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'I'm Tired Of Being My Husband's Mom'

17 parents share what’s really on their minds this week.

by Emma Coburn
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Do you feel like you’re parenting your spouse? Wonder if you might be in perimenopause? Say “f*ck” more often than you possibly should? This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, you’ll find thoughts on all those topics, plus other things like kids’ birthday parties and ever-changing workplace policies on remote work. Read on and get ready to commiserate.

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I’m tired of being my husband’s mom

Confessional #78289873

So tired. My partner just doesn’t get it.

Confessional #71625493

I love hanging with my kid, but I also love when she’s at my coparent’s house instead of mine.

Confessional #71910298

Am I in perimenopause?

Confessional #71826534

I say F*ck way more than I’d like to admit and I feel so guilty about it

Confessional #71827829

Literally googled why men are so useless. Tired of doing everything for 4 people

Confessional #71629756

Can’t stand my mil, especially during the holidays!

Confessional #71826390

Dating at 45 after 15 years with a narcissist is so difficult.

Confessional #71962756

Why is age 3 so stressful for me as a parent?

Confessional #77182675

I hate my boss for denying my Child Care Leave. I have a 6 month old.

Confessional #78129209

I wish I could move in with my boyfriend, but we both have kids, and it’s too chaotic.

Confessional #71625490

Considering quitting my job now they are requiring in-office work over flexible remote work.

Confessional #71654398

I’m trying to plan my daughter’s birthday party without spending a damn fortune.

Confessional #71654298

Resenting my husband- he’s gone out 3 times this week and I don’t get any time to myself.

Confessional #78192876

My husband keeps staying in bed well beyond his alarm. It puts more on me to get the kids ready. Get up!

Confessional #77865419

Why won’t my child listen in school

Confessional #71628563

I absolutely love the alone time I have when my youngest has her Pre-K days.

Confessional #71826549

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