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This Dad’s Sweet “Dadurday Morning” Routine Involves Letting His Wife Sleep In

Several TikTok users praised him for being a present and contributing partner.

A dad on TikTok is going viral for his endearing series where he shows how he makes the most of his ...
@chrisandbre.g / TikTok

A dad on TikTok is going viral for his endearing series where he shows how he makes the most of his Saturday mornings, adorably calling them “Dadurday” mornings.

Chris Giglio wakes up early with his daughters so his wife, Bre, can sleep in. Instead of laying on the couch, throwing on some cartoons, and letting his wife listen to the screams of her kids downstairs, Giglio takes his girls out of the house so his wife can actually get some extra rest.

However, he doesn’t stop there when it comes to doing right by her.

“It’s Saturday morning. The girls and I are doing our favorite thing: We’re letting mom sleep. It’s a beautiful day to go out and get her some flowers on our way to Target. So let’s get going,” he says in what might be the sexiest sentence to ever be uttered. Sorry, Bridergton.

While jamming out to Shania Twain’s hit song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” Giglio heads to the grocery store to pick up some flowers for his wife.

“We’re going to just pick up some flowers, as any good homemaker would,” he jokes, likely referencing the icky speech by Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

Then, in an act that would put most men to shame, he takes each set of flowers and rearranges them into a giant, gorgeous bouquet. That’s before he wears one of his babies on his chest and takes the Trader Joe’s paper bag and somehow MacGyevers it into a cute wrap for the bouquet.

This man was written by a woman.

The next stop is Target to pick up some ribbon for the bouquet (of course) as well as other random items that needed to picked up like water, allergy meds, and cleaning products because *gasp* he knows when that stuff runs out, makes note, and then goes and buys it.

Any default parent, carrying the majority of the mental load, knows that keeping track of what items we need and when sucks.

Then, Giglio and his girls take a quick stop through a coffee drive-thru and head home to surprise mom, who is refreshed and recharged from her sleep, with flowers.

Let’s be real, he didn’t even do that much and yet, women are swooning.

“Sir — you need to teach a class,” one user wrote.

Another wrote, “I know you don’t intend to but you make me bawl every single time I watch your videos 😭🤪 thank you for being such a wonderful man ❤️I pray my kids and I find someone like you one day.”

“Doing this takes so much stress off of your wife and in return makes her a better mom and wife. Bravo!” one user said.

“Let’s make Healthy Husbanding go viral! 😭” another pleaded.

Now, hold on, before you come after these gals (and me) for giving this guy credit, I am aware that yes, he filmed his adventures with his girls and maybe wants to grab some attention and praise for his thoughtful actions. He totally might!

And it’s worth noting that any partner should be expected to give their loved one a break and do nice things for them — duh.

But he is also showing up on my husband’s For You page, possibly showing other men that that, yes, the bar is so freaking low for dudes, and this is just one of the ways that you can raise it!