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Man Goes Viral For Asking Husbands To Stop Asking Their Wives This One Frustrating Question

It's really *that* simple.

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A TikTok dad has some advice for lackluster partners who need to stop asking their wives this one an...
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There are dads out there who try their best, want to do their fair share around the house, and genuinely feel some sort of desire to be a productive member of their household.

However, those same dads typically just can’t seem to get away from that dreaded phrase that makes every single wife or default parent roll their eyes: “Is there anything I can do?”

There are quite literally thousands of things you can do! Look around, use your eyes and that brain of yours and get to it!

One dad (@dadwise.co) has some advice for those dads, asking them to please stop asking their partners this question and instead, be proactive on their own.

“What we should do instead is look around the house, analyze the situation, and then just tackle the first thing that seems to be interfering with the peace of the household,” he suggests.

“For me, when I come home, it's usually my toddler, and it's usually literally tackling him. It's what I need to do.”

He says that stopping your wife in the middle of whatever she’s doing to make her think about what needs to be done around the house to “help” is just adding more mental work to her plate. Husbands and dads live in the same house as their wives, right? They should know what needs to be done.

“If there's dishes in the sink, do the dishes. If the kids are being crazy, take them outside and run them around. If the floor needs to be swept, sweep the floor. If the dinner needs to be made, make the dinner,” he says.

Yes, it’s really that simple! A little critical thinking and some common sense will lead to a more peaceful environment for all, as well as a healthy marriage where both people do their part.

“Look around. Use your eyes. Look alive, dads. Participate. As best you know how, to the best of your abilities,” he concluded.

After his video went viral, gaining over 300k views, several moms posted in the comment section, venting about their husbands who won’t pull their weight and others who think the OP’s advice is spot on.

“seriously!!! I'm sick of the ‘roles’ we think we have to stick to and play. I worked all day to, but why do I get to take care of it all?” one user wrote.

Another said, “My husband doesn't even ask if I need help. Just watches me suffer while I do EVERYTHING. It's so draining 😭”

One other mom vented, “keep telling him many times but "he's a man we don't think the same" YOU'RE 30. YOU HAD YOUR OWN HOUSE BEFORE WE MET”

Now, how do we get this video off of every single burnt out mom’s TikTok FYP and onto every single dad who needs a wake up call?

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