From The Confessional: ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Loved My Husband’

22 parents get real about divorce.

by Emma Coburn
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There’s a huge range of emotions divorce can inspire. Sure, there’s the usual sadness, anger, and hurt, but there can also be relief and downright glee. And the anonymous parents featured in this roundup from the Scary Mommy Confessional feel it all. From exhausted co-parents to married readers dreaming of divorce and one person who’s just “glad to be rid of the in laws,” here’s what 22 people have to say on the subject.

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I desperately want to live an independent life!

Confessional #71839938

Sometimes I fantasize about divorce.

Confessional #71288309

Divorce is the single most terrifying thing I can think of!

Confessional #71289938

I didn’t believe love was actually real after my parents divorce.

Confessional #71099482

I was glad to be rid of the inlaws

Confessional #78277365

No matter how much you hated him in the lead up, it’s normal to be sad and miss him once it’s final

Confessional #78499284

you can’t regret it all, but you still do in some ways which leads to conflicting feelings

Confessional #78100928

I don’t think I’ve ever loved my husband. I can’t get divorced, b/c I’d have to pay him alimony.

Confessional #71098837

I resent all the people who told me not to leave my husband three years ago now that I finally have.

Confessional #71098736

Best thing I ever did for myself and my kids. Also, the hardest thing.

Confessional #78298837

Since my divorce I feel free! I am smiling for the first time in a long time.

Confessional #72390094

The best decision I have ever made. I feel like I have started a new life ❤️

Married a divorce man w kid. It’s hard to have ex dictate so much of my marriage.

Confessional #79982376

So happy I asked for a divorce. I can’t wait til it’s final and he moves out

Confessional #79837736

I’m remarried with a baby and my ex-husband is still the best sex I’ve ever had

Confessional #71039879

Solo parenting has been so much easier than parenting with my partner

Confessional #72109387

Headed toward divorce, but I know my husband can’t afford to take care of kids without my income..

Confessional #70198827

I’m leaving my husband. I am already looking at apartments for me and my kids. He has no idea.

Confessional #71098273

It is exhausting to have an ex who can barely co-parent and show up in a meaningful way for our child.

Confessional #71928819

I like having my kids part time. I love every second I have them, but I love all the sex I have now.

Confessional #79283746

I’m so excited to be single again after my traumatic marriage and his infidelity.

Confessional #71982882

Getting out of a stale, unequal & sexless marriage was the best decision ever!

Confessional #70299387

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