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From The Confessional: 'I Love When My Husband Travels For Work'

20 parents share what’s really on their minds this week

by Emma Coburn
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If you can relate to struggling to make mom friends, feeling pressured to pack the summer with activities, and enjoying some peace and quiet when your partner is on the road, this week’s roundup is for you. You’ll also likely find some kindred spirits if you’re a teacher mom, a mom to teenagers, or a mom who dreams of locking herself in the bathroom alone every once in a while (don’t we all?). Read on for more from the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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Sometimes I wanna lock myself in the bathroom for momentary peace

Confessional #71827361

husband is the SAHParent, how to tell him I want 2 B the SAHM so I don’t miss my fav yrs?

Confessional #74823928

Hoping my Junior passes all their classes. Teenagers are HARD!!

Confessional #71201928

I want a second child so badly. But my husband doesn’t because he’s older than me. 🥺 

Confessional #71092827

I miss it just being my husband and I.

Confessional #71029282

I’m considering surrogacy because I actually love being pregnant and to pay off debt

Confessional #79989202

I feel a lot of pressure to have summer break full of day camps, activities, play dates...

Confessional #71029182

On vacation w/ hubby & 16 month old. It would be better if we left hubby at home

Confessional #78129910

I. Need. A. Break. From. My. Kids. I’ve hit a new level of burnout

Confessional #71820291

There’s too much pressure on teachers. It’s sucking the life out of me.

Confessional #77182929

I resent my husband’s freedom

Confessional #71098827

I’m not attracted to my boyfriend 😑 

Confessional #73400928

Hubby can express empathy for friends going thru hard times, but can’t extend that grace to me. WTF?

Confessional #77129884

I love when my husband travels for work. It’s easier and calmer when he’s not here

Confessional #71272873

Finding yourself after having kids is f’ing hard. Harder still is finding real friends

Confessional #73381261

sometimes i pretend i’m cleaning so my husband has to give my toddler a bath

Confessional #79120928

I secretly hope my son’s team loses in the baseball tourney so we can go home 🫠 

Confessional #78102987

I resent my partner’s ability to leave all the things (not see them) and then it’s on me.

Confessional #73919827

The husband of my new mom friend really bugs me

Confessional #70928873

Is it just me or do moms take on more load than dads? I’m exhausted

Confessional #71882929

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