The Best Portable Travel Potty Options — Because Being Prepared Is *Key* To Ditching Diapers

As your child grows up, new milestones occur. Between the ages of two and four, things can get really interesting. Not only will your child learn how to communicate better, but it also means it may be time to try to ditch the diapers and attempt potty training. It can be a harrowing process but the best portable travel potty options make it easier to leave the house, so you can confidently take your stroller further afield than, say, a sprint’s distance away from your front door.

First, let’s get this out of the way: there’s nothing wrong with putting a pull-up on a child who’s learning how to use the potty but not quite there yet. But, travel potties shouldn’t scare you. In fact, the best portable travel potties are often made with parents in mind. Don’t worry — there are plenty of options that won’t require you to lug both an entire potty set-up and a toddler while peeking into a rest stop Burger King during an extended road trip this holiday season.

Here are the best portable travel potty options available — and all have racked up rave reviews from parents who’ve come to rely on them.

Best Portable Travel Potty

Portable Potty For Car/Car Potty

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