This Husband Who Makes Pumping “Fun” For His Wife Was Definitely Written By A Woman

This man needs to be cloned immediately.

A dad is showing up for his pumping wife and the internet is crazy for it.
@dadnamedryan / TikTok

Postpartum life is not easy. Every new parent of an infant quickly learns this absolute truth. One of the more exhausting and draining aspects revolves around feeding and nursing, no matter whether you go the breast milk or formula route (or some combination). Moms who breastfeed and/or pump especially know what a full-time job it is. Pumping takes time, energy, and strategy. Not to mention you feel like a barnyard animal posting up for your daily milking.

One man on TikTok is putting every other man on the planet to absolute shame by documenting life as a new dad while he does everything he can to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful for his wife.

TikTok dad Ryan Ploof (@dadnamedryan) posted a day-in-the-life video where he tries to make a day of pumping “fun” for his wife. While he openly admits that he knows pumping is not really fun for anyone, he basically pulls his weight and goes the extra mile to at least make her feel served, supported, and appreciated.

Ploof, who calls himself “just another dad,” wakes up and decides that the day’s goal will be to “make pumping fun” for his wife because, “she has to do a lot of it.”

In the comment section, he revealed that his wife is basically exclusively pumping. As a former exclusive pumper, the mental toll all that pumping takes on a person is no joke. Middle of the night pumping after finally getting the baby back down, having to leave parties or work to go pump in a closet, and lugging that damn pump bag everywhere are just a few of the many frustrations that come with postpartum life.

In the video, Ryan gently wakes his wife up, places her pump next to her in bed, and swoops in to grab their 10-month-old baby. He feeds the baby while she pumps in bed. He then grabs her pumped milk and transfers the liquid gold into a bag for her.

A few hours later, it’s time pump again. Ploof brings his wife her pump along with a present.

“A present?!” his wife exclaims before opening a brand new makeup palette. Damn, I would like to be greeted with a present every time I also have to do something annoying and un-fun. Husband, if you’re reading this, I’m very into neutral tones at the moment.

For his wife’s next pumping session, Ploof makes banana muffins and cold brew hot chocolate. He then bags and freezes her pumped milk once again, not spilling a drop, and then moves on to making chocolate-covered strawberries. Of course.

Unsurprisingly, the comments on Ploof’s video were filled with shock and awe at this man’s acts of service for his wife.

“I wish pumping was seen as a family task instead of just a ‘me’ task omg,” one user said.

“I’m telling you, so many women do not get this. BF is a lonely journey for many. Good job, Dad,” another said.

Another woman echoed, “I love how supportive you are of her, pumping is so difficult, I can only imagine how appreciative she is of you 🔆.”

The OP replied, “Yah it sucks hearing how draining it is, it sounds terrible 😞.”

Another wrote, “you don’t see a lot of dads going this hard for their family. Props to you! Your family is beautiful!”

Several pumping moms also commented with tips and tricks for Ploof, and get this: He took all the advice in stride, thanking his followers and taking notes. Is this dude real?

It’s also important to note that this was not just one special day of service and support. In other videos, you can watch Ryan taking night shifts, cooking three homemade meals a day, and taking care of other family and home needs. There’s one video where he drops his wife off at the salon for the day and takes the kids to the trampoline park — and do we know where we stand right now with cloning technology?

Now, before you get on me about gushing over this guy, I know that this is what every single husband and father on the planet should be doing. Ryan should be the rule, not the exception. That being said, I think it’s important for more men like Ryan to share these kinds of videos because, in time, these will show up on other dads’ feeds, hopefully sparking some inspiration.