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A Daughter’s Sweet Surprise For Her Dad Shows How Important Quality Time Really Is

The viral TikTok shows the daughter surprising her dad at the trail after initially telling him she couldn't go.

A daughter surprises her dad on a walk, and the video she captured has gone viral.
@b_lundell / TikTok

Whether you have a very close bond with your dad or struggle a bit with your father-daughter relationship, this video is probably going to make you cry.

Becca Lundell decided to share the events leading up to a core-memory making walk with her dad that started off a little rocky but ended in the sweetest moment.

Lundell aka @b_lundell begins the now-viral TikTok video to show a text conversation between herself and her dad.

Her dad texted first. “Hi Becca, do you want to come on a walk with me and the dogs this morning? Love you. - Dad,” he wrote.

She responded and politely declined his offer. “Hey dad!!!!” she wrote back. “I wish I could! It’s a little busy this morning unfortunately! But for sure next time!”

“No worries :)” he sweetly replied.

Soon after the text interchange, Lundell began to regret her decision and decided to cancel her previous plans and join her dad on the walk. He had already left, so she drove to meet him.

She then shares footage of her dad walking alone with their dogs, getting ready to run up and surprise him. “He was so happy and so were the doggos,” she wrote in captions on the video.

“This will always be a memory,” she wrote alongside footage of herself and her dad embraced in a sweet hug. “Cherish these moments.”

Turns out that Lundell’s sweet moment with her dad was so relatable that it’s been viewed 19.2 million times on TikTok with over 2.7 million likes and over 45,000 likes.

Many viewers commented on the video with love and support for the sweet gesture Lundell made, assuring her that she’d made the right decision to cancel her plans and spend time with her dad instead. Some comments came from those who had lost a parent and wished for the opportunity to be with their parents again.

One user wrote, “As a daughter who lost her mom and dad far too young, I promise you made the right choice to take that walk with him...”

Another echoed, “As a young girl who lost her dad, I wish I had done more with him💔”

A dad chimed in and said that the video made him cry, understanding how important spending time with his daughters means to him. “As a father of 2 little girls and strong understanding of how limited time can be, this made me tear up and smile. TY. We appreciate these things,” he wrote.

After the video went viral, Lundell posted a “Part 2” to the walking video, noting how touched she and her dad were from all the sweet comments. “All your comments have been making us cry!!” she wrote in a caption on top of footage of her dad driving. “Reading through all the stories of the love you have for your dads make my heart so full.”

She went on to share a video montage of special moments with her dad, explaining that her dad lost his dad at the same age that Lundell is now. “I can’t even comprehend the pain he went through until now imagining a life without him..” she wrote. “He truly is the very best dad...”