From The Confessional: 'My Husband Isn't A Good Kisser'

17 parents anonymously share what’s really on their minds this week

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, there’s a little bit of everything: proud parents bragging about their kids, shy parents struggling with forced socializing, emotional parents sad about starting daycare, exhausted parents who just feel tapped out... plus a healthy dose of good old spousal resentment. Who said moms can’t have it all??

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I miss having good girlfriends and fear loneliness when my kids move out

Confessional #46719287

My kid CRUSHED IT on their report card and I won’t feel guilt bragging all day at work!

Confessional #48910298

Sometimes I take extra long in the bathroom to have a few minutes to myself

Confessional #45618390

Preg with 3rd and so nervous thinking we made a mistake

Confessional #47881920

I hate that kids force you to be social because of all their activities.

Confessional #45627182

I am so depleted from being needed in all areas of my life.

Confessional #41271998

Most nights I cry from how exhausting being a parent can be

Confessional #46748293

I hate people’s perfect, happy social media posts. Blah. Just be real.

Confessional #47182903

My husband isn’t a good kisser

Confessional #44929938

I haven’t talked to my difficult MIL since my 18 month old was born and it’s been great!

Confessional #40981627

I didn’t get “baby fever” until after I had kids. But I’m done being pregnant

Confessional #45618293

I’m being overly emotional preparing for 12mo in daycare. Anyone else super sad?

Confessional #45167288

How do other moms have enough left in their tank to fill their spouse’s cups? Struggling

Confessional #44561728

Hubby is SAHD and I’m jealous. But on the wknds/nights, I crave help/am exhausted

Confessional #48920399

I’m so sick of my husband. He’s always complaining about work. I can do this without him.

Confessional #48192034

I resent my husband because he has made no sacrifices since having kids, but it’s all I do.

Confessional #44810298

Socializing with other moms gives me debilitating anxiety.

Confessional #44728392