From The Confessional: 'I Hate Socializing With Other Parents'

25 anonymous parents share what’s on their minds this week

by Emma Coburn
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Wherever you are in your parenting journey — whether you have babies or kids who have already flown the nest — chances are there’s something you want to vent (or, on the flip side, secretly brag) about. And the Scary Mommy Confessional is an excellent place to do that. Here’s what 25 anonymous parents had to share this week about everything from potty training and constant clutter to simply hating small talk with other moms and dads.

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I do everything at home!! I’m so tired, its unfair

Confessional #31202918

Just beginning to get divorced and I am SO HAPPY!

Confessional #31209827

I would leave my husband if I hadn’t accumulated so much secret debt

Confessional #31029192

I don’t care to be friends (small talk is annoying) with the parents of kids in my sons class

Confessional #39001928

Both WFH, yet somehow I have to always bring son on MY errands, no so for hubs 😤 

Confessional #30928191

My house is never clean and nobody’s helping... Sometimes I dream about alone life

Confessional #39102876

I’m not looking forward to a long summer at home with the kids...

Confessional #31076625

Feel like I serve n take care of everything n Everyone all day. But Who takes care of me?!

Confessional #37817266

About to have baby 2 and still feel worried I won’t love him as much as my first born 😫

Confessional #34489920

My kids aren’t good at their extra curricular activities so I want them to quit

Confessional #38991827

It’s only day 3 of summer and I already am ready for school to start again

Confessional #38192882

In This moment I prefer to go to work than be at home with my family

Confessional #37192882

My mom is dying and I can’t even cry. I love her so much but don’t know how to feel.

Confessional #31092837

I’ve been a SAHM for a little over a year and miss being a working mom.

Confessional #31982726

I’m overwhelmed by the constant clutter and sheer amount of toys for 1 2yr old

Confessional #31092827

Quit my job in Oct and haven’t gone back; I’m not sure if I can go back AND be a good mom

Confessional #31829282

I’m overwhelmed overstimulated and constantly in tears, I need a break

Confessional #38911287

I sometimes play up that I’m “getting sick” so I can have alone time from my SO and kids

Confessional #32920192

Working and being a mom is a struggle. You can’t give 100% to work, child, and spouse

Confessional #37712819

I hate socializing with other parents 😑 

Confessional #31202938

Potty training is killing me. Can i just give up & let my 3.5 tyrant wear diapers forever?

Confessional #33288821

When my husband doesn’t get laid he turns into a big baby. It’s annoying!!

Confessional #38992817

my son’s friends are all brats and I don’t like any of their moms

Confessional #33371928

I hate vacation w/kids but I’m too anxious to leave them w/family. No vaca or a crappy one

Confessional #39092281

How much longer will she fit on my lap and love my snuggles?

Confessional #37819281

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