The 8 Best Toddler Sun Hats

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A two-part collage of two toddlers wearing 2 of the best toddler sun hats

When the sun’s out, the fun’s out — there’s nothing better than taking your toddler outside to enjoy some warm weather (and help them burn that excess energy in hopes of a good nap later). And while your car may be full of beach toys and a sand stroller, there’s one other essential you need to pack before heading outside: one of the best toddler sun hats.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Toddler Sun Hats

Sure, sun hats are an adorable accessory for toddlers, but they also help keep their sensitive skin protected against UVA and UVB rays. Along with a good coating of sunscreen, sun hats (that actually stay on) provide protection for their heads and necks. Look for options with wide brims and/or neck flaps for the most coverage. Bonus points for hats with UPF protection built into the fabric.

And back to that thing about hats staying on heads — you’ll appreciate adjustable hats that are elasticized around the crown and either tie under the chin or feature a drawstring toggle for a secure fit. Some are designed as breakaway straps, a safety feature that releases the strap when tension is created if the strap snags on something.

If you’re headed to the splash pad, it’s also helpful if your kiddo’s sun hat is moisture-wicking or dries quickly. Synthetic fabrics will dry faster than moisture-absorbing cotton, and mesh cutouts will keep things cool.

With all this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best toddler sun hats below, so your toddler can happily play in the sun without you having to keep putting their hat back on.


An Adjustable Sun Hat With A Cult Following

Lightweight and foldable, this UPF 50+ sun hat is an all-around winner, as reviewers attest to. It maintains a seriously impressive 4.8-star rating with over 24,000 reviews on Amazon. It features an elastic back for a snug fit that’ll stay put, but it’s also stretchy and adjustable enough to grow with your toddler. The tie strap around the chin is also adjustable to make sure the hat stays snug on the head no matter how active your little one is. And the wide neck flap and brim of this machine-washable hat will protect their head, eyes, and neck from the sun. This OEKO-TEX certified polyester hat provides full coverage and features a breathable mesh liner dries quickly if it gets wet, too.

Helpful review: “This is the BEST hat for summer! My two year old (who HATES wearing hats) wore this for our 4 day camping trip. She left it on while swimming, playing in the hose, hiking, boating, eating, and playing in the dirt. I noticed that she sweated less than usual, and her head didn’t get sun burned or attacked by bugs through her thin hair. I couldn’t be happier and will be ordering one for my 4 year old!”

Available Colors: 9 | Available Sizes: 0-6 Months — 2-4T


A Bucket Hat With Breathable Mesh Panels

For those really hot days, reach for this toddler sun hat with breathable mesh panels all along the hat that’ll help keep your toddler cool while the 2.2-inch bucket brim keeps them protected. This UPF 50+ cotton hat also features buttons that let you fold up the sides for a different look. The chin strap is adjustable, and the bright colors make your toddler highly visible at the beach or park.

Helpful review: “[My] son doesn't like wearing hats but this one he's ok with. It can get wet and dries fast, it's got options for the brim to be up on the sides. he's ok wearing this one. he takes off all the others but this one he'll leave on. I think the mesh letting air in helps him be more comfortable. so glad I found this one!”

Available Colors: 5 | Available Sizes: 6-12 Months — 4-8 Years


A Moisture-Wicking Hat With An Extra-Wide Brim & Neck Flap

This sun hat has a generous brim extending 2.75 inches around the front and 3.5 inches around the back, so your toddler’s face and neck are fully protected from the sun. It’s moisture-wicking and has ventilation on both sides of the crown for airflow, and it is adjustable to fit with hook-and-loop closure. The chin strap is adjustable for a secure fit and has a breakaway design as a safety feature. This nylon hat is also UPF 50+.

Helpful review: “This was a durable, functional, face-protecting beach hat for my 4 and 2-year-old children during our fun filled week in the sun. Neither child got sunburnt. The brim is sturdy and wide to shade the face, even when it gets wet, and the hats are made of a quick dry, ultra light material. A flap protects the back of the neck from exposure. They clean easy. With a shake, the sand fell off. The small chin-strap clips fasten on the side.”

Available Colors: 16 | Available Sizes: Newborn — Large


This Water-Repellent Sun Hat In Gender Neutral Designs

Headed to the beach or pool? This toddler sun hat is made of water-repellent polyester with fully adjustable head and chin drawstrings that come in several gender-neutral designs. (Read: it’s a great hand-me-down for siblings or cousins.) It has an extra-wide brim that stays up and a long neck flap, and it provides UPF 50+ protection.

Helpful review: “I didn’t know I needed it… I originally bought it and wanted to exchange it for a cotton version but the return process was complicated so I kept it, and I am glad I did. I ended up buying a cotton version too and we use the water-proof version for when my son plays in the water park. The cotton version gets wet quickly, so he doesn’t want to wear it but he is happy to keep the water repellent version on his head. Super happy. The coverage that it provides is amazing. The front doesn’t block the view but it does block the sun and I actually like that it’s sturdy.”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: 0-6 Months — 6-12 Years


This Affordable Sun Hat In The Cutest Prints

Make sure your little one’s head protected from the sun even when they’re splashing around in the pool or ocean with this cute sun hat. This UPF 50+ sun hat is made of a quick-drying, lightweight polyester that’s perfect for water activities, and it has a soft brim and neck flap to cover both the front and back of your toddler’s head. It comes in lots of adorable, kid-friendly prints, too, like dinosaurs and cars. There’s an adjustable drawcord to tighten or loosen the hat around the head, and the soft chin strap will keep the hat in place without irritating delicate baby skin.

Helpful review: “Love how light weight and breathable this hat is. Not to mention it’s a cute pattern! Great that it’s adjustable to the size of baby’s head and has maximum sun protection at the back of neck and sides. Highly recommended!”

Available Colors: 15 | Available Sizes: Small — Large


A Soft, Lightweight Hat Even Stubborn Toddlers Might Actually Keep On

If you’ve ever tried to put a hat on a toddler who doesn’t want to wear a hat, you know what it feels like to be on the losing side of a battle. This UPF 50+ hat is so soft and light that your toddler might actually not tear it off their head the minute you put it on. It has a wide brim for sun protection and a soft chin strap and adjustable toggle to secure it in place. The polyester hat dries quickly if it gets wet

Helpful review: “My 16-month old actually wore it her entire time in the pool! For hours! I can’t believe it. I have no idea what makes it different from other hats but it’s the first one my daughter will wear for more than 2 minutes.”

Available Colors: 3 | Available Sizes: 0-3 Months — 2-4T


A Sun Hat With An Easy Hook-&-Loop Chin Strap

If you’re looking for a sun hat that’s not too floppy, this s a good option. It has a 2.55-inch wide brim that has enough structure to keep the sun out but won’t cover their eyes, and a non-scratch chin strap with hook-and-loop closure for a snug fit. The mesh vents on the side and moisture-wicking sweatband will keep their head cool, and there’s an adjustable toggle to adjust the hat’s fit. It has a UPF 50+ rating as well.

Helpful review: “I love how this fits! It’s adjustable around the head and has the Velcro straps to help keep it on my little ones head. The sun coverage is perfect. Will definitely be ordering more colors.”

Available Colors: 14 | Available Sizes: One size fits most kids 2-6 years old


A Hat That Floats So You Won’t Lose It In The Water

Despite your best efforts, a toddler’s hat is bound to come off every now and then. This sun hat floats so if it does fall off, it won’t end up at the bottom of the pool (or ocean), and the fabric is quick-drying so you won’t be going home with a sopping wet hat. Reviewers love the floating feature of this pick. And an adjustable head toggle and chin strap, a wide brim, and an UPF 50+ rating will keep your toddler safe from the sun all day long.

Helpful review: “The absolute best sun hat for your little! My son is 17 months with the blondest hair and fairest skin. He wore this hat every day we were in the hot sun whether it was at the lake or the pool or just on hot walks outside and he NEVER got burnt on his head or face. Not once. It has protected him so well and it’s so stinking cute! Stayed on on the boat the whole time as well! Well worth the buy :)”

Available Colors: 9 | Available Sizes: 0-6 Months — 8-14 Years


Nice To Have: Your Toddler’s First Pair Of Sunnies

While you’re stocking up on sun protection gear, keep your toddler from squinting in the sun with these adorable kid sunglasses. This stylish pair of sunnies provides 100% UVA and 100% UVB protection, and they’re designed to be flexible and durable for little ones. The WeeFarers come with a carrying pouch, so you can just toss them into the beach bag.

Available Colors: 5 | Available Sizes: 0-1 years old — 7-12 years old & up