'I'm Having An Emotional Affair'

17 parents tell us what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
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Halloween season, which started on July 5 (if marketing emails and drug store displays are to be believed), is finally kicking into full gear. Maybe you love all things spooky and can’t wait to do the most for the next several weeks... or maybe you’re cursing the day someone came up with the term “boo basket.” If you’re in the latter camp, at least one member of our Confessions crew this week agrees with you. Read on for Halloween fatigue, relationship drama, homework woes, and more.

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I wish I was their fun cool aunt instead of their nagging overwhelmed frustrated mom

Confessional #41019872

Sick of my husband saying he’s “helping” me with house chores

Confessional #41026781

Why are “boo baskets” a thing? And Halloween advent calendars? Enough!

Confessional #48293786

I want a second baby but my husband doesn’t because our first is so high energy.

Confessional #46265372

Im completely burnt out at work, but can’t afford to take a day off and resent my hubs

Confessional #49098790

I sometimes dread weekends because then I have to fulltime parent my kids. I like missing them

Confessional #44829376

I’m tired of being the only one who sees what needs to be done around the house.

Confessional #41281726

Monthly dress up at school - why?!

Confessional #47265908

After 26 yrs married and two grown kids, I finally feel like hubs really loves me. Glad I didn’t leave.

Confessional #41272148

I cheated on my husband with my hs boyfriend.

Confessional #49812376

37 diagnosed OCD. Started meds but diagnosis made anxiety worse. Feel so alone

Confessional #41827938

I resent my husband for being unemployed while I work and do so much around the house

Confessional #41278125

I want to boycott my kids homework. Abolish homework!

Confessional #41218509

My sister left her family and now I’m playing the mom part

Confessional #44812093

I’m having an emotional affair with a coworker.

Confessional #45162876

Sports and school fundraisers are getting out of hand

Confessional #41870926

I just want to be a SAHM with childcare and a 6 figure salary

Confessional #41029873

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