From The Confessional: 'I Think My Marriage Is Over’

19 parents share what’s really on their minds this week

by Emma Coburn
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It’s officially summer — with all the sunshine, pool fun, panic vacation packing, and extra childcare stress that brings. This week, 19 readers tell us about everything from their deepest relationship issues and caregiving woes to their general exhaustion and need for a nap. Read on for what they have to say in the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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Vacation with kids is not a vacation. It’s actually completely exhausting.

Confessional #78192873

I feel incredibly alone

Confessional #78192827

If I had the money I would have left years ago. I do everything and he’s changing into someone I don’t like.

Confessional #71928829

Newly separated and stuck between knowing this is good for me and wondering if it’s good for my kids

Confessional #71829192

Taking care of my father has been extremely overwhelming and lonely!

Confessional #77182928

I know I became a mom too young, and if I could go back, I would change so many things.

Confessional #71882983

I’m OVER having to think EVERYTHING for EVERYONE in advance. My brain is tired.

Confessional #77182938

It’s hard being a stepmom to kids whose mom badmouthed me and my husband all the time

Confessional #78129998

My husband does way more around the house than I do. He’s a better “wife” than I am.

Confessional #71829928

Absent husband/father now wants alone time with the kids. I feel left out and tag along.

Confessional #71281928

I don’t think I will ever get over my husband’s affair

Confessional #78192873

I need a nap and a day off from everything

Confessional #78120292

I hate being the breadwinner. I miss kid things while at work #momguilt

Confessional #77189987

I get paid to do creative things all day as a career, but I rarely craft with my kids - it never occurs to me.

Confessional #77819908

My kid has a chronic health issue and I am drowning. Sad, angry, ALONE.

Confessional #74563627

I need to go into work to recharge my mom battery.

Confessional #71728293

I had a miscarriage two weeks ago and I feel totally lost

Confessional #72829029

Love the baby snuggles, but I just want my newborn to be older to get some routine back

Confessional #72819282

I think my marriage is over after 20yrs together with two kids. Both of us are not trying to fix it.

Confessional #77182982

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