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From The Confessional: 'Will I Ever Sh*t Again in Peace?!'

I mean, she’s not wrong!

by Emma Coburn
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Sometimes the Scary Mommy Confessional sees your most intimate, individual secrets — and sometimes, it sees those everyday annoyances every parent can relate to. Like the inability to go to the bathroom alone for a good five-plus years of your life (while your partner seemingly has no trouble spending half an hour at a time on the toilet, uninterrupted). This is just one topic you’ll find in our roundup this week. Read on for confessions about single parenting, secret love, and more.

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I dread picking up the phone because it’s likely the school calling again....

Confessional #39182736

I secretly want another baby with my new partner...we already have five between us!

Confessional #39109287

Being a single mom sucks and it’s lonely AF

Confessional #38192837

I’m tired of my husband not noticing I’m not okay.

Confessional #38192873

I have loved someone for 13 years and still do, but it is not my husband.

Confessional #36278726

I wish I had no imagination and no empathy. I envy those who don’t give a sh*t.

Confessional #33162647

I have $20k in credit card debt and my husband has no idea. I’m terrified.

Confessional #33299018

I’d have another baby if I wasn’t absolutely traumatized by my postpartum experience.

Confessional #30918273

My daughter is sensitive AF and I can’t stand it.

Confessional #38192827

Sick of friends talking sh*t abt their husbands and then roll their eyes when I have nothing

Confessional #39019287

My baby is thriving in a single parent household.

Confessional #34481726

Sometimes I wish I would get really sick so everyone else will realize how much I do for them

Confessional #39109928

Will I ever sh*t again in peace?!

Confessional #31283938

I’m so over stimulated after teaching all day I just want to be left alone.

Confessional #32817263

Some days I just want to stay in bed and not answer the phone or emails

Confessional #31289387

I need a break from life to find me again

Confessional #34176254

Tired of being married to a man who doesn’t care about anyone but himself

Confessional #31928374

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