The 10 Best Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet, So You Can Get Out The Door Faster

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Hands of mother helping her baby to put shoes in the garden outdoor.

It’s a tale as old as time. You pack the bags, load up the car — you’re actually going to be on time for once! All that’s left to do is put on shoes and get out the door. It seems so easy...and yet. Your toddler hates the shoes. Despises the shoes. Wants to wear the other shoes. It’s the fight of your life to simply get the shoes on the feet. But what if the missing piece here isn’t a peaceful disposition but simply a better-fitting shoe? The best toddler shoes for wide feet are designed with extra breadth for a fit that could save the day — or at the very least, a few minutes (and your sanity).

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet

It’s important to get the right fit to keep feet healthy and comfortable as your little one grows. And while sizing up might seem like an easy solution, you don’t want your child tripping over their feet. It’s best to find a comfortable shoe that fits the correct length and width. For help at home, you can use a measuring tool to first identify the correct shoe size. For width, you’ll need to do a little more investigating.

Your first hint is to pay attention to your kiddo: Are they complaining that their shoes are too tight? It’s time to inspect their shoes and exactly how they fit. Have your child stand up straight with both shoes on and feel for any pressure around the widest part of the foot. The foot should be snug but there shouldn’t be any pinching. If too much pressure causes indentions on their feet after a day of wear, a wider fit will likely be a more comfortable option. You can also trace their foot on a piece of paper and measure at the widest part, and then cross-reference the width with a brand’s size chart (if available).

Keep in mind that toddler feet grow practically overnight: about a half size every 2 to 3 months! Your best bet is to monitor growing feet just as often.

Read on for the best toddler shoes for wide feet to keep those little toes happy, healthy, and moving promptly out the door.


The Overall Best Toddler Shoe For Wide Feet, All Things Considered

New Balance makes toddler shoes for wide feet that are equally durable and stylish, so it’s no surprise that their 455 V2 shoe has racked up nearly 5,000 all-positive ratings on Amazon. It comes in wide sizes so it’s specifically designed to fit well as you and your hard-charging tot move from playground to playground ... to playground. The hook-and-loop closure makes for an easy on/off (those laces are decorative). Spring for the sleek black (featured) or choose from multiple colors for a shoe that’s as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

Helpful Review: “Love these shoes!! My son has extremely wide feet and I have so much trouble finding shoes that fit him. These fit great, are good quality and stylish!”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5—10 (standard and wide); Infant, Little Kid, and Big Kid sizes also offered


An Easy-On Pair Of Mesh Sneakers That Are Perfect For Wide Feet

If putting socks on your toddler is one battle you’d like to leave behind, you’ll love these breathable sneakers. Shoppers love the durability, too. The nonslip, flexible soles are made to last. While not specifically offered in wide sizes, the stretchy material and adjustable closure make them perfect for chubby feet. (Just listen to the numerous Amazon shoppers raving about how great they are for wide feet.) Snag them in a number of bright colors!

Helpful Review: “I got these shoes for my son who I’ve had a hard time getting shoes on before realizing he probably needs wide shoes. These are so great for that. They’re super flexible and stretchy and are so easy to get on and off his feet. And I love how lightweight they are for him.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 2—10; Little Kid sizes also offered


These Wildly Popular Toddler Crocs That Are Comfy & Quick-Drying

Listen, there comes a point in parenthood when all fashion qualms go out the window in exchange for a shoe that’s waterproof, goes on easy, wipes clean, and fits literally all feet. The humble Croc can do it all and it’s time you just give in and enjoy. Parents love how even the youngest of toddlers can slip these on by themselves. And kids love the assortment of colors. Plus, you can pop in charms to personalize the shoes based on your little one’s current obsessions — be it superheroes or unicorns.

Helpful Review: “[...]When I was pregnant, I bought all sorts of adorable leather shoes for our son and couldn't wait for them to fit. Well, at about 9 months, I tried a pair of the Frye sneakers on that I'd been so excited about, and guess what?! I couldn't get his fat little foot in there. Same thing with the infant UGG booties I'd bought. Finally, my husband suggested Crocs and I reluctantly ordered a pair. They went right on my son's chubby little foot and I hate to admit it, but they're adorable! [...]”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 4 —10; Infant, Little Kid, and Big Kid sizes also offered


A Lace-Up Sneaker In Wide & Extra-Wide Sizes

If your toddler is ready to venture into the lace-up world, these New Balance sneakers for wide feet are the perfect first choice. They come in colors like purple, pink, and red, in addition to the perfect “dad sneaker” gray. Parents of children who wear orthotic braces find this shoe to be an excellent option, especially thanks to the extra-wide sizing options. They’re made with durable suede uppers and rubber outsoles, making for a sturdy pair of kicks that will still be in great shape for younger siblings to wear, too.

Not ready for laces? New Balance also has a hook-and-loop option in wide and extra-wide sizes.

Helpful Review: “I bought these shoes for my 1-year-old who wears Cascade DAFOs, which are extremely difficult to find a shoe to fit because they are extremely wide. Other parents with kids who wear orthotic braces love this shoe so I thought I’d try. We bought the extra wide because of the laces we are able to adjust and fit her DAFOs. I am also impressed with the stability of this shoe compared to others that we have tried. They help improve her ankle posture even further.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5—10 (standard, wide, and extra-wide); Infant, Little Kid, and Big Kid sizes also offered


These Breathable, Lightweight Sneakers Built For Play

If your little one likes to run, jump, and climb, they need shoes built for the job. This lightweight sneaker is designed for play. While this shoe doesn’t come in specifically wide sizes, the breathable mesh contours to the width of the foot, and also allows for ventilation during those particularly intense play sessions. The nonslip rubber sole is flexible and durable enough to keep up with your kiddo. Choose from nine easy-to-match colors.

Helpful Review: “I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit my son's fat feet...they are always either too narrow or don't open up enough for me to get his foot in without smashing his poor feet in the shoe just to have him rip them off. tombik makes great shoes for kiddos! We have had a pair for a couple of months now and they are excellent...!”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5 — 10; Little Kid sizes also offered


A Quality Sneaker From A Brand Known For Comfortable Sizing

In the world of fuller feet, Stride Rite is known for designing shoes that fit. The Kennedy sneaker is no different, with size variations from wide to extra-wide. The sleek, memory-foam padded shoe comes in a fun range of colors, all with odor-resistant lining, rubber outsoles, and easy-on and off hook-and-loop closures.

Helpful Review: “These truly are nonslip and feel comfortable. Best part is that the double Velcro creates a wide opening to quickly get on a toddler’s feet. Plus the toe guard reassures me my lil guy won’t stub his toes.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 4—6 (standard, wide, and extra-wide); Infant sizes also offered


A Stylish Hook-and-Loop Wide Shoe In Bold Colors

If you love the first New Balance pick on the list but want just a little more flair, then you’ll swoon for these Rave Run V1’s that are offered in the funkiest color combinations. As always, New Balance makes shopping for wide toddler shoes easy with these sneakers that come in not just one, but two width variations (with about a ¼-inch difference between them). Created with comfort in mind, the structure offers mid-foot support for a little one on the go.

Helpful Review: “Stop thinking, reading, looking, just buy these. Our LO has chubby little feet and definitely fits in the XW better than the W - the velcro tops on these and the lack of elastic around the back sides of the tongue make these the PERFECT shoes for chubby little feet. We've bought these in three different colors, and have been putting her in them since she was size 3T (now 6T). We've tried a ton of other shoes (most new balance since everything else is WAYYYYY too narrow) and these are the only ones I will continue to buy. Excellent quality and durability. [...]”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5—10 (standard, wide, and extra wide); Infant, and Little Kid sizes also offered


An Affordable Sneaker You Can Throw in the Washing Machine

These popular shoes are beloved by parents of toddlers with wide feet. The breathable mesh material stretches for comfort and the flexible sole is great for arch support. You can’t beat the price — especially when you know it’s a mere matter of months before your kiddo jumps up a size. And for those particularly messy days (you know they’re coming), just drop these kicks in the wash, and you’re good to go.

Helpful Review: “These shoes are awesome! Very lightweight, my toddler (who dislikes shoes) likes to wear them! So, I would say they must be comfortable. My little one has wide feet and these fit well. They’re very easy to get on his feet (hallelujah!) and the material is stretchy so get the right fit, even for a wider or chubbier foot! Definitely recommend, especially with this good of a price and how quickly their feet grow.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5—10; Little Kid sizes also offered


A Stretchable Shoe That Feels Like a Sock

If your toddler hates the notion of shoes in general, these might just be the ones to change their mind. These flexible shoes slip on just like a sock but with a durable sole to keep feet safe. Plus, if you’re looking for a shoe that you’re toddler can easily slip on without your help, this is it.

Helpful Review: “My 2-year-old has really chubby feet, especially on top. This makes it really difficult to find shoes that will not only fit on his feet but be comfortable. Lately, I’ve had to put shoes on him that are way too big and they often come off when he is playing even though I am squeezing them to go in. I’ve been searching a long time to find shoes for him that are NOT sandals and I think these are it...VERY VERY happy with these [...]”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 4—10; 11 Little Kid


These On-Trend Sandals With An Adjustable Fit

If you’ve hopped aboard the Birks train, now you can also outfit your mini-me in a similar-looking pair with these sweet sandals from Weestep. Available in great solid and tie-dyed colors, these sporty EVA sandals will net your LO compliments on the playground, but more importantly, they’ll save you a ton of time getting them on your kiddo’s feet. The hook-and-loop closure is easy to customize in two places to really dial in the right fit for your tot. Plus, these sandals can be easily rinsed off when things get muddy.

Helpful Review: “Theses sandals worked perfectly for my son. He has autism and is a toe walker so he was going through shoes kinda quickly because of the wear and tear of walking on his tippy toes. He also has a wide foot and being is currently being potty trained so I needed something that was easy to clean. The shoes are durable, and the sizing is perfect having the adjustable straps gave room for his wider feet. Would recommend them %100!”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 3—10; 11—12 Little Kid