From The Confessional: 'I. HATE. BATH. TIME.'

12 parents anonymously confess what they’re thinking this week

by Emma Coburn
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It’s probably in the nature of confessions that more of them tend to be negative than positive. There are positive ones, of course — some of which you’ll read below — but on the whole people tend to tell the Scary Mommy Confessional about the things that are currently getting under their skin. Like their in-laws, for example, or the constant cycle of kid sickness, or how they’re really, really, really tired. Read on for more of a look into what’s on other parents’ minds this week.

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The kids are sick so much it never ends

Confessional #36477381

I pretend I’m going back to work soon but I just don’t want to. I love being a SAHM. SO. MUCH.

Confessional #32828839


Confessional #37289393

I hate my in-laws, they’re selfish & arrogant.

Confessional #38192882

I wish I had a mute button for kiddo, especially when he’s been singing nonstop

Confessional #37283928

I like when pre teen goes out and I have the afternoon to myself

Confessional #38293827

I am in love with another man but I’m happily married. I’ll never have him and I’m sad.

Confessional #33820392

I’m exhausted from being a University student and a mom

Confessional #33728372

waiting to see how long husb will go without taking on groceries/meals while I’m sick

Confessional #37283928

I loathe being touched after 7pm which is Prime time cuddling for my kids.

Confessional #37299928

Going low-contact with my in-laws has been amazing. Wish I had done it sooner!

Confessional #38392837

I took the day off of work tomorrow and I’m not telling anyone in my family.

Confessional #33729383

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