Most Comfortable Cushioned Shoes According to Mom 2020

13 Most Comfortable Shoes For Moms On The Run (That Look Really Good, Too)

March 6, 2020 Updated May 7, 2020

Best Comfort Shoes

Your poor feet: Not only do you definitely not get pedicures often enough (because really, who has the god damn time?), but they also bear the brunt of mamahood. In fact, we’d venture to guess that you spend more time on your feet than in any other position, whether you’re chasing your monsters around, doing dishes, running errands or standing in the middle of your kitchen, mouth half agape, wondering why you walked in here in the first place and paralyzed by the laundry list of things you have to get done in approximately 4 minutes and 12 seconds before that carefully scheduled naptime is over.

And while you most certainly don’t take care of your tootsies like they take care of you, they keep on chuggin’. So reward them (and yourself) with a pair of shoes that feels *100*, without looking *0*. Does such a magical shoe exist, you wonder? It does, indeed! We’ve done some digging and found 13 pairs that fit the bill and will have you looking as fly as you feel, so you can do your mama duties without worrying if you run into someone you know (G-A-S-P). Mom fashion is hard to commit to when you’re keeping other humans alive, right? Read on for our top picks for the most comfortable shoes, complete with styling tricks.

Best for Classic Style

adidas Grand Court Sneaker

No one does a fashion sneak like adidas — sure, more haute couture brands have options (and they’re chic!) but this is the OG. The minimal metallic detailing makes for an extra pop of put-together-ness, and the white leather is (surprisingly!) easy to keep clean with a brush now and again. Be warned, you’ll feel very Brooklyn when you lace them up in the morning – you may even be inspired to try hot yoga. Plus, as with all proper fashion sneaks, these air perfectly with ripped jeans or a pleated satin skirt, so you can be as avant-gaurd as you choose, depending on the day.


Best for Everyday

Amazon Essentials Ballet Flat

A good ballet flat is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it go with basically everything (seriously, have you ever pulled on a pair of them with Lululemons and a sweatshirt? You still. look. put. together. ladies. It’s magic!) but they also wear like a dream, thanks to flexible material and absolutely zero heel height. A neutral beige is perfect year ’round, and the rounded toe on this Amazon-branded pair is flattering for women of any height. For an I-woke-up-like-this vibe, pair them with jeans that hit just above the ankle bone, an oversized white tee (bonus if it’s tucked in on one side) and a suede baseball cap. And speaking of, another insider tip: Never leave home without a baseball cap. Who needs shampoo, anyway?


Best Comfortable Sandal

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Global Double Band Sandal

Sure, sandals are easy as can be when the weather starts to warm (no socks means one less thing to forget when you’re running out of the house), but they’re not exactly known for being great on your feet. Enter Cole Haan’s signature line of ultra-comfy shoes, made with responsive cushioning (read: bouncy feel good-ness) and engineering that allows them to move with your foot. They’re available in a wide range of colors, and you’ll probably want them all, which is great because the price is *right.*


Best for Flirty Fashion

Salvatore Ferragamo Viva Flats

Sometimes feeling a little feminine is all you need to reset your week. Versatile flats with a sweet bow will always do the trick, whether worn with a black cotton t-shirt dress or black cotton joggers. And, sure, it’s an investment, but it’s Ferragamo, which means it’s absolutely, positively worth it. (Yes, that’s the tiniest bit of heel you see, but don’t worry, your feet won’t even feel it.) Don’t believe us? There’s even a cushioned footbed to keep your peds purring, because fuck whoever said fashion had to hurt.


Best Slip-On Slippers

Minnie Rose Cashmere Pom Pom Slippers

Slippers aren’t flats, you say; slippers are house shoes. Not this pair. Made from ultra-luxe knit and a faux suede sole, this flirty, feminine mule is totally appropriate to wear outside of the confines of your prison home. And thanks to some much-needed cushioning, these will make doing laundry WAY more enjoyable — promise. Plus, a cute pom means if you wear them to run to the grocery store, neither you nor the check-out lady giving you the pitying, “You’ve got your hands full,” look will likely notice they’re not really shoes at all.


Best for Preppy Perfection

Hush Puppies Wren Loafer Perfect Fit

There is nothing that screams “cool girl” more than a pair of white loafers, no matter how the rest of you looks. But that’s not even why we <3 these Hush Puppies so much: The best part is they’re made with special stretch technology that guarantees you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. Match that with the brand’s “worry-free suede” material that will withstand even the most disastrous of toddler dinnertime meltdowns and you have yourself a shoe that was basically custom-made for mothers just like you. Hush Puppies sees you, girl.


Best Cushioned Walking Shoe

Vionic Midi Perf Slip

Sometimes, the idea of bending over to actually tie your shoes is just too much to ask. After all, you tie other humans’ shoes all day, why would you want to then tie your own, particularly when you feel like the next time you crouch down, you very well may not be able to stand back up? Enter the queen bee of all slip-ons, made by the shoe brand that knows comfort more than any other. It’s designed by a podiatrist so you know it’s good for your feet, and thanks to an ultra-cute perforated pattern and sweet color blue, they’re also perfect for spring.


Best for Looking Athleisure-Chic

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Bliss Sneakers

The key to pulling off the athleisure look without giving off the false impression that you live at the gym is a pair of sneakers that serves double duty. Sure, you can actually exercise in these — and props to you for even thinking about getting yourself on that treadmill today — but you can wear them with an Alo Yoga matching set to run around town, too. Then again, we’d argue that shopping is cardio, especially when it involves kids in tow, and exercise is exercise, so…


Best for Feeling Fancy

Jimmy Choo Erin Patent Leather Slingback Flats

Sure, getting older comes with a lot of downsides: gravity’s effect on your skin, your boobs, your, well, everything, aches and pains that pop up out of no where, and lots of other super duper fun stuff. But one great thing about getting older? The fact that heels are no longer a requirement for formal occasions. But that does not, I repeat *does not*, give you the excuse to look like a slob. A gorgeous pair of patent slingbacks are always a hit, particularly when done in a bold, classic red. You’ll feel sexier than you knew you were allowed to at this age, and the bunions that have started sprouting like your Auntie Lili warned you about won’t even be irritated. Win, win, win.


Best for Chasing Littles

BOB'S Plush-Peace & Love

Whether at the park or in the grocery store, you’ll probably be tasked with chasing your monsters around at some point during the day. Be prepared for whatever they decide to throw at you (or whenever they decide to take off running in the middle of the street, without warning or a care for their personal safety) with a simple slip-on that can stand up under pressure. Thanks to features like a memory foam footbed, they’ll offer you the support you have been so desperately craving without that whole geriatric-orthopedic look you’ve been so desperately avoiding.


Best for BME (Badass Mom Energy)

Dr. Scholl's Madison Fashion Sneaker

Every now and then, a mother needs an animal print fix, especially if it’s one of those “I just can’t with laces today,” days. It’ll make you feel a) powerful and b) like a badass mom-boss who has it all together. And good news: leopard really is the new neutral (promise), so you can reach for this pair with most colors you already have in your closet. Plus, since they’re designed by Dr. Scholl’s, you know your feet will be humming from drop-off to pick-up. Look at you, bringing sexy back and your feet don’t even know it.


Best for Vacay Vibes

Soludos Cherries Smoking Slipper Platform

The espadrille is the quintessential beachside shoe, whether or not you’re actually making it to the beach anytime soon. When you’re in the need of a vacation — or, at least, an emotional vacation — reach for these cheery cherry (see what we did there?) Soludos, which pair perfectly with a white sundress or your standard jeans-and-a-tee uniform. With an adorable pop of brightness and flattering off-white color, they wear like sneakers but look like a statement. If only everything we owned did double duty.


Best for Being a Conscious Consumer

Veja V-10 Sneakers

The epitome of cool-girl style, Veja is the millenial-friendly brand that isn’t limited to millenials (we all want to feel young again, why not start from the ground up?). The brand uses materials from organic farms, identifies itself with phrases like “economic justice,” and takes care to produce its shoes in “dignified” conditions, so you can feel GREAT about your fashion. Plus, they’re versatile and beyond fab from a fashion perspective. Hello, new closet fave.


If your shoe shelves need an even bigger overhaul, don’t stop here! Check out more fashion faves on Scary Mommy and get your clicker finger ready.

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