From The Confessional: 'I'm In Love With Someone Else's Husband'

What’s really on parents’ minds this week.

by Emma Coburn
Scary Mommy/Getty

Every version of the parenting journey has its joys and struggles — and reading the variety of submissions to the Scary Mommy Confessional really drives that point home. While one person might be terrified of leaving a cheating partner, another might be thrilled their divorce is final; while one person might enjoy being the sole breadwinner, another might resent that responsibility. Wherever you are and whatever you’re dealing with, chances are you’ll relate to what somebody else is sharing this week. Read on for the full roundup.

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Sometimes I am so resentful of my husband because he never stopped living his life after we had kids

Confessional #18293756

Feel guilty for making my baby a middle child

Confessional #18172358

It pisses me off that my ex can move on and date and I’m having a hard time.

Confessional #17756482

Currently experiencing my 7th miscarriage. I have 2 kids I love with all I am, but this still hurts.

Confessional #13312736

I don’t know if my husband and I will ever agree on how to parent our kids

Confessional #13342039

I just want another man to hit on me or find me attractive

Confessional #13482766

I’m in love with someone else’s husband and it makes me feel terrible, but I won’t stop.

Confessional #11294855

I’m happy being the sole income of the family.

Confessional #13182945

My husband wants to have sex more often but I’m too tired to think about having sex.

Confessional #14817298

I wish my husband would stop grabbing my damn boobs

Confessional #19826574

We are picking up our adoptive 2.5 yr old daughter on Monday and I am freaking out!!!

Confessional #11029847

Fear of being single mom to 3 kids is keeping me from leaving cheating husband

Confessional #12029384

I quit my job to be a SAHM & I don’t enjoy it. I feel stuck

Confessional #12771283

I want to support my husband and his business but I wish he would get a real “job”

Confessional #13871345

The “I told you so” from my mom is beyond annoying

Confessional #16584663

Super resentful about being the breadwinner when my husband is a crap SAHP

Confessional #12284912

Mental exhaustion from work has me paralyzed and my kids are picking up my slack.

Confessional #18759467

I want my partner to go to individual therapy

Confessional #18759235

I dread school pickup because I have to socialize with other parents

Confessional #19982029

We both want another baby, but we can barely afford to live right now.

Confessional #10109287

my son is starting to show signs of anxiety and OCD, like me, and I’m scared for him. this $h!t is rough.

Confessional #11201928