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A Mom Of Four Shared Her Saturday Routine & It's Truly Unbelievable

Some find her to be totally "goals" while other think it's totally unrealistic.

One social media mom influencer is making waves on TikTok after sharing “a typical Saturday” in her ...
@brookeraybould / TikTok

The “day in the life” on social media is nothing new. Thousands of content creator moms record their day, showcasing the ins and ours of their morning routines or bedtime rituals. I must admit that there is something so engaging about these kinds of videos. Maybe it’s because I’m nosey and genuinely want to know how everyone else does life. I also often wonder what my own “day in the life” TikTok video would look like. Would my followers judge me for that three-hour chunk of watching Real Housewives?

One social media mom influencer is making waves on TikTok after sharing “a typical Saturday” in her house with her husband and four boys. Before we dive in, let me preface that the reason the internet is so shook by this woman’s day is because her definition of “typical” and the rest of the world’s is pretty different, but she gets sh*t done while still having time to take a nap, so...goals?

“This is what a random Saturday looks like from 5 a.m. to bedtime,” Brooke Raybould says to the camera while showcasing her picture perfect little family. Then it’s off to the races.

Before 7 a.m., Brooke is awake, dressed, and getting her older boys up so they can get ready for their 6:30 a.m. hockey game. Yes, that’s right! Hockey games before the sun rises! The thought of being in a freezing ice rink at 6:30 in the morning sounds truly torturous. Thankfully for Brooke, her husband takes on that sacrifice.

“The boys are happy to wake up to something they love to do and ended up with a win,” she explains.

While her husband and two oldest boys are at hockey, Brooke settles into her day.

“I start my morning with lemon water and getting myself organized. I make a matcha latte and get caught up on mom life and work life until Quade is up at 7 a.m.,” she says.

As homemade blueberry muffins bake, the mom of four unloads the dishwasher, which she explains, typically is a job for her husband.

She continues, “Quade is recovering from a winter cold so he watches the show, I clean up while Ryan and the big boys stop at the store on the way home. I hear all about hockey, we unload the groceries, eat and Beauden is finally up.”

At this point, it’s only 9 in the morning. Time for Brooke to go for a run! She runs 2.5 miles, does some ab exercises and then takes a cold shower.

Look, I know there are some sort of health benefits to dousing yourself in icy water, but this family just seems to love cold things, and I shiver when it’s below 60 degrees. We are not the same.

The rest of her day, which she hopes to be “productive” includes more housework, eating some leftovers, snuggling with her sick kid, and taking a nap. Meanwhile her husband is off to another hockey game with their oldest boys.

The entire family meets up at a friend’s birthday party. Soon, they head home for baths. Brooke’s husband, Ryan, and their oldest son, Rhett, leave to go watch a Washington Capitol's hockey game from a suite. (SO MUCH HOCKEY!) Brooke stays back with the rest of the kids who have a Christmas movie night.

Whew, that was a lot, but can you blame her? She has four kids! Even amongst the chaos of the day, she still managed to snuggle with her sick kid and take a power nap. Let’s also acknowledge her husband for being a partner and truly pulling his weight in their family dynamic.

Brooke’s surprising and ambitious day-in-the-life had TikTok users baffled, wondering about how she gets all this done in 24 hours.

“You do more before 9 am than I do all day,” one user wrote.

Another said, “I’m just rethinking my whole life didn’t now 🤣 I’m a mom of ONE and don’t do half of these things hahah let alone wake up at 5:15 to start my day.”

“I love how you and your husband both put in effort to parent and have the kids do stuff they love that doesn't have to do with technology,” another complimented.

Several users were confused about why in the hell Brooke and her husband are waking up at the a** crack of dawn on a Saturday. She replied in her viral TikTok’s caption and said, “Because it STILL feels better waking up and getting ahead of our day (and our kids), getting a workout in and feeling like we took care of the front end of the day to ensure the rest of the day flows smoother.” Okay, fair enough!

As for the trolls who gave her a hard time about missing her son’s hockey games, Brooke clapped back with a perfectly understandable reason.

“I’m the mom that wants to be at everything, until my boys started playing travel sports and now there are sometimes four hockey games on the weekends! With four kids and little ones who need naps, I’m okay with missing certain games as long as I can make one to two a weekend!” she replied.

Brooke’s routine is admirable and extremely impressive, but let’s be real, this is not how most of the moms in the world operate. This is social media after all, and everything is a bit more polished and produced than anything happening organically in a family’s life. That’s important to note before you’re beating yourself up over your failure to be an early riser or lack of cold showers.