shoe that’s comfy AF–but you wouldn’t necessarily think they’d be this cute, right? Using the brand’s own Be Free Energy technology for insoles with “three distinct comfort zones,” as well as an anatomical footbed, Dr. Scholl’s has crafted for women slip-on sneakers that look as good as they feel! Fair warning: At a very reasonable price point, it may be hard to resist picking these up in multiple colors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have really wide, flat feet, which makes it really hard to find shoes that fit and are comfortable (and aren’t ugly). I’m a teacher so I’m on my feet all day, and my feet couldn’t handle wearing my cute cheap flats anymore. These are cute, supportive, and comfortable (and are the first slip-on shoes I’ve ever tried that I can actually get on my impossibly wide feet). I have these in the black and white snake print, and I can confidently say that these will be my everyday shoe for the foreseeable future!”

Best Low-Maintenance Slip-Ons

Yes, Crocs — and no, not the Crocs you’re thinking of. The iconic comfort brand is offering a clean, sleek slide sandal that’s a far cry from the charm-adorned clogs your kiddos rock. Lightweight with foam cushioning for support and comfort, these are the best slip-on shoes for women who want a goes-with-anything, warm-weather option that comes in great colors. Oh, and they’re also easy to clean — just wash them with soap and water.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I wear these from the locker room to the pool at our local Y. They’re comfortable and help me feel secure walking up and down on the steps of the pool. I wear them in the shower after I swim. I have foot problems and am not [supposed] to be barefooted... these really help cushion my feet. I’ve had them for over a year and use them five days a week and they’re still in perfect shape.”

Best Cool-Mom Slip-On Sneakers

Skechers have been long-beloved for their comfort and walkability factors, albeit not necessarily for their cool-girl status. With these sporty, Yeezy-inspired kicks, the brand has crafted for women slip-on sneakers that marry fashion and function. The Ultra-Flex sneaker is lightweight, with a moisture-wicking insole, a breathable footbed, and air-cooled memory foam for an ultra-comfy fit that you can slip into, lace-free.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these shoes! They have a very soft insole with good arch support. Some shoes advertising good arch support hurt because it's too firm and high. These are just right. I also love that they are slip-on. I have several areas of chronic foot pain. None of those areas bother me while wearing these shoes.”

Best Moccasins

The Kilty Moc is a Minnetonka best-seller and with good reason: The flexible, rubber-bottomed suede moccasins are high on craftsmanship, quality, and comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors, everything from chic navy and classic neutrals to bright, poppy red and shades of pink, they’re the perfect shoe to throw on for running errands–without looking like you just gave up! They do run big, so customers are advised to size down, but that clearly hasn’t hindered the success of this style (see also: the over 4,800 five-star reviews on Amazon).

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is my third pair of Minnetonka moccasins, and they are my favorite. The color is beautiful, and they fit well. I do use inserts for added arch support, and because these tend to run big after stretching out. I get compliments on these shoes all the time.”

Best Classic Slip-On Sneakers

The classics become classics for a reason, right? And no, they’re not just for teenage skater boys. Vans are one of the best casual slip-on shoes you can buy, especially in clean white or solid black (hi, they go with everything). They’ve got a cotton lining for extra breathability, elastic accents to easily slip them on and off, and best of all, they’re durable.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I buy these frequently because I’ve never had a bad pair. I tend to buy two or three [pairs] at a time. They are good shoes that wear well and are comfortable. I toss mine in the laundry now and again to keep them clean and fresh. I wear mine for everything - work, play, restaurant, gardening, morning walks.”

Best Budget-Chic Slip-Ons

These are the shoes you throw on when you need to look polished but don’t have extra seconds to spare. Rohb shoes are big in style but low in price (yes, please, and thank you very much). Made of vegan leather with rubberized, slip-resistant soles, this snake print pair is perfect with jeans, a midi skirt or dress, cropped pants, and more–and comfortable, to boot (er, shoe?) Whether you’re headed to the office or to the mailbox, this shoe will instantly up your outfit game.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love, love, love these mules. I hurt my back and had to go to flat shoes quick. I needed something versatile, cute, and comfortable for work. These were perfect. I wore them several times a week during winter. I will buy again.”

Best Budget Everyday Slide-On Shoes

What’s better than a pair of shoes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere? Great shoes for running errands or walking your dog, they come in 30 different colors and styles that’ll best show off your personality. Even better, you can throw them in the wash if they get a little dirty. At their affordable price point, it makes sense to grab a couple of pairs so you always have them on hand. They might not be great for long runs outdoors, but they’re good for light exercise on the elliptical or treadmill.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I love these so much I have purchased them six times over a span of four years. I wear them daily for walking my dogs, running errands, and almost anything else! They are my go-to shoe. I get the black ones so they go with everything and are inexpensive so when one pair goes out I don't stress about having to buy another one. They are no hassle; just slip on and go. Recommend!

Best Sporty Slides

The sporty-classic slide is now offered in over 20 colorways, including rich tonal options for those of us who like a more subtle take. They’ve been around for what feels like forever and with a contoured, cushioned footbed it’s easy to see why these are a fan fave–over 1,900 positive reviews currently sing their praises on Amazon. A one-inch heel gives you a little bit of lift and support, too, which is always nice in a flat shoe, especially a slide. (Expect to size down, say satisfied customers in the know.)

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these slides. As soon as I put them on my feet are in heaven! Best thing I have purchased in a while for myself.”

Best Odor Fighting Slip Ons

Once you find a good knit shoe, it’s hard to ever go back to wearing regular shoes again. Knit shoes are completely flexible and mold to the shape of your foot. These Charlie slip-ons from Bzees have a comfort collar with extra padding around the heel and feature the brand's Cloud technology for comfort. There’s also a memory foam arch for support and free-foam footbeds (hello beds for your feet). What’s most exciting is that these shoes have anti-microbial and odor control technology built in, so you can say bye-bye to sweaty, stinky feet. They can even go in the washing machine. We’re impressed.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Now, from the moment I tried these shoes on when they arrived, never has a shoe felt so custom fitted, and never have I ever been so happy with a shoe! I literally didn't want to take these off! I was dancing! I felt like I could take a hike! And since I've been wearing them, I've been able to walk more without worry of injury or problem. I'm more active! I can stand longer! These shoes have truly been an answer to my prayers.”

Found the best slip-on shoes for you? Slide into our fashion essentials for more comfy-cute buys to go with them!

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