Toot Sweet?

Get A Whiff Of This — A New Device Lets You Bottle Your Baby’s Farts For Sentimental Safekeeping

Welcome to 2022: the year we started storing our babies' flatulence.

mom's hands hold the baby's legs at his tummy. Massage a newborn baby against bloating and colic.

When Frida Baby released Windi the Gaspasser, parents everywhere let out a sigh of relief — and then plugged their noses. All kidding aside, it made parenting just a little bit easier than it was in generations prior. One small, discreet product helped alleviate parents’ biggest complaint (noise-induced sleep deprivation and headaches) by also alleviating baby's biggest issue: gas. Now Frida Baby is set to release a companion product sure to make every weird but sentimental parent's dreams come true: The Fart Jar, a small canister that connects directly to Windi and captures the air passed when baby lets out that tiny toot.

Yes, you can now save your babe's farts... and there’s even a waitlist. You don't want to miss out on the next trendy baby product to hit the shelves, do you?

The Fart Jar is the ultimate in silly, unnecessary things that parents cannot resist adding to cart. Unlike the rest of the Frida Baby lines, it's not exactly something that will make parents' lives any easier — while Windi the Gaspasser is fantastically practical, the Fart Jar is more for sentimental purposes. It will, however, be a quirky keepsake to keep in that baby box next to the first cut curl and first lost tooth. (Can you imagine pulling this out on your kid's wedding day?!)

Designed with Frida's proprietary "Flatulence Acquisition and Retainment Technology (F.A.R.T)," the Fart Jar is designed to trap and contain your baby's most terrible toots. The vial easily attaches to Windi and comes complete with a Frida turquoise lid and even a display stand. If you want to go all in on the hilariously sentimental shenanigans — and really, at this point, might as well — you can date and label the vial with all the pertinent information, like what foods baby ate, how long it took for the gas to pass, and anything else you think might come in handy when you decide to catch a whiff of that flatulence 40 years later.

But why, you ask?

Why not? As parents, we already save everything from footprints to hospital bands to tiny teeth and bloody sock caps. Why not immortalize the smell of your four-month-old's farts, too? If nothing else, perhaps it'll make for the ultimate form of birth control in the future. When your tween starts talking about how cute the neighbor's baby is, you can retrieve the Fart Jar, buried deep in the back of your closet, and unleash the unholy smell of a tiny toot that spent four days trapped in your child's newborn body and then more than a decade inside a jar. (Then send that kid to the neighbor's to help change a few diapers.)

Still think it's weird? It is. But it's surprisingly — dare we say it? — on-trend. The reason The Fart Jar even exists is because TikTokers across the world were videoing their fart-bottling processes earlier this year. Why not keep the flying fecal matter out of your good Mason jars and use a Fart Jar instead? Even before TikTok's existence, saving farts wasn't an entirely unheard-of act of sentimentality. If you've ever watched Last Man On Earth, you may remember when Mike and Tandy exchanged that super sentimental Gatorade Fart Jar.

If you’ve finally come around to the fart side and want more info on Frida Baby’s Fart Jar, look no further. There’s a waitlist to sign up for the official product drop and (possibly) to buy it. For science. And sentimentality. And because it’s 2022... isn’t it time you stopped questioning and started going with the flow?