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From The Confessional: 'I Almost Don't Care He Cheated'

From man-flu to annoying MILs, here's what 17 parents are talking about this week.

by Emma Coburn

As usual, there’s plenty going on in the Scary Mommy Confessional, but this week, most people seem preoccupied with their relationship issues. From man-flu and uninspiring sex to chronic lateness and more, here’s what parents are anonymously venting about this week — plus a few in-law complaints for good measure.

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I have a huge crush on a dad at my kid’s school

Confessional #31029928

It is absolutely exhausting to talk to my husband about ANYTHING, big or small.

Confessional #39102765

I almost don’t care he cheated.

Confessional #31892878

every word that comes out of my husband’s mouth annoys me

Confessional #31200029

My husband left me for another woman at 9m preg. Doing this alone and never felt more free.

Confessional #39187543

My wedding ring is like handcuffs. I’m stuck.

Confessional #30187564

I only have sex for my husband’s sake. I fake it every time. I just don’t care.

Confessional #39209398

Man-flu with young kids is the worst!

Confessional #30198724

I can’t stand how my MIL “interacts” with my kids

Confessional #38198928

Despite my efforts, I fear I’m raising an entitled brat. Not sure how to fix this.

Confessional #31827838

I can’t stand the amount of problems my in laws bring to my husband

Confessional #31029839

I lie to my husband about my event times because I know he will be late. Work comes first

Confessional #31829378

I hate the way people treat me when they find out I’m a SAHM. Like I bring nothing to the table

Confessional #34919340

I wish my husband would stop dressing like a 12 year old

Confessional #31098196

I love being a mom of four and it’s really hard especially without family support.

Confessional #31092878

Why does my husband have to poop RIGHT as we need to leave the house? Never fails

Confessional #31019287

The mental load and amount of planning I do as a mom is so exhausting

Confessional #33920983