‘I Don't Know How To Feel Sexy Again’

18 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

It’s safe to say many of us aren’t quite prepared for the level of drudgery involved in keeping up a household — the dishes, the laundry, the endless piles of tiny little toys. Relationships, from friendships with other parents to our own marriages, can also be harder than we expected. These things, plus kids’ sports, MIL woes, and more, are covered in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week... plus one of life’s age-old questions: “Why are the throw pillows always on the ground?!”

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In the middle of a divorce and I’m dating a man who loves me AND my kids!

Confessional #71928928

Had emergency surgery last night. Struggling to let other people help me today.

Confessional #71628650

I worry I don’t have enough mom friends

Confessional #71602954

I want another kid, but terrified of having multiples as I get older

Confessional #71022735

I’m in love with a married man. Swore I wouldn’t fall for him but here I am!

Confessional #71629864

I’m exhausted being the default parent

Confessional #71629897

I have lost interest in sex with my husband

Confessional #71629827

Can not even bring myself to hug my MIL any more

Confessional #71928769

Marriage is difficult and nobody tells us the reality of marriage

Confessional #71629094

I wish I would’ve lived more before starting a family.

Confessional #71329287

Why are the throw pillows always on the ground?!

Confessional #71290548

I wish we had help.

Confessional #71625092

I resent my husband for not keeping up with putting things away when the activity is done.

Confessional #71826045

I want a job to escape the drudgery, but I know the drudgery will be waiting when I get home.

Confessional #74526098

I don’t know how to feel sexy again.

Confessional #71265938

I hate when dads are sick, they get to rest. When moms are, they need to take care of kids

Confessional #71629873

Youth sports are the worst

Confessional #71560957

I don’t want my daughter to go away for college. I want her to stay here with me. 😭​😭​😭​

Confessional #77128365