From The Confessional: ‘All I Want On Mother’s Day Is A Break’

39 moms tell us how they really feel about Mother’s Day

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Based on the contents of the Scary Mommy Confessional this week, moms’ Mother’s Day preferences are pretty clear. Breakfast in bed followed by a nice fancy brunch out with the whole extended family? Nope! Almost universally, the most requested “gift” people mention is... time alone. Between the expectation that moms plan their own celebrations, the fear of disappointment when a thoughtful gift or gesture doesn’t come, and, for some, the grief or complex emotions surrounding the day, it’s no surprise that some readers just want to skip the holiday altogether.

So if you’re celebrating... May your Mother’s Day be quiet, drama-free, and involve at least seven minutes of uninterrupted alone time. Cheers!

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All I want on Mother’s Day is a break from mothering

Confessional #92019281

I want to be left alone with my dogs and champagne 🍾 

Confessional #91029287

I wish it wasn’t a holiday. There’s no such thing as a day off for moms. I don’t want all the nonsense.

Confessional #91029281

Others think I’m strange; I want to spend every moment on M’s Day with my kiddo

Confessional #91827653

All I want is to be alone & not made to feel guilty

Confessional #91029282

I hate the ‘mother’s day’ gifts my kids bring back from school...please.stop.

Confessional #91029287

I’m a mom and I can’t bring myself to care about this holiday.

Confessional #91029283

I flush the breakfast-in-bed my kids make down the toilet and pretend it was delicious.

Confessional #91029242

I want to spend 24 hours alone in a luxury hotel room with a view

Confessional #91029283

There’s too much pressure and I’m always disappointed

Confessional #91026632

Mixed emotions. Nothing was good enough for my own mom. Makes it hard to enjoy it as a mom myself.

Confessional #91029872

I don’t want to entertain my mom or MIL on Mother’s Day.

Confessional #91029285

Last year he slept in while I woke up with the kids and I’m still pissed about it

Confessional #91029283

Pretty sure my husband doesn’t know when mother’s day is

Confessional #91291282

All I want for Mother’s Day is to be alone with a glass of wine and a good book.

Confessional #91082991

Faking sick to avoid MIL

Confessional #91012876

I want to spend the day alone. No husband. No kids. Leave.me.be.

Confessional #91462411

I like to hang out by myself on Mother’s Day, my relationship w my mom is too complicated

Confessional #91280129

I hate it! My husband thinks it’s my job to plan and execute special plans. 😒 

The ideal Mother’s Day is when hubby takes the kids and goes away for the weekend.

Confessional #98276635

I have to plan events for my mom and mother-in-law and it’s just a day of more work for me.

Confessional #91882726

Whyyy do I always have to give ideas for a gift..

Confessional #90129812

My mom passed 3 months ago and I am dreading Mother’s Day.

Confessional #91029287

I always feel guilty saying I want to be left alone. But man, I just want to be alone.

Confessional #91029283

It’s my first Mothers Day and I refuse to spend it with my MIL

Confessional #91201928

I HATE Mother’s Day since my mom died. Worst grief day of the year.

Confessional #91028788

I want everyone to do for me what I do for them the other 364

Confessional #91882765

I hate that Mother’s Day is more for grandmothers. I need this day more than they do :(

Confessional #91827726

I don’t want to have to plan my own Mother’s Day.

Confessional #92012827

I’m usually serving my grown kids dinner on Mother’s Day

Confessional #91882736

I hate mothers day as it is the day my mom died 15 years ago... the last day I felt truly known by anyone

Confessional #99122819

While a homemade card with my kids’ handprints is sweet, I just want a spa day alone. Give me time off!

Confessional #91024431

Pretty sure I should just plan my own Mother’s Day or risk not doing anything at all 🫤

Confessional #99209287

I want everyone to do all the work I do daily for Mother’s Day. Cook, clean, organize!!

Confessional #91876256

I wish my husband and kids would do something nice without me always instigating

Confessional #98720298

I feel guilty being celebrated when my best friend was never able to have a baby

Confessional #91872653

For MD I just want everyone to leave me alone for 8 hours straight

Confessional #91027746

It’s yet another holiday I need to organize.

Confessional #91029287

I act chill about mother’s day but I really want hubs to spoil me and only me, but also leave me alone.

Confessional #91827726