These Car Seat Toys Prevent Fussy Babies From Driving *You* Crazy

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by Megan Hungerford and BDG Commerce
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The best car seat toys will soothe and entertain even the smallest of babies all car ride long. Parents from all walks of life can agree on one thing: There are few things more gut-wrenching and stress-inducing than being stuck in a car while your baby loses their sh*t (except, maybe, being stuck on a plane while this happens). Especially when you can’t do a damn thing about it. But you have the power to prevent these headache-inducing car rides with a baby car seat toy. Even better, some double as baby stroller toys that can hook onto both strollers and car seats for easy portability and unlimited on-the-go entertainment.

Some of our favorite car seat/stroller toys incorporate brightly colored friends that make just enough sound to keep Baby’s attention. (Yes, it may be counterintuitive, but the most effective recipe for a peaceful car ride is getting a baby car seat toy that makes a little noise.) Got a fresh-out-of-the-oven newborn? An infant car seat toy is still a must-have. Let’s get real, nobody wants to stare at the back of a seat, no matter how many days they’ve been alive.

Call it a stroller toy or a car seat toy, we as seasoned parents prefer to call them lifesavers. And who can’t justify the necessity of owning a few sanity-saving toys that will get you through the early years of parenthood?

Best Baby Car Seat Toys

With over 12,000 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating, Freddie the Firefly from Lamaze is easily one of the most popular multi-sensory car seat toys among parents. “I purchased this for my 4-month-old for tummy time and car rides,” reviews one mom on Amazon. “When I opened the package, my husband joked, ‘man, they really stuck every distracting thing they could fit onto that toy,’ and it’s true! The whole toy crinkles, there is a squeaker, a mirror, rings, a teether, bright colors on one side, and black and white colors on the back.” This oversized stroller toy is just as engaging cruising around town as it is hanging at home. And for those fun-loving petite princesses, check out Fifi the Firefly, which has lots of bells and whistles like Freddie.

One Reviewer Says: “My almost 3-month-old daughter is already enamored by this toy. It's a great sensory tool that makes crinkly noises, [and] contains a squeaker, a tethered teething piece, rings, and a mirror (albeit not one that's very clear, but that's understandable). The colors are also vibrant and cheerful, and I like the addition of the highly contrasting black and white on the backside of the wings and as the eyes on the firefly's face.”

The Baby Einstein musical toy bar is perfect for the babe on the go who needs a great distraction. Engaging lights and over 45 songs in 3 different languages will keep your little traveler movin’ to the music with the push of the button (which happens to be perfectly placed on the turtle’s belly, we’d like to add). Installation is as simple as velcro-ing the toy bar onto your infant car seat, and you’re set to groove. When Baby is ready for a dance break, they will love shaking the red crab rattle and grabbing at the toy rings Mr. Octopus is holding. The Tunes with Neptune musical toy will make each car ride an undersea adventure that Baby will love – and so will you, since Baby won’t be screaming.

One Reviewer Says: “My baby loves these toys. He's always hated his car seat and this helps a lot. The music is not annoying (yay me!) and the light that flashes during the music isn't too bright for nighttime drives.”

If you’re looking for a toy that’s also pleasant on the eyes, this Itzy Ritzy Bitzy toy will be a guaranteed hit. It’s created to easily attach to car seats, activity gyms, and strollers to help keep your baby entertained. This toy also jingles, so you’ll be able to tell that they’re awake and interacting with it while you’re busy focusing on the road. This toy is constructed out of a soft, natural cotton fabric that you can feel good about. It’s also got 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, meaning that it’s been an absolute gem for plenty of parents.

One Reviewer Says: “This toy is fabulous! My daughter plays with it hanging from her bassinet and it’s the first toy she was able to grasp and shake. We also hang it from her car seat to entertain her during drives. Highly recommend - she loves it!!”

Best Infant Car Seat Toys

Coil this soft spiral car seat toy onto any infant car seat handle or stroller bumper bar for instant fun. Heck, you could even wrap it on a crib if you really needed to (only while you’re supervising, of course). The adorable baby toy features 4 unique hanging toys with a mirror, rattle, crinkly toy, and teething ring to keep your precious cargo traveling happily. This spiral activity toy is a great all-around, on-the-go toy for busy babies.

One Reviewer Says: “My baby loves this toy. It can be used on the car seat or stretched across the stroller. We use it for tummy time too. It easily comes off if it is stretched, but it’s nice that it can wrap around a post or stretch across a space. I like that the hang-down toys don’t come off so they won’t get lost or my toddler won’t steal them from [the] baby.”

Give Baby not 1, but 4 adorable animal friends to keep them company while out on the town. The brightly colored 4-pack includes a lovable lion, elephant, cat, and of course, a mischievous monkey. Although adorable just to look at, these soft stroller toys feature built-in chimes that make soft soothing sounds each time they move. And if your LO gets a hold of one of these furry friends, they can soothe sore chompers on the nontoxic teether attached to each toy.

One Reviewer Says: “Brilliant eye-catching colors! These are perfect for little hands to grab. They have a beautiful sounding rattle that gets the attention of your infant. The bright colors make them easy for focusing on & practicing eye-hand foot coordination. Each one has a rattle, a teething part, plus a plush stuffed animal. My grandbaby loves them so much her Mommy put one on the stroller, car seat, bouncy chair, & the tummy time mat. Good quality. Great baby shower gift!”

Turn the backseat into an arctic wonderland complete with penguins and ice cream with this entertaining infant car toy from Taf Toys. Specially designed for rear-facing car seats, the car toy attaches to the headrest and hangs over the back of the seat to entertain Baby while on the road. The attached hanging toys will not only entertain but can’t be thrown immediately upon entering the baby’s hands – which means no more breaking your back searching for missing toys in the backseat. And Baby will love moving the rollers with their little tootsies, too!

One Reviewer Says: “I think we have the only baby on the planet that does not like riding in the car. She always fussed the whole time we have to ride somewhere. Once we put this in place on the back of the passenger seat where she could look at it, she quieted right down. No more fussing! Worth its weight in gold!”

Best Baby Stroller Toys

Keep busy babies happily occupied in their strollers with the multisensory stroller arch from Tiny Love. But, why stop at strollers when the Arch can go everywhere? “My son is 6 weeks now and literally just stares at this. It gives me about 15-20 minutes of free time which I think will increase as he gets older. I attach this to ANYTHING: The play yard, car seat, Halo bassinet, and his swing,” reviews one satisfied Amazon customer. The Arch includes 8 different developmental activities to engage Baby for a peaceful walk, ride, or twenty minutes of mommy alone time. Better yet, the stroller arch comes in 4 vivid colorways with diverse woodland characters and activities, so you can get the perfect arch for your little one.

One Reviewer Says: “My son is 6 weeks now and literally just stares at this. It gives me about 15-20 minutes of free time which I think will increase as he gets older. I currently attach this to ANYTHING: the play yard, car seat, Halo bassinet crib & 4moms swing. I’m actually going to purchase another one so I don’t have to continually detach the one I have to attach on everything. It’s also very flexible and can be angled in many different positions which is a plus and very easy to clean. Love this product!”

The sky’s the limit for entertainment with the Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Toy from Skip Hop. Your little one will be mesmerized with the vibrating cloud each time they give a tug to the easy-gras[e handle. Plus, this cute cloud is double the fun with two unique sides: A sunny daytime cloud on one side and a grey nighttime cloud with moon and all, on the other. The squeaky star and crinkly raindrop will not only add to the activity, but the noise they make will be a comfort since you’ll know Baby is safe and content in the backseat.

One Reviewer Says: “This keeps my daughter entertained in the car! When she was younger, she enjoyed looking at it and a backseat passenger could pull on the cloud for her (which makes the whole thing vibrate and make a fun noise). At maybe 4 months, she graduated to pulling on the cloud herself (which she can now do with her feet!) -- endless entertainment! This has been a big success in our house.”

Now that you’ve got a happy traveler, what other baby issues do you need to tackle? We’ve got all the toys and baby gear recommendations from moms who know what’s up!

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