From The Confessional: 'My Toddler Was Quiet For 30 Seconds...'

16 parents anonymously share the truth about parenting toddlers

by Emma Coburn

There’s nothing quite like a toddler. Past the cherubic baby stage when they didn’t yet know how to say “no” or “snack,” these little ones know what they want — however unhinged those wants might be. Whether you personally found the twos “terrible” or “magical,” there’s something for you in the roundup of toddler-themed confessions below. Just don’t think the emotional rollercoaster is over when you hit that third birthday... because as plenty of readers will remind you, years three and four aren’t necessarily a picnic, either.

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My son literally screamed the whole way home from the library. 15 min of torture.

Confessional #70292812

It’s the best worst thing 🫠

Confessional #71209382

Trying to keep clothes on them is like wrestling a bear dipped in baby oil 😳  

Confessional #77128374

Age 3 is WAY worse

Confessional #78192837

Three is so much worse than two. Nothing “terrible” about two!!

Confessional #71929384

I have 3 boys. 6, 4 and 2. And let me tell you......I’m exhausted. Barley hanging on.

Confessional #71827364

The 2s for us were magical...I think terrible 2s is more on mindset and attitude as parents

Confessions #71829934

The word ‘snack’ needs to be removed from the language!

Confessional #71829938

Terrible Twos were a walk in the park next to threenager.

Confessional #71829099

She needs me all the time, having a hard time with independent play atm

Confessional #78809283

My toddler was quiet for 30 seconds. We found him inside the toilet soaking his little feet.

Confessional #78102938

My son will help with so much but REFUSES to carry his drink cup. He’s drawn a hard line 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

Confessional #78102992

Tantrums out in public. I feel like I’m being judged as a mom when everyone turns to look.

Confessional #71029384

I rather hang out with my 2.5 yr old than my 11 yr old

Confessional #71820392

F*ing 4’s are exhausting, so many Big emotions 😫 

Confessional #71829392

We didn’t have terrible twos, but man, are we in the midst of (exponentially) frustrating 4s 🙄 

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