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This Mom Was Totally Puzzled By Her Daughter's Simple Request To Santa Claus

A simple miscommunication led to a hilarious holiday story.

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A mom on TikTok is warning parents to make sure you listen up when your kids are chatting with Santa...
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Anytime my four-year-old daughter says something so earnest yet totally out of pocket I have to write it down because she is totally serious about her question or comment, but the delivery is just totally hilarious. There have also been countless times when I do not understand what she’s trying to say and her messaging gets totally lost in translation.

One mom experienced this type of kid-parent miscommunication while taking her daughter to visit Santa this year. She vented about the embarrassing and puzzling experience in a now-viral TikTok explaining that she couldn’t understand why her daughter insisted on asking for this one specific item.

“So, my daughter sits on Santa's lap and says, ‘Hey Santa, can you please bring us some food? We don't have any food in the house,’” TikTok mom Casie Terry Reber explains in her video.

She then did an impression of herself thanking others for presumably offering her family food or sources to get them to a food bank.

Her daughter goes on to tell Santa that sometimes she and her siblings “find food,” but Reber tells the kids they can only have it if they’re “really good.”

Reber impersonates her daughter and says, “If you bring us food, I promise we'll be so good, and we won't let the dog get it and ruin it.”

After her daughter got off Santa’s lap, she emphatically asked why her daughter was begging Santa for food for Christmas.

“Baby, I know we went to Chick-fil-A tonight, but that was because mom didn't want to cook not because we don't have any food, honey,” she says before noting her daughter still insisted (with frustration brewing) that they did not, in fact, have any food.

“After a little while of this back and forth, she says she means food for the play kitchen. She means play kitchen food,” Reber concludes.

The miscommunication story resonated with several other parents and TikTok users who shared their own similar examples of kids just being totally earnest while embarrassing their parents in the process.

“My brother told the teacher ‘mom went to heaven last week.’ We had been on vacation and she kept saying ’ugh this is heaven’ lmao,’” one user wrote.

“My son told someone he hasn’t taken a bath in months. He left off the part that he’s been taking showers 😱,” one mom noted.

One mom wrote, “My son told his daycare teacher that our house burned down. It indeed did not. The fire alarms went off after making bacon one morning 😭🤣”

Another said, “My dad worked at a prison. My brother told his teacher that dad is in prison and he never gets to see him. My mom had to go to school to clear it up.”

“On a school video, when asked what she wants for Christmas, my child says, a warm house. I hadn't turned up the heat yet. 😂😂,” another mom wrote.

Kids truly do say the darndest things!

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