A Mom Is Shocked Her Kid’s Teacher Won’t Let Her Have Chapstick In The Classroom

The teacher says it’s medicine.

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A mom went viral after sharing the frustrating moment between herself and her daughter’s fifth grade...
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Dress code, homework, attendance — there are so many debatable topics when it comes to a kid’s education. However, “chapstick” was not on the top of our list. According to one mom, her daughter was banned from using chapstick during class due to school policy. After she clapped back at her daughter’s teacher, she’s now wondering if she’s out of line.

TikTok user Jamie Keck went viral after sharing the frustrating moment between her and her daughter’s fifth grade teacher regarding her daughter, Paisley’s, use of chapstick during class.

“When my daughter gets in the car, I ask her why her lips are so red. I’m saying it looks like she’s been licking her lips raw. We have chapstick in her backpack,” she explained.

“Her teacher tells her that she is not allowed to have or use chapstick in the classroom.”

Keck works to get to the bottom of the teacher’s decision and send her a message through what appears to be a school app.

She explains in the initial message that Paisley’s chapstick helps her lips from getting an infection, which has happened before. Paisley’s teacher then sends back a section of what appears to be the “Medicine” policy from the school’s handbook which states that “medicine will not be administered to a child unless prescribed by a doctor.”

“Non-prescription medicine may not be brought to school. Aspirin, cough drops, cough syrup, lotion creams, etc,” the policy continues.

Keck notes that nowhere in the handbook does it mention anything about a student’s right to use chapstick.

After more back and forth, Paisley’s teacher writes back that she can bring chapstick to school but the chapstick will need to be held in the office by a school nurse.

“Which means every time my child needs to apply some chapstick she’s got to go to the office to use it which is why I said it would take away from her learning having to go to the office every time she needed to apply chapstick,” Keck explains.

After some more back and forth, Keck then says that the teacher should do what she needs to do and go ahead and suspend her daughter for chapstick because she’s bringing it with her regardless of what the school policy states.

She also mentions that all the kids walk around with hand sanitizer which the FDA considers “an over-the-counter medication.”

“We use it every day in the classroom, sweetie, every day ever since COVID, since I was a kid.”

After venting a bit more, she asks for her followers to weigh in on this debate.

“If I’m crazy, if I’m extreme, or if I sound way off, tell me. Tell me because I’m usually not one of the moms. Bye. Thank you,” she concludes.

After Keck’s video went viral, several TikTok users weighed in with their own opinions on the chapstick dilemma.

“This was the most bizarre conversation. Her teacher should retire!” one user wrote.

“This teacher is on a power trip. We had one like this last year. You’re not wrong mama!” another echoed.

One user had some petty but probably affective advice, “I’d get the letter from the doctor and have her go to the office 25 times a day to apply it.”

Several others begged her to take this issue to the higher-ups at the school and get the school’s principal involved while several wondered how the entire situation shook out.

We’ve yet to get an update from Keck on Chapstick-gate, but we’ll keep you up-to-date.

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