220 Cool (And Sorta Creepy) Game of Thrones Names To Use However You Can

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Game of Thrones Names

If you need weird, wild, and wonderful names, you needn’t ever look any further than Game of Thrones. Maybe you’re trying to show off your nerdiness with a unique, fantasy-inspired baby (or pet!) name. Or perhaps you’re just trying to name your next Dungeons & Dragons character. Whatever the case may be, George R. R. Martin’s long list of characters can serve as excellent inspiration. Just make no mistake: Many of these names (like Khaleesi or Sansa) are very obviously Game of Thrones names. Whether you use the actual name or just use it as a jumping-off point for creating your own fantasy name, that’s your call.

Of course, not all names hold the same distinction. While a name like Tyrion might just bring to mind a bull-headed, smart-assed man, a name like Cersei might call to mind a girl who, uh, well, is way too close to her brother. While Joffrey seems like a normal enough name, the proper spelling calls to mind the bratty and downright evil lead character who lived just a little too long for our taste.

So, while nearly all Game of Thrones names are cool, many carry a stigma that even the cutest, sweetest baby might not be able to overcome. Choose wisely, Mama! And maybe reserve the risque names for your next pet. Note: While there was inarguably a ton of inbreeding, incest, and even twincest in the HBO series, some families did marry outside the family. We’ve placed wives with their own houses as best as possible if it’s a major house.

Game of Thrones Names By House


House Targaryen

House Targaryen comes with the stigma of being downright insane, and their “words” (or family motto) prove just how ruthless they are, too — “Fire and blood” sounds pretty dramatic. But when you consider that a crest of black and red marked with a three-headed dragon also represents the family, it all starts to make sense!

  1. Addam (Velaryon)
  2. Aegon
  3. Aegor (Rivers)
  4. Aelinor
  5. Aemma (Arryn)
  6. Aemon
  7. Aemond
  8. Aenar
  9. Aenys
  10. Aerion
  11. Aerys II
  12. Alys (Harroway)
  13. Alysanne
  14. Baelor
  15. Brynden (Rivers)
  16. Ceryse (Hightower)
  17. Daemon
  18. Daena
  19. Daenerys (AKA Khaleesi)
  20. Daenys
  21. Daeron
  22. Duncan
  23. Dyanna (Dayne)
  24. Eleana
  25. Elia (Martell)
  26. Elinor (Costayne)
  27. Helaena
  28. Hugh (Hammer)
  29. Jacaerys (Velaryon)
  30. Jaehaera
  31. Jaehaerys
  32. Jeyne (Westerling)
  33. Joffrey (Velaryon)
  34. Jon (Snow)
  35. Laenor (Velaryon)
  36. Lucerys (Velaryon)
  37. Maegor
  38. Maekar
  39. Maelor
  40. Myriah (Martell)
  41. Naerys
  42. Nettles
  43. Rhaegar
  44. Rhaegel
  45. Rhaego
  46. Rhaella
  47. Rhaelle (Baratheon)
  48. Rhaena
  49. Rhaenyra
  50. Rhaenys
  51. Shiera (Seastar)
  52. Visenya
  53. Viserys
  54. Tyanna of the Tower
  55. Ulf the White

House Lannister

The Lannisters might just be the closest thing Game of Thrones has to the British royal family. Even their red and gold lion crest resembles the English monarch’s coat of arms! They’re also fantastically rich. While their official words were “hear me roar,” most people would tell you that the words the Lannisters said most were, “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

  1. Alton
  2. Cersei
  3. Cynda
  4. Damon
  5. Darlessa (Marbrand)
  6. Dorna
  7. Ellyn (Reyne)
  8. Genna
  9. Gerion
  10. Gerold
  11. Jaime
  12. Janei
  13. Jason
  14. Jeyne (Marbrand)
  15. Joanna
  16. Johanna
  17. Kevan
  18. Lancel
  19. Loren
  20. Lyman
  21. Martyn
  22. Orson
  23. Reginald
  24. Sansa (Stark)
  25. Stafford
  26. Tion
  27. Tommen II
  28. Tygett
  29. Tyland
  30. Tyrek
  31. Tyrion
  32. Tysha
  33. Tytos
  34. Tywald
  35. Tywin
  36. Willem

House Greyjoy

Let’s just get this out of the way: House Greyjoy has the coolest crest. It has a golden kraken on a black background, for goodness sake! Why the Kraken? Because House Greyjoy rules over the Iron Islands. Greyjoy’s house words are “we do not sow,” because they take what they want instead of working for it. They might be some of the most vicious citizens of Westeros.

  1. Aeron

Meaning: Exalted or mountain of strength

  1. Alannys

Meaning: Just

  1. Balon

Meaning: Bundle, roll, or pack

  1. Dalton

Meaning: From the valley or settlement

  1. Euron

Meaning: Gold

  1. Maron

Meaning: Male descendant of

  1. Quellon

Meaning: n/a

  1. Rodrik

Meaning: Famous power or fame

  1. Theon (later, Reek)

Meaning: God or godly

  1. Vickon

Meaning: King forever or eternal ruler

  1. Yara

Meaning: Water lady or small butterfly

House Stark

The Starks are the official “good guys” of Game of Thrones. Sure, Sansa was a bit of a brat at first. And Arya is cold and tough. But they’re the most likable people in all of Westeros. Their family words might just be the words GoT fans echo the most, too: “Winter is coming.” (Obviously, we all mostly love saying, “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”)

  1. Arya

Meaning: Honorable

  1. Benjen

Meaning: Son of the right hand

  1. Bran

Meaning: Raven

  1. Brandon the Builder/Brandon

Meaning: Gorse-hill

  1. Catelyn

Meaning: Pure

  1. Cregan

Meaning: Heart

  1. Dorren

Meaning: Stranger

  1. Eddard (AKA Ned)

Meaning: A wealthy guardian

  1. Jon

Meaning: God is gracious, or gift of Jehovah

  1. Karlon

Meaning: Just

  1. Lyanna

Meaning: “Of the family of the Julii” or “dedicated to Jupiter”

  1. Osric

Meaning: God, rich, or powerful

  1. Rickard

Meaning: Powerful leader

  1. Rickon

Meaning: Little king or impulsive

  1. Robb

Meaning: Bright or fame

  1. Rodrik

Meaning: Famous power

  1. Sansa

Meaning: Praise or charm

  1. Talisa

Meaning: “Of noble birth”

  1. Theon

Meaning: God

  1. Torrhen

Meaning: “From the craggy hills”

House Baratheon

House Baratheon of King’s Landing has quite the storied crest. Prior to Joffrey becoming king (and his true father being revealed), the crest was simply a black stag on a gold background. Since Joffrey was biologically a Lannister, the new crest included a golden lion on a red background that took up half of the shield. The Baratheon words? “Ours is the fury.”

  1. Alanna (Penrose)
  2. Argella
  3. Axel
  4. Barra
  5. Borros
  6. Brune
  7. Bryte
  8. Cassana
  9. Cersei (Lannister)
  10. Edric
  11. Ethelide
  12. Flynn
  13. Gendry
  14. Gude
  15. Joffrey (Lannister)
  16. Jon
  17. Lex
  18. Lyonel
  19. Mace
  20. Margaery (Tyrell)
  21. Martyn
  22. Martyna (Mullendore)
  23. Meera
  24. Miriam
  25. Monica
  26. Mychal
  27. Myrcella (Lannister)
  28. Ormund
  29. Orys
  30. Padraic
  31. Petyr
  32. Reginald
  33. Renly
  34. Rhaelle (Baratheon)
  35. Robert
  36. Selyse
  37. Serac
  38. Shireen
  39. Stannis
  40. Steffon
  41. Symeon
  42. Theodor
  43. Theresa
  44. Tommard
  45. Tommax
  46. Tommen (Lannister)
  47. William
  48. Wineiri

House Tyrell

While even their matriarch referred to House Tyrell’s words as “the dullest words of any house,” they boasted of promise. With their simple green shield showcasing a golden rose and their “growing strong” motto, House Tyrell held much promise. However (SPOILER ALERT), it no longer exists. House Tyrell is an extinct house.

  1. Alerie

Meaning: Cheerful, glad, happy, and joyful

  1. Alester

Meaning: Man’s defender

  1. Allana

Meaning: Handsome, little rock, or from the Alan people

  1. Harlen

Meaning: Meadow of the hares

  1. Loras

Meaning: Sorrowful, travail, and emotion

  1. Luthor

Meaning: Fame or lord of the people

  1. Lyonel

Meaning: Powerful and strong like a lion

  1. Mace

Meaning: Gift of God

  1. Margaery

Meaning: Pearl

  1. Olenna

Meaning: Sunray or shining light

House Martell

This crest is one of our favorites. House Martell’s original shield had a field of orange with a gold spear. However, when the warrior-queen Nymeria married into the family, they added a red sun with the spear stabbing it. Their words might be the fiercest of all the houses: “Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.” Can we get that on a t-shirt?

  1. Doran

Meaning: Stranger or exile

  1. Dorea (Sand)

Meaning: Of the sea

  1. Elia

Meaning: “God has answered”

  1. Lewyn

Meaning: Dear or beloved friend

  1. Loreza (Sand)

Meaning: The knowing one

  1. Maron

Meaning: Male saint

  1. Meria

Meaning: “Of the sea” or bitter

  1. Mors

Meaning: Hero, warrior, or brave man

  1. Myriah

Meaning: To wonder at or admire

  1. Nymeria (Sand)

Meaning: A warrior queen

  1. Nymor

Meaning: n/a

  1. Oberyn

Meaning: Obedient or king of fairies

  1. Obara (Sand)

Meaning: Small plain

  1. Obella (Sand)

Meaning: Precious bell

  1. Sarella (Sand)

Meaning: n/a

  1. Trystane

Meaning: Noise or sorrowful

  1. Tyene

Meaning: n/a

Even More Game of Thrones Names

  1. Brienne
  2. Bronn
  3. Daario
  4. Davos
  5. Ellaria
  6. Gilly
  7. Grey
  8. Hodor
  9. Jaqen
  10. Jorah
  11. Khal
  12. Melisandre
  13. Missandei
  14. Petyr
  15. Pycelle
  16. Qyburn
  17. Ramsey
  18. Roose
  19. Sam
  20. Shae
  21. Tormund
  22. Varys
  23. Ygritte

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