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From The Confessional: 'I Can't Stand My Only Other Mom Friend'

16 parents share their anonymous confessions about friends, partners, in-laws, and more

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

You may be reading this while hiding in your room at home, waiting in the camp pick-up line, or even on one of those “vacations” with kids that always end up leaving you more exhausted than you were before. Wherever you are, scroll on for 16 parents’ anonymous confessions about kids leaving for college, annoying in-laws, husbands with bad breath, and more.

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I can’t stand my only other mom friend 🫠 

Confessional #61729910

Sometimes I find it hard to love myself

Confessional #67182993

My daughter just left for college and I am not ok/haven’t slept. Hubby unfazed

Confessional #66172891

I love my husband but his breath is awful and it drives me crazy.

Confessional #61728921

I’m ready to lose it on husband because he spends 45min x2 in the bathroom daily pooping!

Confessional #91872673

Currently on “holiday” with husband and toddler secretly planning a solo vacation

Confessional #61729199

My hubby never wants to have sex. I know he isn’t cheating but what about my needs?

Confessional #61728829

I regret my divorce

Confessional #61772839

Preg with#3 and regretting it how will i handle three??

Confessional #61728192

Deleting my social media & making new accounts under an alias cos I cant stand my inlaws

Confessional #61099029

my husband’s been gone on a golf trip for 4 days, there’s no grumpiness here and I love it

Confessional #67188923

My baby is 10 months old and I still can’t figure out her sleep, food or play cycle.

Confessional #66172435

I feel my brain has turned to mush since becoming a SAHM

Confessional #66172232

I dread my kids coming home from preschool and daycare every day

Confessional #61432987

No one knows how to do the dishes until I go out of town-suddenly-Sally Homemakers! Annoying ASF.

Confessional #66109283

After 16 years together my husband feels like a roommate. Is that enough?

Confessional #68825430